Sunday, November 30, 2008


More pictures of our little guy. Megan and Reed are still doing great. I am too, like anyone cares.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Even More Reed

Sorry I can't think of any more good titles for these posts.

Reed is doing amazingly well. They are not concerned about his breathing issues or temperature. He has sucessfully breastfed twice and pooped once. I changed my first diaper ever. Meg said I did it like a champ. I tend to agree with her.

Reed is going to go hang out in the nursery for awhile to let Mommy and Daddy rest for awhile and catch up on some sleep. We are both going on about 3 hours for 2 days. Not very much.

Megan is doing well. She is up walking and is just very tired. We are all happy and healthy. We love our little man. Good Night and thanks for caring about us.

Reed is Here

Meg started pushing around 2:50. She was a champ and pushed him out by 4:05. Everything went fairly well. Reed had a pretty high temperature and had some difficulty breathing. He was grunting and flairing his nostrils. I followed the little guy downstairs. They ran a bunch of tests on him that we are still awaiting the results of. He really turned around in the nursery though. They ran an X-ray on his chest. Everyone is happy with what he is doing and how he is breathing and everything.

I would be surprised if you even read all that. Reed Kent Hambly was was born at 4:05. 7 lbs 9 ozs. 19 inches long.

Here are some pics

Yet another update

12:05 Things seem to be progressing a little better now. They gave Meg some more pitosin. They verified that the baby is head down. They wanted to make sure they weren't going to "birth a butt"

1:09 They checked Meg again, She just the anterior lip of the uterus remaining. The baby is still at a -2 station. Here we sit waiting. Still. for our little guy.

2:25 Meg is complete (Totally effaced and totally dialated). The nurse said rest up, we are going to start pushing in one hour.

Another Update

7:45 They just checked Meg again. She is dialated to a solid seven. They are thinking of maybe introducing some pitosin. They are going to ask the doctor.

8:40 They decided to give Meg the pitosin.

9:15 They upped her dosage, they are trying to get the contractions stronger and closer together. Meg is trying to rest and prepare for what is to come.

10:39 Still waiting for things to happen. The nurse said Meg is up to an 8.


3:00 Megan can feel nothing from the waist down and hasn't been able to for awhile now. She won't be able to tell if she has to go to the bathroom so they put a catherter in. She was dialated to a 4.5 and 100% effaced. I don't think I mentioned earlier but she was a three when we got here at like 1:15. She is making progressing.

3:45 Dr. Douglas Allen shows up. He said everything is lloking good and that Meg is progressing well. The fluid had a bit of yellow tinge to it so they are going to have a respitory specialist on hand after Reed makes his appearance to make sure he doesn't swallow Marconium (Baby Poop).

5:19 I got a bit of sleep. Meg too. We just finished Fever Pitch, everyone is in love with who you want them to be in love with and the red sox won. Sorry to ruin that for anyone that hasn't seen it. Just kind of hanging out waiting for our little guy to be ready.

5:43 The nurse checks Meg and she is dialated to a 6.5 or 7.

6:00 Meg's mom and two of her sisters show up. They drove up from St. George. Party in the hospital room.

6:45 Dr. Allen comes into our room and tells us he has to go do a C-Section. He is going to let Meg's body do some of the pushing slowly over the next little while while she continues to have contractions and dialate.

7:21 Meg wants to get some rest. Everyone tries to rest up for what is coming soon, ish.

Reed is coming!!!!!!!!

So I had to work tonight. It was really slow and I got home really early for a friday like around ten fifteen. Megan had been having a few contractions all day but none that hurt.

Around eleven the contractions started hurting a little bit. We watched a few shows on TV and then went to bed. We didn't sleep at all because the contractions started getting worse and closer together. Around 12:45 Megan went to the bathroom and then said in a very calm voice "I think my water just broke." It did. Megan leaked through her pants, changed and then leaked again through another pair of pants. She says it feels like peeing your pants over and over again and not being able to stop it. We gathered our things which Meg had packed while I was at work and calmly decided to go to the hospital.

We got to the hospital around 1:15 and were admitted. They hooked Meg up to an IV. She was a trooper even though she hates needles. The anesthesiologist came in around 2:20 and gave Meg the epidural. She did great again. A little poke and a little burn then a lot of numbness. She got a little white in the face a few minutes later but the doctor came back in and gave her a shot of some miracle medicine and she was fine in like a minute.

Thats where we are now.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

So much to be thankful for...

This is a random sampler of just a few things I love and am thinking about today.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

He's Ready

Not Reed...Ryan. I'm beginning to think Reed will never be ready to come. Anyway, here is what happened last night:

Ryan and I go to bed.

In the middle of the night, I wake up to flip over. (Yes, I have to completely wake up to flip over now. It used to just happen while I slept.) We had gone on a very long walk before bed (yes, trying to get Reed to come out) and I was VERY sore. So as I flipped, I made a "pained noise." (I was very sore.)

Ryan: Grabs me. "Babe?"

Me: "I'm just flipping."

Ryan: "Oh. I was excited."

Me: "Did you think I was having contractions?"


Me: "Ryan?"


Yeah, he had fallen back asleep. When I reminded him of it this morning, he had absolutely no recollection of the incident. Ryan has FINALLY talked in his sleep. After two years of making fun of me for doing the same thing, he has finally succumbed to the power of sleep talking. And I know he is ready for the baby...even if he is asleep when it happens.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Another Update

We went to the doctor again today. Megan is dilated to 2 cm. Still about 50% effaced. Meg measured pretty big so they decided to do another ultrasound. They measured the baby at 8 lbs. 10 oz! That is apparently the 84th percentile.
There is also a ton of fluid around the baby. The ultrasound operator said he is going to come out on a surf board. The doctor is hoping the baby comes out in the next few days but if he doesn't we are going to see a week from today how Meg is progressing and induce if it looks like Meg is ready. If not Tuesday then probably Friday of next week.
Not the best news we have recieved but Reed seems healthy and happy, just pretty big. We are excited to see our little guy on the outside of mommy's tummy.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


First of all, sorry for anyone who may be reading this blog hoping to see something going on in our lives beside the impending birth of our child--apparently, that's the only thing we think about. Anyway, I went to the doctor today, and here is the news:

38 weeks, 4 days pregnant
Measuring: 40 weeks pregnant
Dilated: 1 cm (are you joking?)
Effaced: 50%

I don't think he's ever coming. He seems quite determined to stretch this pregnancy all the way to my actual due date. I'm not really a fan of that idea. I think it's time to come out, already.

Hopefully we will have better news within the next few days...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Preggie Meggie

I thought I would share some recent pictures of Megan and her ever increasing belly. The first one is from Meg's peerspective.

This one is from my perspective. She is getting really big but super cute. I love her soooooo much.

Friday, November 14, 2008

My little Mike.

So Megan and I were going to bed last night and I teased her about something (Not a rare occurrence). Megan was wearing just her garments. She put her hands on her hips and kind of bounced up and down pretending to be really mad at me. I, as I more often than I should, started laughing. This time it was for a better reason than usual. As Meg stood there I pictured this:

Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc.
Her belly was mike's head. Her elbows became mike's arms and her cute little legs look like his. That was all I could see, and I could do nothing but laugh. I think she is super cute as a very pregnant woman. I love her soooo much. I am very lucky to be married to her and Reed is very lucky to have her for a Mommy.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

There's no such thing as too early.

Despite Ryan's reservations, we decided it was about time to decorate from Christmas. Ryan likes to celebrate his holidays one at a time, and I come from a family that plays Christmas music before Halloween. After I pulled out the "If I wait until after Thanksgiving I'll have a brand new baby and finals to take and no time to decorate card" we compromised--and decorated today. I love Christmas!!! and just thought I would share some of our Christmas cheer...

Our wall shelf...the Mickey hat is from last year's amazing Christmas in Disneyland.

This is our service chain. We started it last year. It's a competition--Ryan is green, I'm white.

Cute snowman candy jar!
And, of course, our baby tree, penguin family, and stockings.
Very Christmasy with the lights off...
And a quick baby update...I'm officially 37 weeks, which is technically full-term. So basically, Reed could come today and not have any problems--everything is [should be] fully developed. Now he just gets to pudge up a bit. We went to the doctor on Thursday, and so far nothing was happening, but we go again on Tuesday, so we shall see. Any guesses on when he will come?