Monday, March 31, 2008

found my peeps. where my homies at?

Our ward recently had a pinewood derby. No, not for the boy scouts (because there are no boy scouts. Or primary. Or young men), but for the "couples" (read that Elder's Quorum). Ryan is undefeated in past pinewood derbies, and thought about having his car shipped...but I don't think he wanted to risk a loss and tarnish the perfection of his car. So we entered the "open" class--no rules. Here is what Ryan came up with...
Don't worry, all his Homies weren't sacrificed for the cause. This isn't even half of them. He collected them on his mission, of all places.

That's right. The Homies showed the policeman who's boss. What?

Oh, and the car didn't do too shabby in the races, either.

where my peeps at?

Ryan and I made this cake for Easter dessert. It was too cool to go with the Easter post, though...

The ironic thing is that no one in my family actually likes peeps. But the cake was too cute not to make, and it tasted delicious once you took the peeps off. And no, it wasn't an original idea--thank you, Taste of Home.


We took the weekend off work and went to beautiful St. George for a weekend! It was so much fun...On Friday (yes, we skipped class) we went to the Art Festival with Kenny, Grace, Hailey, and Kody. There was a kids' section where you could make hats, glasses, and other fun treasures. Ryan told me if I made one, he would wear it. Grace helped me out with the feather glasses. Kody looked at Ryan in shock--who was this man?

At one point, Kenny and Ryan wandered off to a rug stand. Grace and I just started cracking up because they looked like little rug-selling men.

On Saturday, my dad held his huge School of Life basketball tournament fundraiser. Both games went to overtime. Ryan and I received pressure from the crowd as we worked the scoreboard, clock, and books.
We finally got my mom and dad to duel at Guitar Hero on Easter Sunday. It was quite the show!

We had so much fun in St. George! It makes me miss the sunshine. For more pictures/info about our trip, go to Grace's blog.

Friday, March 21, 2008

is that my skin baking?

Have I mentioned how much I love the sun? Today we went to the art fest in stg and I got sunburned!!! I loved it. It has been so long since I have experienced that many UV rays that I was kind of overwhelmed, but very warm and happy. ( And yes, I realize that it is weird to be excited about a sunburn. But I am either white or I choose red.)
By the way, I just realized that I never call St. George "stg" when speaking, but do almost every time I type because it is shorter. Would that be classified as lazy?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Why we have been absent from the blogosphere...

We got a wii. And Ryan has a new lover in life (the wii, not some random woman). Well, maybe he is the lover and the wii is the receiver of the love. Anyway, it is quite entertaining to watch him play wii tennis. And....yesterday we got guitar hero! Now he rocks out, which is equally entertaining. He can't beat Tom Morello, though, which has created some discord between him and the wii. The wii and we are loving life.

The Beak

Meet the beak, aka Kayla. We have been BFF since she moved into my bedroom when she was a few months old and I was 7. I am the one who gave her the wonderful nickname "The Beak" (variants include beaky, beaker, beaky freak, etc.) Even my dad calls her beak sometimes. She is saved as beak in Ryan's phone. That is the power of my nickname creations.

Beak was in Provo for her Spring Break last week. I am not sure exactly why you would come to Provo for Spring Break, but she did. One night she decided to take a break from her friends and chill with Ryan and me. After a scrumptious dinner at Applebee's, we traveled to the Hambly House where beak totally schooled Ryan and me at Phase 10. I think she must be some kind of 13 year-old Phase 10 prodigy. Anyway, it was really fun to see my baby sister. I am super pumped to see her again this weekend!