Friday, June 20, 2008

What's up now Calculus? What? What?

Dear Calculus,
I know you tried really hard to ruin my life, but I won. You suck!
Ryan "Got a B+ in Calculus the Second Time He Took it" Hambly

A bit of an explanation---I took calculus, after not having had a math class in more than two years, last fall. I did not do well at all because the algebra involved kicked my butt. I took an algebra refresher course and retook calculus this summer. I spent a ton of time in the math lab doing my homework and raising little flags to get help from the math tutors. I ended up doing really well and got an A on the final and a B+ in the class. It is a big relief for me because it means I can finally matriculate into the accounting program and achieve senior standing. They can't make me take any other classes or change requirements. I have a stright shot to graduation in April '09. Needless to say we got ice cream to celebrate.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Voting Time

We have an official ultrasound date: July 15. You have 27 days to cast your votes...will the baby be a boy or a girl?

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Take that, economy

Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Ryan. He had a really old TV, but that was okay because everything in his house was really old (except for his beautiful wife).
One day, Ryan's TV broke, and he was sad.

Luckily, the government had recently decided to give Ryan a $600 check, so he bought a new TV! And this wasn't just any TV, but a sweet 42" TV that took up his entire desk.

Ryan was happy once again.

He and his TV lived happily ever after.

The End*

*Actual price of the TV was NOT $849. It was on super sale. Don't judge us.

We deserve an award

Ryan and I worked Mother's Day and Father's Day at Sizzler. Working holidays at Sizzler is so bad that the managers buy us all food. On Mother's Day, they gave all the mothers who are servers the day off. They also gave one girl who is pregnant the day off. Somehow they forgot to include me on the mother/pregnant list, so I had to work. Today, we were hoping they would give us the day off--Ryan is the only thing close to a father out of all the servers--but no, we worked. And the people who come to Sizzler to celebrate a holiday on a Sunday are not exactly the most impressive bunch of people you have ever met. I think a lot of them drive in from Nephi and Delta and all those other little towns. You do get to see an interesting array of clothing and hairstyles at least--like the 300 pound woman wearing a spaghetti strap shirt with no bra...that was beautiful. Anyway, we survived the weekend, Ryan probably had the worst almost-Father's Day ever, and we are looking forward to next year, when we will no longer work at Sizzler!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Ryan and I went to the temple yesterday and I passed out. During a session. And apparently I hit my head rather hard on marble. I think the temple should consider padding every surface for patrons like me--just in case. I could have gotten free orange juice out of the deal, but I didn't want to disrupt the session any more than I already had; I figured I had already done my part in driving away the spirit. I am hoping I am now the talk of the Provo Temple and praying that rumors about the crazy girl who passed out in the temple spread through the MTC like wildfire (there were elders present in our session). Oh, and I almost forgot my favorite part of the whole experience: as I was coming back into consciousness, I heard Ryan tell the temple workers who were huddled around me, "She's pregnant." They all responded with a whispered (yet resounding), "Ohhhhhhh." Pregnancy is explaining away my life problems. Love it.

Sunday, June 1, 2008


I am throwing a bridal shower for one of my best friends. The only problem is that I have never thrown a bridal shower before. So I need suggestions, please. What are your favorite bridal shower activities? What are your least favorite (so I can avoid throwing the worst bridal shower in the history of bridal showers)? If you have any other tips or advice, I am totally open.