Friday, April 18, 2008

that's right.

I got an intership! Hooray! I will be working for the BYU Preprofessional Office as the student editor. Basically, I will edit the personal statements of dental/med/law school hopefuls--which could be interesting, or totally lame. The good news, though, is that it is actually paid, on campus, and will continue through December, when I graduate. And I am eligable for a lucrative 25 cent raise after the first three months. Yep. Rollin' in the big bucks. Anyway, I am pumped. Hooray!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tricky...can you figure it out?

This is a balance.

And here are eight balls. They are equal in size and shape.

Your task:

One of the balls is slightly heavier than all the others. You can't tell which ball it is merely by holding them--you have to use the balance. Find out which ball is the heaviest.

The catch:

You can only use the scale twice. (If you put a group on, that is once. If you take a few of the same group off, that is twice).

How do you find out which ball is the heaviest?

Monday, April 7, 2008


It's snowing outside.
On April 7.
Is this a joke?

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Things I Love

I decided I sounded like a whiner complaining about my terrible life made worse by technological improvements. So I decided to share some things I love.

1. Since the first time I made rice krispies after I moved out of my parents house I have been looking for the perfect tool my mom has to make her amazingly good rice krispies. I finally found one after almost two years of whining and complaining (apparently I whine a lot) just ask megan. The best part is I found it at Deseret Industries and it cost seventy five cents. You can see the elation on my face in the picture below

2. My favorite knife. It's a Santoku and it is pretty good at pretty much everything.

3. Microsoft Excel. Sorry to get all geeky but it is really an amazing program that most computers have and hardly anyone uses. I am taking a Cost Accounting class right now and we have had a few assignments where we had to create a model to calculate a variety of very useful numbers using a simple input section and connecting all the numbers using the equations. I had no idea what this program could do. It is really cool.

4. Our Cocoa Latte for hot cocoa in the winter and shake maker for the summer.

both of these are very useful gadgets and make their respective beverages very well. These two occupy a permanent spot on our (very limited) countertop in their appropriate seasons.

5. My Zebra F-301 ball point pen. This is in my opinion the perfect pen. It is light but very well balanced. The grip is just textured plastic so it is very durable and it doesn't get all dirty in your backpack. I orginally got an F-301 on my mission where I looked for a pen that wasn't grippy so I could slide it in and out of my pocket next to my white handbook without trouble. I fell in love. I actually asked for F-301s for valentine's day but didn't get them. I think Meg thought I was kidding. They are only like 2 dollars a peice and refillable. Genius. If any one is feeling generous see here

6. My Wife Megan. She is amazing in every way, she deals with all the crap I put her through very well and she is beautiful. I love her sooooooo much. (feel free to throw up, I am totally okay with that).

One thing I hate

I hate when I watch something on Tivo and the program I recorded ends and I foolishly continue to watch and the program that follows comes on and then 45 seconds later(after sufficiently catching my attention) it ends leaving me wishing I had a time machine so I could go back and record it too. I have been into watching Good Eats on Food Network and Iron Chef America is immediately following it many times. Iron Chef always ends right before they announce the mystery ingredient. I hate that.

Ode to Kayla

Yesterday was my baby sister's birthday--she is 14! Yeah, crazy. Anyway, here are the reasons I love the beak:

1. She is ridiculously funny. Seriously--just talk to her sometime. (I mean, what is not funny about someone who calls their home town "st geezy" or "st gizzle??"

2. She makes you feel better when you are sad.

3. She is seriously a "sweet spirit" (but not in the bad way). Being around her just makes you feel good.

4. She is genuine.

5. She is a good friend.

6. She is exciting. It is so fun to talk to her on the phone because she is usually pumped about something.

7. She is a perfect little sister! (And definitely my favorite little sister).

8. She is the beak! She lets me call her funny names. And she started the Jacques Cousteau Fan Club with me.