Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Okay, so this first part has nothing to do with California. Sometimes these things happen. We went to the doctor today and Reed is up to NINETEEN pounds! No wonder my arms get tired so quickly when I hold him. We also found out he has an ear infection and a cold--a bad combo that I got to experience full-force last night. Now, for the real post.

We went to California again! Sadly, this trip was probably the last time we will get to go. Here are a few highlights:

What a good sport.

This is how Reed looked most of the weekend--surrounded by (count them...) 7 or so cousins.

I forgot to post this picture with the last post, but it's too awesome to pass up. Ryan fist-pumping at the end of the 5K.

Cute 4th of July kids (Peyton, Reed, Zoe)

Reed got to ride grandpa's motorcycle!

Look at these cute cousins! Zoe, Peyton, Reed, Declan, Greer, Kamdyn.


ruthiewrites said...

I hope Reed will be feeling better soon! Poor baby! Poor Mommy!

Steve and Janelle said...

There's my little firecracker!! (you know the voice) Kaboom!!! glad you guys could come. We had so much fun. The girls are in Reed withdrawal. me too.:( We will definately have to come and see you guys. Hope he feels better really soon.

jen and michael said...


Mandi said...

I totally love the 4th of July kids and motorcycle pics. This kid is so dang cute!