Sunday, September 30, 2007

It really did get pitched

So we came home tonight from some friends house tonight and Megan asks me if I knew where our BYU football tickets are (we got all-sports passes, and thus tickets to all the home games). We cleaned up for Mom and Dad, and a lot of things were out of place, in other words not on the coffee table where we always pile all our crap. I replied that I hadn't seen them since we cleaned up and immediately thought to myself, I hope they didn't get pitched like I always do when something is lost because I think it is funny.

We looked everywhere in our apartment, which didn't take very long, and didn't find them. We decided we would try to pray. We finished the prayer and looked around some more. Still unsucessful I got this feeling we should really look in the trash can. Fortunately for us we don't just have one trash can that just our garbage goes in, we have a dumpster that two different apartment complexes use. We got our battle gear: a stool out that Meg uses to reach things in our kitchen, a booklight because our flashlights batteries are dead, and a back stractcher to be used as an extended arm. We quickly ruled out some of the bags and got to the second level after some digging (around this time one of meg's friends from high school who I have never met shows up with a bag to throw away) we found our bag. Unfortunately it wasn't tied when it was put in the trash can so the contents were all in a pile loose in the dumpster. After some shuffling, sure enough we found our tickets, right there in the dumpster.

I never thought I would be so happy to be half-way into a dumpster. It was really funny. I would like to apologize for ever thinking mom was crazy for thinking things always got pitched becuase this time it was a reality.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

It snowed today. And it wasn't even pretty, fluffy, I'm-dreaming-of-a-white-Christmas snow; it was wet, dreary, you're-not-going-to-be-warm-again-until-April snow. Of course, when I left the house this morning, it wasn't really that cold outside; so I opted for the cute jacket rather than the warm jacket--which I really regretted on the long, cold walk home from school.

Just a random note--I don't know why I'm holding the camera (and really obviously holding the camera) in both pictures. Don't judge us for that.
Book Shelves-- Get it?
These are some of the projects we were able to accomplish during the summer. It was fun to make our house more homey. We are pretty impressed with ourselves and decided to share. The middle picture is what I decided to do to pay homage to my t-shirt collection. Janelle you should remember the flamingo shirt from our pre-move battle.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Lavell Edwards Staduium+one band guy+random girl=????

A strange situation at the BYU game last Saturday...
I was standing in line, waiting to buy food. The band was filing past, going to their seats in the stadium. Suddenly, this trupet player, in all his band uniform glory, stops a girl. Here is what happened:
Band guy: Racheal!*
Girl: Hi?
Band guy: It's me, Elder Jones*--
(Girl stares at him blankly)
Band guy: You don't remember me?
(Girl gives him an awkward, sorry smile)
Band guy: I served in your ward! I was Elder Roberts' companion!
Girl: Oh yeah...I thought you looked familiar.
Band guy:How are you??
Girl: Good...(awkward pause) Well, I have to go catch up with my friends.
Band guy: Great to see you!!!
Girl: Yeah, you too.
(They leave)
Guy in front of me: I felt awkward for he.
Other guy: Yeah. wow.

And it doesn't end there. A few minutes later, Mr. Band Guy walks back past me with another band man. I hear him, yet again:
Band Guy: That was the girl that all the missionaries had a crush on...

Wow. Go cougs.

*Names have been changed to protect awkward, bumbling band guys everywhere.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

I thought I should post something...

I decided it was time to post something on the blog....but then I realized I had nothing to post. I thought about sharing a really funny anecdote from my humanities class; but then I realized it wasn't really that funny. Then I thought about this thing my Shakespeare professor said--again, not funny. And I realized that English majors are really strange. We have "inside jokes" about Hamlet. We watch school house rock and, at age 20, totally love it (unpack your adjectives has been stuck in my head for days). We read for hours at night, then get together the next day to talk about it and create meaning from nothing. When we are mad at someone, as retaliation, we correct their grammar. We feel indulgent when we use elipses or dashes freely in informal writing. Honestly? So fellow English majors, here's to us--somewhat...

Sunday, September 23, 2007

We might not be so crazy afterall

Last night after a 25 point victory over Air Force. Megan and I went over to celebrate at some friends of our's house. They are the Schafers. Also known as the other Schafers. Doug and Jackie moved into our ward about six months ago, but Doug's brother Ben and his wife Whitney have been in the ward for a few years. Anyway we went and had some cake and played games with both Schafer families. It was assuring to me that my family is not the only slightly crazy, wacky family in the world. When they get together outside of church they are very loud, they sing ust about anything, and they quote movies from aristocats to zoolander. The guys also joingly flip each other off occasionly. Watching them interact with each other reminded me of my family and the crazy things we do when we are all together and the things we can all quote(have some chicken have some cottage cheese, sorry your mom blew up ricky, and hollywood mike miranda makes his second dramtic exit of the day.) We are wacky but it's the wacky things that make us who we are. I love my famliy and I wouldn't like them any other way than the way they are.

Sunday, September 16, 2007


I will freely admit that a lot of sundays church is good but not great. I always feel good, and I enjoy the social aspect of it, but at times I don't feel as edified as I feel I can and should be. Today was a reminder for me of how good it can be to go to church. The sacrament talks were by the bishop and his councelors. They spoke on time management and not running faster than we have strength. One thing that really stuck out to me is the fact that we are supposed to run, just not faster than we have srength. We as sons and daughters of God have a huge responsibility to get a lot of work done. We are stretched very thin at times, but that is part of the plan. Bro. Dunn said that when we have centered our life in Christ and are doing all that we can it is like we are running on a people mover like they have in the airports. We are outting forth the same effort and seeing more result from it. I really need the extra results in my life, I don't know about you. Sunday school was very spiritual as well. The Priesthood lesson was on marriage, and treating our wives as we should. I was reminded of a few things during the lesson. One is that my parents for as long as I can remember have done certain things upon returning home from work or other activities. They have alays made it a point to meet, usually in the kitchen right in front of everone and kiss (gross huh?) they also talk briefly about their days. I don't think this is a vain ritual, I feel it is an honest outward expression of their inner feelings and love for each other. Another thing I was reminded of was a couple from my mission. He worked in Orlando about 40 minutes away from home. He would call his wife who worked from home each day on the way home from work and talk to her the whole way home. He told us that he mentioned this to some friends at work and they responded by questioning why would you call her if you are just going to go home to her. He told them that he has to go to work to pay the bills and take care of his family but what he wants to be doing is spending time and talking to his wife. This is a lesson that has really hit home to me since returning home from my mission and getting married. I hope to be able to have the devotion to my wife as that dear brother did to his. I love Megan dearly. I am so glad to have the gospel in our lives and to be able to have an eternal marriage. It's so wonderful to have the spirt with you and helping you through the craziness that life so often throws our way.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Utah wishes it was California

Its true. Although the general attitude of utahns toward California is bad, they emulate California in many things. Let's talk about style. All the utah county boys look like surfers. Where can you surf here? Utah lake is gross oh and there are no waves because it is not an ocean. Nevertheless, pooka shells abound and bleached blond hairdoos and surf t-shirts are so Hott right now. Still, people find a way to go the beach, I don't know how that works but whatever. Food. They stole all kinds of ideas for food places from Cali. The newest one is a place called chadders. It looks exactly like in-n-out inside and out. It tastes similar and admittedly takes care, sort of, of those in-n-out cravings that come up inevitably. Its so similar they are getting sued by iin-n-out. Smart Cookie is another place. Diddy Reese-good cookies+50 cents=smart cookie. There is a fake tommy's burger, cleverly mamed tommies burger and styled like a shack. Pretty sneaky.

Utah your not california and that is okay, you have cheap rent and decent schools, beautiful mountains and a bunch of jocks who like to kill large animals with an array of weapons married to women with really poofy hair and too much make-up. You can only do so much. Accept what you are and stop pretending you are California