Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Monthly Reed: 8

I went in to get him from his nap today and found him sitting up. He has never gone from laying down to sitting by himself before--at least not that I know of. I guess he wanted to celebrate being eight months old by learning a new trick...

Reed is getting quite roly-poly. Last week, he had a follow-up appointment for his ear infection. He had gained 13 ounces in two weeks. Apparently he's not failing to thrive anymore...

Caught in the act.

He can crawl (in a very army-like fashion). It's a good thing we are moving this weekend, because it's definitely time to live in a baby-proof zone.


He is very picky about solid foods. He'll eat any kind of baby food, but will only eat certain solid foods. He likes the challenge of grabbing solids and getting them into his mouth, but once they are in, out they come.

Sleeping in the exact position Ryan sleeps in. Odd. (He normally has a sheet on his bed. I had just pulled it off to wash it and hadn't had a chance to replace it yet...)

He loves my parents' dog. He chases her and she runs away. On the off chance that she lets him catch her, he goes right for her paws.

I thought it would be funny to put him in his swing yesterday. It was. He giggled the entire time. Notice his Notre Dame football--Grandpa got back from his MNA program yesterday! (Stay tuned for details on that in a later post)

He's developed what Ryan and I have dubbed "the scary laugh." He still has his cute giggly laugh, but often we get a noise that sounds terrifying. If you didn't see his happy face, you would think he was freaking out.

I still look cute in my shark towel.

To test textures, he doesn't rub--he repeatedly grabs and releases.

Look at me go. (Notice his gaze and Ryan's are fixed on the same point...I'll let you guess what that is.)

Looks tasty.

Like my BYU shirt?


Steve and Janelle said...

I miss my "little firecracker"! He is getting so big.

Mandi said...

Meg! I can't believe he's already 8 months old! Crazy! I love that little guy. I miss seeing him all the time though. :(