Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Our house, in the middle of our street...

First item of business: 9 month stats
Mr. R. K. Hambly...
weighs 20 lbs. 10 1/2 oz. (50th percentile)
is 28 in. long (just under 50th percentile)
and has a head that is 47 cm. in circumfrence (90th percentile)

Is anyone surprised that his height and weight are proportionate? I am. His big head is no shocker--you have to have a big head to house such a large brain :)

Now on to the rest of the post...

When you come to visit us, this is what you need to look for:
Keeping in mind, of course, that we live in the basement.

Come around the back of the house. The white door (half-hidden by the bush and with convenient stroller parking right outside) is ours.

Don't forget to wipe your feet before you come in.

Descend the really dark staircase...

This is what you see when you walk in.

If you angle your body slightly to the right (or just move your eyes), you see the rest of the room.

If you turn right upon entering, you meet the kitchen. Very, very small. Hence the need for an MPR (see pictures below)

If you go through the door at the end of the kitchen, you find the bathroom, which is surprisingly large. I think I would rather take a few feet out of the bathroom and add them to the kitchen. Just an opinion. (We do have a shower. It's hidden off to the right.)

Say hello to the multipurpose room (MPR). If you look closely, you will notice Reed under the highchair, eating the cheerios he threw on the ground earlier.

Half of the MPR.

Reed's room. Though it may look like a different room than the room in the picture above, they are one and the same. We call it the MPR because it houses Reed, my closet, the fridge and microwave, kitchen storage, our kitchen table, and our desk. Impressive.

Our room. I had a surprisingly difficult time getting a good angle for the shot--the room isn't as small as it looks here. To the left is Ryan's closet, which I think has more clothes in it than my closet. To the right is our shoe tower.

Now you've seen it--the Hamblys' new abode, very much an upgrade from the Hamblys' old abode. Come visit us! If we know you are coming, we just might bake a cake.


redstarmama said...

I love that you call it the MPR...brings back memories of my junior high days. Congrats on your expanded abode! Couple more years and you'll have graduated (literally and figuratively) to an even bigger place!

Kyle and Jenna Nebeker said...

Wow, how exciting. More space is always good. I am so glad you found my blog. I can't believe you are in my aunt's ward. Whenever we come to St. George we will stop by for sure. Although I don't know when that will be next. Well at least I can check your blog and keep up.
A volleyball coach? That sounds fun. Congrats on your degree. I finished too. I am getting my masters in education online right now. I'll keep in touch.

Jackie said...

That is way bigger than your Provo place! I hope you make the most of that MPR, hosting aerobics and such since it's so large.


Chris and Mary said...

Hey it looks great! I wish we were still in Provo because we would totally make the trip down to see you guys :)

jen and michael said...

yea for pictures!! thanks for the tour!! We will have to plan a trip down to see it, but I have to agree much higher quality than your p-town place.

Megan said...

I love the tour of your new house! Hopefully we can come and visit some time - any room for visitors?? Sounds like you are all settling in very well!

Mandi said...

Aw love it! I love that you have an MPR! I'm impressed seriously, you have done a great job of fitting everything in! You guys are awesome!