Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I was folding mountains of laundry today when Reed woke up from a nap. I normally try not to fold laundry and leave him to his own devices, but I was almost done so I figured, "Hey, he's seven months old now. He can look out for himself." I went to rescue him from his crib, then set him on the floor near my laundry with a few toys. He was on his tummy in front of an empty laundry basket, so I decided to put a toy in it to see what he would do. I thought it would entertain him long enough for me to fold. Wrong. After one very short minute, he started making his "mom, why am I laying down when I could be sitting up?" noise. So I helped him onto his bum and went back to my folding. I looked over a minute later and found him back on his tummy, going on a little adventure. See for yourself:

Almost there...

Hey, I got it! (Sorry the coloring of this picture is totally different. Accident/experiment.)

You guys are watching, right?

That was hard work!


L. Bryce said...

Its funny that he can take care of himself but you have to rescue him from his crib. Im not a mother so maybe there is something I am missing there. LOL

Kendra D said...

So fun! What a cute little boy you have. I'm glad I found your blog.

Mandi said...

What a cute kid! I love all the cute things that he does! :)