Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Reed's Eleventh Month--in pictures

The pictures that were supposed to be with my 11 month post, but which the computer stubbornly refused to upload:

Weird face. Check the lips.

Spending time with daddy.

Straws + Reed = Love 4 Ever

Being a little bashful.

Reed loves to play with the oven--and, you have to admit, it does make really cool noises when you hit it. This pastime, though, is one I'm trying to discourage.

Reed's version of a "hat-trick

Reed has a crush on the park--especially swings, slides, and tubes you can crawl in.

Handsome boy all dressed up for church. (The jacket is size 3 months and the shirt is size 12 months. Weird.)

Training to be a sports star.


Chris and Mary said...

Reed is so cute! I miss seeing all of you in person haha! Keep those pictures coming :)

Mandi said...

I love every picture of him! He could be pulling wierd faces or all dressed up for church. Either way he's adorable!