Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Reed Peed, Reed Smokes Weed

It has been a long tradition in my family to make fun of newborn babies' names as soon as we hear them in order to determine what the kid has to look forward to. In that spirit we offer you the chance to taunt our unborn child based solely on the name we think we are going to name him. We are thinking of naming our son Reed Kent Hambly. Please ignore the fact that I am his father and all of the other potential things you could make fun of him for and concentrate on the name. The best (or worst, I guess) I could come up with are in the title. Good Luck and please don't hold back, the teasing is inevitable. We just want to know what he has to look forward to.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Fighting Communism

Apparently, if you haven't seen the movies on the following list, you are a communist:

1. Better Off Dead
2. Rad
3. Indiana Jones
4. The Natural
5. Breakfast Club
6. Say Anything

Before I met Ryan, I hadn't seen any. I've watched part of Rad,we are working on the IJ series, and are watching Better Off Dead today. What movies would you add? Are any of you communists?

New dress

My first time wearing maternity clothes. And you can finally see the baby!
Oh, and by the way, this is post number 101!

More brownie points

A Ryan Hambly Original.
I love you, BBQ.