Thursday, November 29, 2007

A great day to be a Cougar...

Ryan and I went to the BYU-Utah game (row 19 in the endzone...yeah!)

We saw Max Hall do this... (for all the non-Cougar fans, he is the man with the ball, aka the QB)

And the Cougars Triumph!!! Wahoo!!!

What we've been doing since our last blog...

I found a gigantic leaf on campus, and Ryan became leaf-man.

We bought really neat earmuffs, which Ryan of course rocked at the BYU game

Ryan got a bass guitar (not pictured), a drum machine (the little white-ish thing on the left), and a neat table to hold his music j...then set up shop in our bedroom.

The Amazing East Quorum vs. West Quorum Turkey Bowl ended in a TIE! A re-match is currently being scheduled. Ryan is the guy in the middle who is wearing red shorts, a green shirt, and pushing another guy.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Help Ryan get an 'A' on his research paper

Ryan is writing a research paper and needs to collect info about blogs and blog usage. We would love (or like) you even more than we already do if you could take a minute to fill this out.

Blog Survey.
For the purposes of this survey please define a blog as any site that allows peer to peer communication. Examples include MySpace, Facebook, Blogger, Blogspot, Discussion Boards, etc.**For 1-6, choose between Every Couple of weeks, weekly, Every Couple of Days, Daily, or More than Once a Day
1. How often do you use a computer?
2. How often do you check your email?
3. Do you have a blog of your own
(MySpace, blogger, BlogSpot, facebook, etc.)?
4. How often do you visit your blog?
5. How often do you view blogs by people you know?
6. How often do you view blogs by people you don’t know?
7. Why do you visit blogs?
Check all that apply:
( ) Information Search ( ) Social Networking ( ) Romantic Aspirations ( ) Waste Time
8. What information do you seek from blogs?
Check all that apply:
( ) News ( ) Entertainment News ( ) How-to information (fix a car, install a driver, computer help)
( ) Updates on friends and family ( ) Social Networking ( ) To find information on products
( ) Technology news ( ) Other (fill in the blank) _______________________________________
9. Why do you have a blog?______________________________________________________________________

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

This list was disturbingly easy to assemble.

1. I am apparently obsessed with being a rock star. Whenever I wash my hands in the bathroom and look in mirror I do a little rock star pose, play air guitar or drums to let some of the rock out of me. This is taken to the next level in elevators. I will admit, if in an elevator by myself I usually end up looking like slash ripping a guitar solo minus the tophat and cigarette. This is especially nice in elevators with shiny walls so I get the 360 view of the rock.

2. I am really bothered by things not lining up like they should. For example, yesterday we were in traffic behind a jeep that had a spare tire mounted on the back of it. It had been removed and when some idiot put it back on they didn't make the word jeep horizontal like it was obviously engineered to be. I hate things like that. I switched lanes to avoid looking at it.

3. I hate hate hate having hair in face. I guess I should be glad to have bushy hair. Megan can attest to this fact and tell you of the many times I have pushed her away because her hair is all up in my grill. I literally can not stand it. Thanks for understanding meg.

4. Unfortunately I can't sleep as well as Megan. Instead I have weird sleep positions. Position one can best be describes as a relaxed army crawl. I have my left leg up, ready to propel my body forward. My right leg is extended. My right arm is under my pillow and thus head. My left arm is above my head protecting it from enemy fire or in reality the wall which I seem to hit often in the middle of the night anyway. Position two is even more weird. I am on my side with my left Achilles tendon in between the big toe and second toe on my right foot. I also have my right hand in the waist band of my Gs.

5. I own 40 plus pairs of shoes. I have vintage orange suede shoes, Laker color-themed converse all star high tops, and chucks in maroon, orange w/brown accents, white w/ green accents, and bright red Kangaroos with a zipper pocket on the side for weed. My shoes absolutely must match my outfit. Along with this I really like new socks. I buy a new pack of socks before a trip of any length. If I am rich someday, I will wear a new pair of socks each day.

6. I really enjoy shopping. I usually suggest it before Megan and with more frequency. I know what espadril sandals are, I know what a cami is, a kitty cat heel, a wrap dress, an a-line skirt, etc. I offer good advice when asked about clothing not just that it doesn't make your butt look big (it never does meg). Basically I am gay except for the liking dudes part.

These are my weird things.
I tag Micheal AND Jen Fong (seperately), and Justin

Monday, November 12, 2007

I am so hott right now...

Quick Sizzler story you definitely won't want to miss...

About a week ago, I was serving at the Sizz (because it is my job). Ryan sat two guys in my section--he doesn't like to take only-male groups because they are jerks to him and tip him worse than the tip me. Anyway, they were both older (like 50 or so) and both not really that attractive. One of them had coffee; and everytime I would fill it up, he would smile at me and just kind of stare at me, then tell me thanks. Anyway, they left a little after closing time, so I was out cleaning my section. The coffee-man came and asked me if he could borrow a pen. I gave him one, and he returned it a minute later with a business card, telling me to "read the back," then left. (Don't worry, it gets better)

Front of card: "The Royal Hotel and Bar Flattop Liquor Store" along with a phone number, address, and a picture of a dilapidated old building that looks anything but Royal.
Back of card: "Give me a call (a date). Bill Ager. 970-819-1259"

Awesome. I just started laughing, and then decided to come up with reasons why I wouldn't go on a date with him.

1. I am married. Granted, I don't wear my ring to work (not to get higher tips, but because it gets dirty), but still.
2. He is probably old enough to be my dad. Scratch that...definitely old enough to be my dad and probably older than my actual dad.
3. Almost-mullet and a beard. Need I say more?
4. At work, minus my wedding ring and wearing a shapeless polo shirt, I look 16--maybe 17 with a lot of make-up. So based on looks, it is totally illegal for him to ask me out. And totally gross.
5. The Royal Hotel and Bar Flattop Liquor Store????

So good, so sizzler....


I was tagged! Now I have to write 6 random/weird/interesting facts about myself for all to see. Then I tag other people, who must then also write 6 random things about themselves. So here I go...

1.Toe Cracks...You know those shoes that don't cover quite enough of your toes and the little lines between your toes sort of stick out the top? I have coined the term "toe cracks" to describe these lines, because they are like little bum cracks on your foot. How unattractive. I hate them. If I try a shoe on and it shows toe cracks, the shoe is off my foot and back on the shelf so fast that Ryan just stares at me. I won't even consider buying a shoe that shows toe cracks. I also hate peep toe shoes. I mean, seriously, whose brilliant idea was it to cut a hole in the toe of the shoe? You know who else has holes in the toes of their shoes? People who can't afford new ones. And it would seem like maybe the shoe could be a bit discounted because it took less shoe-material to make it. But no. Still expensive, and so totally not worth it. (Sorry to anyone who wears peep-toes or toe-crack-shoes. I am sure they look great on you. Just not on me.)

2. Nicknames...I am kind of crazy about nicknames. The people I am close to all have nicknames, and the ones I am closest to have several. For example, little sister Kayla: the beak, cake, streak, kake-ie, jaques coustea, beaker, etc. Ryan: Ryg (ryj?), bee, bee-let, bum, cutie, best (as in best friend), rhinerhone (because he sometimes sings rhinestone cowboy in an Astro voice), pepperoni (long story). Mandi: mandalay bay, idnam, mando commando. Lynnie: Lou-dog, louie, lynnie louie. And the list goes on...

3. Hair...When I was a little girl, I would get super mad every time I colored a picture of myself because I could not find my hair color in the Crayola box. Red definitely didn't work. Orange was closer, but still not there. I would end up using about 5 different colors to do my hair (a little red, orange, brown, blonde, and goldenrod), trying to get just the right mix. In reality, I usually ended up with a scary looking girl who had a different color for each strand of hair. I am considering sending a letter to Crayola so other little girls don't have to suffer like I did.

4. 2, 4, 6, 8...I am not as crazy about this as I used to be, but it is still something I think about often. When I eat small foods (i.e. crackers, fruit snacks, grapes) I have to eat even numbers. I am not super crazy about it, but it bothers me if I eat 3 or 5 rather than 1 or 2. It doesn't extend to big things; I don't have to eat 2 chicken breasts instead of one or anything. When I was younger (okay, so only like 2 years ago), if I had an odd number of fruit snacks in my little package, I would either give a few away or pretend to cough, eat one secretly, then be able to eat in peace.

5. Sleeper...I am the world's best sleeper. When I get into bed, I fall asleep within about 10 minutes, then don't wake up once until my alarm clock rings. Ryan has literally picked me up and moved me to the other side of the bed (I tend to roll over and fling my legs on top of him), without me even stirring. I even talk to him sometimes, then wake up in the morning and don't remember a word of what I have said. Ryan will sometimes start talking to me while I am falling asleep because he thinks it is funny.

6. Claustrophobic Wrists...I can't wear bracelets, watches, those dumb plastic bracelets you sometimes have to wear at amusement parks, or any cute, fashionable adornment on my wrist. It is really quite impossible for me, because my wrists are claustrophobic. I know it sounds really dumb, but I cannot stand to have things on my wrist. Either they are too jangly, they slide around too much, or they are too tight and make me feel like I am losing my circulation (even though I am not). I have tried. Seriously. But every time I fail. At first I thought I couldn't do it because I couldn't find any cute wrist accessories or because I would just forget to put them on. I was wrong. No matter how cute, how great an accessory to my outfit, I just can't do it. Strangely enough, though, I love the feeling of the paper-ish wristbands from some rides/amusement parks. Not the hard plastic ones I described before, but the soft, smooth paper ones. Somehow, I love them, and usually leave them on for days.

Now I get to take a turn tagging. And because I was tagged by Shannon, who can't remember if we are supposed to tag 3 or six people, I think I will tag 4. So...Mandi, Kim, Ryan, and are TAGGED! Go taggers!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Halloween Happiness

Yes, we are really this attractive. Say hello to the Ryan and Megan of 2050.

Yikes! Ryan=Pumpkin Head!

Our amazing pumpkins. Ryan's is the big one on the bottom, mine the small one on top. If you compare his pumpkin with the picture above, you will notice it has two faces--one on each side of the pumpkin. I like to call this one the Lord Voldemort side.

Yep. That's my husband.

Happy Halloween!!!