Friday, October 30, 2009

11 months old!

Reed is the least picky eater I've ever seen. He will eat anything. Sure, he has his favorites--but for him it's more a matter of deciding what order to eat things in, not what he will or won't eat. He not only loves to eat, but he's great at it--we don't have to do baby foods/purees any more. It's all the good stuff (plus one or two bottles a day).

When he is done eating, he does one of two things: he either starts throwing his food around, or he picks up bites and holds them out toward me. When he offers me bites, I am either to eat them or to pretend to eat them. And then he laughs hysterically.

In addition to food, he likes to put his plug and his toys in my mouth. 

Reed can open drawers and cupboards--and loves to do so. Yikes!

We have recently discovered his passion for the park. He giggles anytime he sees a park. He LOVES going down the slides and then trying to crawl back up them. The swings are also one of his favorites.

He likes to use the Wii mote as a phone. He holds it up to his ear and looks like he is concentrating intently.

Loves, loves, loves to wave "hi" and "bye-bye."

Reed has learned the art of drinking through a straw and is now obsessed with straws. If you are drinking out of a straw, you'd better plan on sharing with him.

His favorite sounds (I'm not sure if they really qualify as words yet): baba, ga, gee, mama, dada, nana, kay-kay (This last one has his Auntie Kayla very excited).

 Reed has four teeth out and is working on his fifth, sixth, and seventh. And is still not a pleasant teether.

Little One can crawl all the way up the stairs--fast. Anytime he sees stairs, he races toward them. He is not so great at going down.

For some odd reason, he loves the toilet and toilet brush and is constantly trying to sneak into the bathroom to play with them. Gross. Luckily, he is not usually successful.

Reed loves to bang his hands against the oven--cool noises, I guess? He also likes to use formula cans as drums.

Loves to have his teeth brushed and his hair combed. A well-groomed boy, I guess.

Reed can "drive" his cars along the floor. It's really cute to watch--he has his car in one hand, pushes it forward, crawls a few paces, pushes the car forward, etc.

"Walking" while holding onto someone's hands is another favorite pastime.

When he "reads" books he holds them up close to his face until his nose is touching the pages.

*Pictures to come. My computer is not in the mood to load right now, so I'm letting it have a little break.*

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Would you be comfortable if... slept directly on top of a passy for so long that it was stuck to your belly when you woke up? And, upon removal of said passy, you had a perfect passy imprint on your belly? I wouldn't be. Apparently he didn't mind, though:

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

We needed a break...

...and who ever thought we would miss Provo? But we did. A lot. And we missed having friends to hang out with. So, after deciding to leave on Wednesday, we packed up and drove away from stg on Friday. When we got to Provo, we went straight to the Sizz (because where else would we go?) to meet Chris and Alex for dinner (thanks for humoring us, guys!). We got filled in on all the latest Sizzler gossip and got to see some old server friends. And realized how glad we are that we are no longer servers.

There's nothing to kill time on a long car ride like a good book.

We tried to stop at IKEA on our way to my uncle's house, but it was closed. So we contented ourselves with taking a picture by a bug (slug-bug, that is) and by promising future returns.

Boys like cars.

On Saturday, we had a delicious breakfast (thanks, LuAnn!) then headed to Park City to go shopping at the outlets. I love a good outlet mall. Then we went to IKEA and actually went inside. We ate lunch there, which was surprisingly good. We took a scenic drive through Provo Canyon and were annoyed when two trucks were parked in the middle of the tiny road. Then we saw why they were parked:

Yeah, that's a moose. A huge moose.

Then is was time to go visit the Fongs. Hooray! On the way to the Fongs' house, Reed wiggled himself out of one of his sleeves. I have no idea how he did this, but was (and still am) quite impressed.

Call him Ninja.

We played Mexican Train until late that night. I did not win. I think Ryan or Michael did. But I'm pretty sure there was an asterisk on the game. On Sunday, we went to the Fongs' ward, then spent the day playing Wii Sports Resort (which we subsequently purchased with Ryan's birthday money when we got home). We also got to see the Withams (Beesley Apartments, woot woot!).

Trying to make an escape.

Then he called in reinforcements. But still no luck with the escape.

Reed has obviously spotted something funny. Ethan finds no humor in the situation.

One day, we will take a picture that includes Michael, Jen, Ethan, and the three of us. That day has not yet come. So here is a picture of Ethan, Michael, and Jen's legs. It will have to do.

What a cutie.

Monday, October 19, 2009

They must love him...

...because they drove all the way from California to see him!
Are you surprised he is sitting still? Me, too. He must love his grandma <3

Yes, it's true--Grandma and Grandpa Hambly came to visit last weekend. While they were here, we did a few of our favorite St. George things:

1. Went to Krumpet's and Tai Pan (If you haven't been to these stores, come visit me. We will go. You will probably die of cuteness overdose.)

2. We went on a drive to find the dinosaur tracks and the honeymoon trail.
Reed took matters into his own hands to entertain himself. He makes a dang good funny face.

"Uh, mom? Grandma? Anyone? Are we done yet?"

3. We bought Reed cute clothes at the Children's Place outlet. And tried on his Halloween costume early. But you will have to wait to see that...
4. We went to Pizza Factory and let Reed try his first dum-dum (he was jealous of our suckers)

*Imagine the picture from my phone: Reed, sucker in mouth, sticky face, biggest grin you've ever seen.*

5. We hung out and watched Reed. He's quite the entertainer. And, after Grandma and Grandpa gave him his early birthday present, he had quite a few new tricks:

"What is this thing?"

"I'm still not sure what it is, but it's totally awesome!"

Bum shot.

"You watching, Daddy?"

How can you not look dope in your Grandpa's hat?

Thanks for the fun weekend, Grandma & Grandpa!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Quiet is a bad sign.

This morning, Reed and I were playing in his room while Ryan got ready for work. When Ryan was ready to go, I went out to say goodbye to him, fully expecting that Reed would follow. After a few minutes, Ryan and I realized that Reed was being extremely quiet--and he's not exactly a quiet child. So we went to investigate. Here is what we found:

Apparently, we didn't close our sock drawers quite tight enough. By the time we found Reed, he had pulled out about twenty pairs of socks and had proceeded to start "playing" with them (meaning he picked a pair up, dropped it over his shoulder, picked another pair up, dropped it over his shoulder, and so on. When he ran out of socks, he turned around and started the process over again). Where does this child come up with these ideas? Luckily (for Reed, at least), Reed has us both completely wrapped around his chubby little fingers--so we both just laughed and took pictures.

P.S. My team beat Desert Hills yesterday--a team we had already lost twice to (once during our tournament, once during the season, both times in five games). Hooray!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Holiday! Celebrate!

It's his birthday!

Ryan loves limericks (you should hear him recite "There once was a man from Nantucket"). So, in honor of his twenty-eighth birthday, I've decided to compose one for him:

"There once was a cool guy named Ryan.
He is so awesome--I'm not lyin'!
He is a great dad,
He likes the movie Rad,
And without him, we would be cryin'."

Happy Birthday, Ryan! We love you.