Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Fan of Fans

Reed has always enjoyed his friend the ceiling fan, but lately his enjoyment has gone to the next level. We walk into a room, I hit the switch to turn on the fan, and as soon as he hears the fan he looks up and smiles at it for a few minutes. Pretty cute. Then, yesterday, we walked into a room and I didn't turn on the fan. But he still caught sight of his beloved and started grinning at the motionless fan. And I thought he only liked the light and spinning blades. Apparently he and the fan are just BFFs.

So curious.


Nick & Lynnie said...

Such a cutie. I love all of your fun Reed stories:) I haven't heard much about you have ya been? love ya sis!

Mandi said...

What a cute Reed pic. What is he eyeing in this pic...b/c it's clearly not the fan. :)