Saturday, May 30, 2009

Half Birthday Party

Yesterday we celebrated Reed's half birthday with a small family party. We invited our guests to dress up in the half theme. Here are some highlights:

Reed ate half a cupcake on his half decorated high chair. His Auntie KayKay and her friend Brielle dressed as half men, half women. Reed's cousins Kody and Hailey dressed as a half note and half bride, half groom. Our half a cake. It was a lot fun for everyone.

Friday, May 29, 2009

The Monthly Reed: 6

We greeted Reed this morning with a rousing chorus of "Happy Half-birthday to You," which I think he enjoyed immensely. Hehe. I know this is cliche, but I really can't believe Reed is already 6 months old. It's weird. And crazy. He's definitely not a newborn anymore. But he is still seriously cute.

Here are a few of my favorite Reed-isms:

He is becoming really impatient. We used to have a really nice bedtime routine--bath, lotion/massage, book, prayer, bottle, bed. He still loves the bath, but by the time I get his diaper on he has started fussing for the bottle. We rush through lotion, skip the book, and pray while he is eating or he totally loses it--even if he has eaten only an hour prior to bedtime. He knows the bottle is coming, and the bottle he will have.

Another note on impatience--when Reed was little and I would burp him before he was done eating, he would attack my neck with his mouth--repeated attacks that felt like little wet kisses. Then he moved on to just sucking on my neck while I burped him (yes, it felt weird). Now he cries and bounces. Silly boy.

Favorite songs: Play that Funky Music White Boy, Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree

He loves to chew on blankies, clothies, his bib, his clothes, my clothes...basically anything made of cloth.

Games that are sure to bring a smile: jumping (throwing him in the air), me eating his belly, singing

Favorite foods: apples with cherries, corn casserole

He has started "talking" a lot. We have many conversations made entirely of various forms of "goo," "gee," "guh," and "guy."

Favorite pastimes: chewing blankies, grabbing his feet

Now that he has mastered rolling from his tummy to his back, he evades tummy time by rolling. You roll him back over and he rolls again. And I think he could roll from his back to his tummy if he really wanted to--he can go 3/4 of the way--but he hates his tummy so much that he won't. Stubborn.

Favorite words to hear others say: poop (seriously--he smiles every time), hi

Every time we try a new food he pulls a face and shudders. The shudder is the cutest thing I have ever seen. He usually likes the food by about 2 bites later, but the first bite is killer.

Favorite people: mommy and daddy (I am probably stretching here)

He is finally past the point where he thinks he has to "help" me feed him by grabbing the spoon on every bite. This makes for a much cleaner meal.

He eats everything he can get his hands on.

He has us totally wrapped around his finger. And probably knows it, too.

Happy six month birthday, Reed!
His first bath in the real tub. Scary. He almost fell. Now he lays down in the big tub because he is too big for his baby tub but I don't trust him sitting in the real tub.

Example of his cloth-eating tendencies. I don't even give it to him--if it's nearby, it's going in his mouth.

Just chillin' mid-roll.

His new favorite thing to play with is this dolly ("homie" according to Ryan or "homie-lover-friend (hlf)" according to Kayla) that grandma found among Kayla's old toys. He loves to chew on the hands and feet (not surprising, since those are his two favorite items to chew on in real life).

Luckily, he is also entranced with this ball lately. So he's not doomed to be too girly.

A big smile for mommy in celebration of his half-birthday.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weekend Adventures

I am sure you can tell just by looking at the post title that it was an amazingly exciting and adventurous weekend for the Hambly family. We kicked off the weekend by heading to the Medieval Festival at the Washington County Fairgrounds on Friday. It was a little disappointing, but they did have a unicorn, which helped to redeem the festival somewhat. The coolest part of the festival was the jousting tournament. The North American jousting champion--who had apparently recently beaten most of the European jousters, as well--was the main jouster. I wasn't previously aware that there was a North American jousting champion, but apparently there is. Anyway, while they were battling, I couldn't help but think to myself how weird it was that this man jousts for a living. He gets paid to dress up and pretend he is King Arthur. Strange. But the festival was fun.

On Saturday, Ryan and I went to the temple with my parents while my sister babysat Reed. It was really nice--I love the St. George temple. It was the first operating temple after the Nauvoo temple was destroyed. I am always a little in awe as I think of the pioneers building this temple without modern technology. That night, Ryan and I went to Iceberg for shakes--yum!

Sunday played out like most other Sundays. We got a calling last week, but we didn't start it this week. We are going to be teaching the CTR 7 class, which should be interesting.

On Monday my family went to my sister's pool. Technically, it is the pool at the clubhouse of the neighborhood where the condo she is buying is being built. But we figured no one would know we didn't actually live there, so we went anyway. It was a lot of fun. Reed didn't know how he felt about the water at first--it was really cold. He started crying, but after a little consolation and snuggling in a towel, he was a happy camper. He loved his new turtle inner tube (which we actually later took kept deflating) and had fun "swimming" with Ryan. While the rest of us played volleyball, he fell asleep in the movie room with grandma. Monday night, after we put Reed down, Ryan and went to play volleyball with my brother, his wife, and his work friends. I'm still sore.

Anyway, I have way too much text now so I should probably break up the monotony with pictures...

Kayla at the Medieval Festival with the "unicorn"

Reed enjoying all the medieval activities. Please don't judge his hat. I hate these kinds of hats--Ryan and I call them "dork hats"--but he needed sun protection. And I couldn't find the cuter of the two dork hats we own.

Reed not enjoying the water--it was cold! At least he is wearing the better of the two dork hats

Reed deciding that maybe the water isn't so bad, especially when you have a turtle and your daddy.

Reed realizing that the water is even better when you have a ball and your Auntie Kay-Kay. (Notice her braids? I was up until 12:30 the night before putting them in.)

Reed passed out on the floor after a fun day of swimming. We should go swimming every day before naptime.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Tricks (no old dogs involved)

Since moving to St. George, we've been working on several new skills to fill our free time. Here are our latest and possibly greatest new tricks...

Ryan's new tricks
Ryan has started a real job. He works with a business consulting/tax preparation company reviewing corporate tax files. Taxes, apparently, aren't as boring as he thought they would be. They are even a little bit interesting. He finally has normal working hours and gets a one-hour lunch break, during which he comes home to be with his two favorite people. (Reed and me, if you were wondering.) We love real jobs.

My new tricks
I have started pulling my weight in the family by earning money. I'm donating plasma for $$. It is kind of weird and really cold, but you can make $50 a week. Sweet! I was really worried that I wouldn't be able to do it because I pass out every time I give blood. I also pass out from a mere vial of blood being taken for testing. But, surprisingly enough, I was fine yesterday (my first time donating). Hopefully this fine-ness will continue. Ryan is going to start donating tomorrow.

I've also started dabbling in photography under Grace's expert tutelage. I took this picture:

And thanks to my friends photoshop and Grace's-photoshop-skills, it didn't turn out half bad.

Reed's new tricks
Reed has the coolest new tricks, which is why I saved them for last. He makes our new tricks look lame.

Reed is now an avid foot-grabber. My favorite is when he grabs his feet in the tub then toots. It makes for the perfect view of his toot bubble in the water.

Reed can sit up, no assitance necessary. So can his elephant. He is not, however, to the sitting-up-so-well-I-don't-worry-about-him-falling stage. Soon.

Reed can also stand up with the assistance of just about anything. My favorite Reed assister (not a word, I think) is the couch. He can bop his head on it and suck on it without hurting anyone. Or anything. He can't pull himself up, but he loves to stand and bounce if I put him there.

The end!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cousin Love (But not the weird kind)

Reed has met five of his cousins, and so far, he approves. Hopefully that trend will continue. But you never know. Enjoy the pictures. Or skip them if you're overloaded with Reed pictures--I'll understand.

(The main reason for this post is the first picture. It melts my heart.)

This picture makes me smile every time I see it. Kody loves "baby Ree"

Peyton and Zoe "helped" me bathe Reed and put him to bed several times while we were in California. Hehe. By the way, this picture is from February--check out how tiny Reed is. He has turned into such a chunk!

Kody loves to "hold" Reed. Hailey is great at reminding him to be soft :)

Do you think Reed likes Kamdyn? Check out the size of that smile!

They're so tight they make the same facial expressions.

Monday, May 11, 2009

What I Love...

...about being a mom:

Going to get Reed out of his crib in the morning. I try to sneak into the room so he can't hear me. When he notices me, he gives me a gigantic smile and sometimes a giggle or coo. I love it.

Watching Reed learn new things. It's amazing to see his world open up.

Snuggling. This doesn't happen very often--Reed seems to have an independence issue. But in the few minutes between finishing his bottle and going to sleep, he snuggles his little head into my shoulder and we cuddle. It reminds me of tiny Reed.

Being needed. It's overwhelming at times, but there is something really gratifying about knowing someone is completely reliant on you.

Being loved. He can't say it, but I know it's true.

And so much more. I am so grateful to be a mom. I'm also so grateful for two of the best examples of amazing mothers that I get to learn from: my mom and Ryan's mom. Happy Mothers' Day!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Feet

I got my first pedicure yesterday with my mother-in-law. It was amazing. Go get yourself one. Now. You won't regret it.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Life's a Beach

Today was Reed's first trip to the beach. Ever. We went with Miriam, Ava, and Seth and had a lot of fun. Reed tolerated the sand and hated the water. All said, it was a fun day.

Ryan decided to dip Reed's feet in the water--you know, all part of the ocean experience.

Reed was not a fan. Apparently, cold water is not his thing.

Hehe. Reed's chubby belly kept popping out of his shirt.

Reed had fun playing with Seth. Okay, he had a lot of fun watching Seth play.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rolls and rolls

First, my favorite kind of rolls:

First thigh roll sighting: May 3

Reed has learned the mechanics of rolling and can usually do it. But the other day, he was having such issues. It was so funny. He tried for about 10 minutes and just couldn't do it. But he didn't get mad or anything--he kept laughing. He ended up scooting all the way to the wood floor and rotating 180* in the process. What a silly boy. Here is the story, in pictures:

I'm going to do it...

Here I go...

Just kidding! I'm so tricky.

How did I get all the way to the hardwood floors? Oh, right, I scooted in a circle while trying to roll.

Friday, May 1, 2009

The Monthly Reed: 5

We survived our move and our LONG drive the next day to vacation in California. Thank goodness for a break.

While we were in the midst of craziness, Reed celebrated reaching the five month mark! Here is a glimpse into the life of five-month-old Reed:

He is becoming a consistent roller! It is so cute to watch him push his little bum into the air and flip over.

He loves to eat. When he finishes a bottle (no matter the size) and you take it away, he screams for more. Ironically, the doctor told he us Reed is now over-eating a little.

He can hold his own bottle! It is so cute. The best part about this is that it helps cut down on screaming at the end of eating. Now he just chucks the bottle when he is done. He seems okay with that (weird kid).

He has started laughing. He used to have cute little giggles, but now he bursts into full-on laughter. It melts my heart.

He is pretty excited about spit. He blows spit bubble then vibrates his lips together so it gets everywhere.

He is still working on getting his first two teeth in. We are starting to see little white points, so hope they will come through soon.

We love this boy and can't believe he is growing up so quickly!