Friday, November 13, 2009

Dinner and a Show

Reed's dinnertime (and lunchtime and breakfast time) antics are entertaining, to say the least. I thought you might enjoy a glimpse into our "dining room" (aka MPR) during feeding time.
Shoving half a banana into his mouth. Notice the look of concentration.

Half of the victory sign. You know how much he is enjoying your food based on his arms--you get one arm up for pretty good and two arms up for awesome.

Remember the snorting I mentioned? This is how he looks when he does it. And he likes to do it between bites. (Random side note...He now snorts in response to other snorts. You can have an entire snorting conversation with him.

Reed and dinnertime: two peas, one pod.


Ryan said...

What a brave mommy giving reed a banana while he was wearing a shirt. Impressive

The Cooper's said...

Reed is SOOO cute, I can't wait to see him again and snort at him lol!

Mandi said...

A snorting conversation? I have heard the snorts but I did not know a conversation could accompany. I will have to start a conversation next time that I see you guys!