Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Random Notes

1. On Saturday we went to lunch at Wendy's. Lila told us she was full--but then about 10 minutes later we mentioned letting the kids have Frosty's. Her immediate response? "Ice cream? I’m not full either!!"

2. The other day Lila said, "It’s like when you’re sleeping with your blankie and jammies and then you recognize that you’re hot so you take your jammies off!" I point this out because her vocabulary has been expanding like crazy lately--and I was pretty impressed with her use of "recognize."

3. Another Lila vocab sentence: "Can I have some of your drink? Then I will be cold and hydrated." 

4. On Mother's Day Ryan had the kids (and himself) each take a turn saying something they loved about me. Their responses were super sweet:

Reed: She likes when I come in her room at night and like misses me if I don’t (Me: true story). She spends a lot of time with us and cares about us 

Asher: She’s really funny. She does a good job keeping the house clean

Lila: She’s kind and funny. She does all the cleaning and chores and still has like lots of time with us.

Ryan: She’s selfless. Sticks to things and doesn’t give up. Tried hard things and figures them out.

Talk about making a girl feel loved! 

St. Pat's

The kids were all very excited about building leprechaun traps this year--so excited, in fact, that instead of collaborating on one trap they set up three separate traps!

Lila used her Valentine's Day box, recovered in green, with a sticky glue trap inside. She propped her box open with a Peppa Pig chair, thinking that the leprechaun would sit in the chair, then fall into the glue trap. She made a sign that said "Don't sit here" as extra bait (we all know that leprechauns are awful at following rules).

Reed designed his own trap, too. He built a ramp for the leprechaun to climb up, then made a little punch-out panel that said "Jump on this panel for gold." When you put pressure on the panel, it fell through to the box...which was lined in glue traps! He wrote "Free Gold (*Not for leprechauns)" on the side of his box for extra incentive.

And finally Asher's trap! He built a staircase out of books that led to a "free slide" with the caveat "no leprechauns allowed." The slide led to a box that was filled with (you guessed it) sticky glue traps.

With three awesome traps, how could we fail?

Well, that tricky leprechaun got out of ALL three traps! He used Lila's Peppa ladder to get out of her trap. (She found this to be hilarious.) He made grappling hooks and yarn ropes that he used to get out of the boys' traps! Then he put green crepe paper allllll over the downstairs, dyed the milk and the toilet water green, and left the kids a little rainbow and gold treat!

Easter Best

We didn't have church on Easter due to General Conference, but that didn't stop us from dressing up the next week! The kids looked so cute in their Easter best that I couldn't help but commission Ryan to take a few pictures while I finished getting ready for church :) 

Monday, May 28, 2018


Ryan saw a cool video on facebook about dyeing Easter Eggs with shaving cream--so you know we had to try it. Basically we swirled color into shaving cream, then rolled the eggs through it. And it actually worked pretty well! We also dyed eggs in the traditional manner. 

Every year Ryan and I chuckle/cringe over our debacle egg dyeing year (2012) and give thanks that these big kids no longer chuck egg "balls" into dye and spill it all over everything. Yay for growing up! They were all very creative this year and we had a good time dyeing eggs!

Also, Ryan makes funny faces when I take pictures. And I definitely post them.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Easter Morn

We had a wonderful Easter morning. Our kids are just at a sweet spot for holidays: they're all still excited and are big enough that there aren't (generally) a lot of meltdowns.  On Easter, I woke up early to get our breakfast (cinnamon rolls and egg casserole, yum) into the oven. It took a little longer than I planned and the kids were beyond ready by the time I called up to them--it was after 7, after all! They came charging down the stars and were insanely quick at hunting this year! Luckily, the bunny had hidden MANY eggs.

Lila was the lucky duck who found the golden egg this year with five whole dollars inside. I couldn't choose just one picture of her because she was so dang cute and pumped! Asher found "vice golden" a full week after Easter--it was patiently waiting inside the piano bench with its $2. Reed didn't find golden or vice golden but he did get a lot of money overall!

After the hunt we settled into Genearl Conference. I really love when Conference is on Easter Sunday--it's just extra special. This year we decided to try something new while listening to conference: the conference store. The kids could earn two bucks per talk: one for being reverent and one for being able to tell us something they learned after the talk. The store opened up during each song and they could buy popsicles, gum, toys, lego dimensions, or crafts. I was amazed at how well the store worked! The kids were all reverent and they listened so well. It was one o four most peaceful and spiritual conferences yet. 

Between sessions we did our Resurrection Eggs and watched the bible video of the Resurrection. I was really impressed by how well the kids knew the Easter story and I loved that they are old enough to have a good gospel conversation. 

And speaking of gospel conversations...we celebrated the Holy Week again this year and I loved it. Focusing on Christ every day of the week makes for a really special Easter. The kids enjoyed the celebrations again and everyone's favorite night (like last year) was our Passover Feast. I hope this continues to be a tradition for years to come!


Last week, two big boxes from Amazon arrived. Asher and Lila quickly claimed the boxes and made a space ship and a time machine, respectively. Ryan helped Asher add a working headlight to his spaceship and shortly thereafter was commissioned to add two headlights to Lila's time machine :) My favorite part of Lila's time machine is the keyboard--that's where she types in where she wants to go and she's constantly drumming away on it! My favorite part of Asher's spaceship is the windshiled he diligently made out of blue tape.

Well, as you can imagine, Reed was feeling a little left out to not have a box. So I went to the internet! And, thankfully, someone in our ward quickly offered up two HUGE boxes she had.

The boxes sat in the garage for a week until today, when Reed transformed his box into a tank (no surprise there) and Asher went to town on his, cutting and taping to create a pickup truck! I love how Reed created  a control panel inside his tank. And Asher's creativity in making his windshield and roof are fantastic.

These big kids playing in boxes sure reminded me of these babies playing in boxes: (February 2014)

And on a dimly related note (going with the transportation theme here), yesterday Lila wanted me to take a picture of her pretending to drive the car. I was busy at the time and she waited patiently for a full seven minutes. She was serious about wanting that picture!