Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A New Goal for my LIfe

Attend a Beefsteak.
What is a beefsteak?

A room full of friends (traditionally all males) + 500 pounds of beef filet sliced and dipped in margine and served on french bread (you don't eat the bread it is stacked to show how much you have eaten) - silverware + all the beer you can drink (rootbeer in my case)= a beefsteak. Here's more info if you're interested

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Color Test

Try to get this on the first try....

It takes an average of 5 tries to get to 100%. Follow the directions.
It's harder than it seems.

It took me two tries to get 100%--how well can you do?

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Oh Ferdinand, we love thee

I am sad to report that our Ford Explorer, also known as "Ferdinand Magellen the Explorer" or just "Ferdie," is no longer with us. Although we have not actually driven Ferdie for about a year or so (due to a missing third gear, some kind of wheel problem, and an inability to pass the state safety exam which created an inability to be registered to drive), we do miss his lovely turquoise-y green presence occupying our only assigned parking space. The parking space thing was actually more of a sacrifice then you might think--we have often parked more than a block away from our house due to lack of parking. For those of you who are curious, Ferdie was accidentally towed by the towing company (good job, jerky-tow-men), then rescued by a junkyard man who was willing to pay the towing fees. Hopefully, if we win the battle with the towing company, we will be awarded a whopping $121 in exchange for our beloved Ferdinand.

On a random side note, this is a picture of Ryan with "my" car, Troopie. About a year ago, the Trooper's transmission decided to stop working. She was also sadly taken by the junkyard men. (Why is it that all our cars end up in junkyards???)

On another side note, thanks to Ryan's mom and dad for giving us the camaro (cammie), and to my grandma and grandpa for giving us the Taurus (taurie). If we have to exchange two cars for less than $400 (or possibly less than $200 if we lose our fight with the jerky-tow-men), at least we have two other cars (which probably operate better, anyway), free of charge.

oh bliss!

I am often the last to find out about a lot of things, so most of you already know about this, but I must share anyway: Stephenie Meyer is re-writing Twilight from Edward's point of view, and the first chapter is online! It is amazing! Now I am extremely impatient for the entire book to come out--which is probably at least a year away. Sigh. But the first twenty pages of the book are beyond wonderful, which is a small consolation. And now I want to go back and read the first chapter of the original Twilight. If you are a Twilight fan and haven't read the new chapter, go to right now and read it! (The chapter is posted under "Other Projects"...and I think Midnight Sun, or something like unto that). If you are a Twilight fan and have read the new chapter, go read it again! And if you haven't read Twilight, you need to go read it--seriously.

Friday, January 25, 2008

in tribute

My grandma, Irene Alice Russell Rolfe, passed away last week after over 12 years of battling Alzheimer's. The disease took away so many things from her--her son's name, the memory of her grandchildren, and near the end, even the ability to perform simple functions, such as swallowing. I was really young when my grandma was diagnosed with the disease, so I don't really remember a lot of pre-Alzheimer's grandma. But I do remember that even with the disease, grandma did all she could to show us she loved us. Simple things such as a smile communicated that she was okay, and wanted us to be okay, too. My grandma was a strong, brave woman. I am happy that she is finally free of the disease that plagued her for so long. And I am grateful that one day, I will be able to see her again, complete, well, and wonderful.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I Love the 80s

I was at home this past weekend, and found some really cute pictures. Meet the Rolfes, 1988 (?)
Back Row: Jack (dad), Lexie (mom), Mandi
Front Row: Lynnie, Megan (me), Kenny
Not pictured, not known, not imagined: Kayla (sorry beak)

Welcome to Nehpi!!!

Last night, Ryan and I were driving from St. George to Provo. By the time we got to Nephi (about 45 minutes from Provo), it was getting pretty late and I was pretty tired. I looked out the window and saw a billboard...and was sure I was either delirious or dreaming. The sign was for Motel 8, and the biggest word on the billboard was "NEHPI." Right. So someone paid thousands of dollars for a billboard and forget to hit the spell check button or something? Honestly? I mean, there are several signs nearby that spell Nephi correctly. But, I guess I do have to take into account that is was a billboard for Motel 8 (The Hilton would have spelled it correctly, right?) and that is was in Nephi (not implying that the Nephites are uneducated but...well...if you have ever met anyone from Nephi, you would understand)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

the vanishing hitchhiker

I am taking a folklore class and we have to read a book called The Vanishing Hitchhiker. It is a collection/analysis of various urban legends. I was reading it this morning, alone in the house, getting more freaked out as I went. (I am a sucker for scary stories and some of these are pretty gruesome). Anyway, the time came to leave for school...and I was almost too scared to move. I went into the closet to get shoes, positive I was going to run into either a madman, a man with a hook for a hand, or a corpse hanging from the ceiling. Luckily, I was only greeted by clothing. I hurried as fast as I could and left the house, hoping I would feel better outside. I was texting a friend as I walked up to class when someone passed me and said, "Hey Megan!" Very threatening, right? I had been so absorbed in my text, though (I was wearing gloves, which makes it a lot more difficult to hit the right buttons), that it freaked me out. I honestly jumped. But I said hi back and continued on my way. I got to the crosswalk and started to hear this weird, scraping, shuffling noise--which happens to be exactly the noise described in several of the urban legends. Freak out time. I looked all around and couldn't see the source of the noise. I started to panic, then realized it was a random kid, across the street from me, walking with his shoes shuffling across the sidewalk. Wow. Hyperactive senses, overactive imagination. Anyway, I made it to school without being attacked by a hook man, having all my limbs severed, or even seeing any random-mad-axe-murderers. I can't wait until it is dark outside.

Saturday, January 5, 2008


I read 5646 pages, for those of you who were wondering...

in the meadow...

It snowed all morning, so Ryan and I decided to build a snowman. This was his first snowman building experience ever, so it was pretty amazing. We named our snowman "Leafy"...
Ryan loves Leafy almost as much as he loves Mickey.


We tried to throw snowballs at the camera...we both threw too early.

The Happiest Christmas on Earth

For Christmas this year, my parents took my entire family to Disneyland. Though Disneyland was extremely busy, we had a lot of fun playing in the happiest place on earth.

This is most of my family at Disneyland. In the background is Cinderella's castle. For Christmas, Disneyland decorates like crazy--it is amazing.

We made matching shirts for everyone, with nicknames on the back. Ryan is "black sheep"
Ryan and Mickey, best friends for life.
Ryan changed his major from "Accounting" to "being like Mickey Mouse"

Merry Christmas!!!