Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I have really struggled to lose the weight I gained when I was pregnant with Reed. By really struggled I mean that although I have been exercising and trying to lose weight, I have gained five pounds. Awesome. Anyway, in light of said struggles, I have decided it's time to really knuckle down. Enter the weekly blog post. I got the idea from Rosey Little Things blog--and while I am not joining their group, I am going to take the challenge. My weekly WLW (Weight-loss Wednesday) post will hopefully keep me accountable to my weight loss goals. And hopefully this accountability will encourage me to do better and in turn actually lose a pound or two. Hopefully. (Fingers crossed.) If you have had a similar experience (or a completely dissimilar experience), feel free to join me or to offer advice.

My weight goal:
I need to lose 22 pounds to be back at my pre-pregnancy weight. But I would like to lose 30 pounds total.

How to meet my weight goal:
1. Run (couch-to-5k) 3 times/week
2. Pilates 3 times/week
3. Drink 64 oz. of water a day
4. Cut down on sweets/unneccessary fats (i.e. skip dessert.)
5. Start with smaller portions and eat more slowly.

Check-in points:
1. Every Wednesday. (Hence the "Weight-loss Wednesday" title.)
2. Jan. 13. (Hopefully, I will have lost 10 pounds by this point.)
3. Mar. 10. (Hopefully, I will have lost another 10 for a total of 20 pounds.)
4. May 12. (And on this date I hope to have lost the final 10 for a total of 30!)

How I did this week:
1. Run 3 times/week (check)
2. Pilates 3 times/week (fail! I substituted volleyball for Pilates, though)
3. Drink 64 oz. of water a day (fail!)
4. Cut down on sweets (check)
5. Smaller portions ( in I did most times, but not always...)

Did I lose any weight this week?
Nope! Better luck next week, right?

And finally, an unrelated picture of Reed because he is cute:

I love this boy!


Christy said...

One thing that has helped me was sweets. Meaning, I don't buy them. At all. I grew up in a house that always had chips, candy, pop, etc...but I don't buy them now. I have a Whirly Pop so I can put on as much butter/salt as I wish and I still get my popcorn fix. Don't get me wrong...we still eat candy and chips and (occasionally) microwave popcorn, we just do it when we visit my parents. And sometimes when we go to the movies. :)

Another through out the day. Instead of 3 big meals, eat 6 small meals. It keeps your blood sugar up and is better for you. And remember. When you start working out you'll probably gain weight not lose weight. Why? Because muscle weighs more than fat and you're building muscles!

m.dahl said...

This is a good idea. I really need to get better at all this. I have had a hard time eating healthy and exercising with Esther and I am gaining weight too. I'll keep checking in and hopefully it will help me get motivated. Good Luck Megan and thanks again for our fun trip down there.

Kim said...

Fabulous idea. I love it. I also need to exercise MUCH more than I do and I have made this a goal as well because I feel better when I do. I have NEVER been an exerciser, so we'll see how it goes. I have written down my goals and made little boxes for myself to check everyday and that helps A TON. It's remarkable what accountability does, eh. I do NOT want to miss marking one of those boxes, so I get my butt off the couch and exercise. Great! I am excited to see how it goes for you. Good luck!

The Standrings said...

megan, i totally hear ya. i am really trying to lose weight right now as well. one of my problems is craving sweets. i honestly cannot buy them or else i will eat them. there are still some days that i really want sweets so these are a few things that i have tried to satisfy my sweet tooth:
-gum! if i have a craving for something sweet, gum almost always helps to kill the craving.
-100 calorie snacks
-skinny cows- low calorie ice cream sandwiches- really really good!!!
-more water!!
i am in no way a professional but these are just a couple things that have helped me. i still have bad days every once in awhile, but i try to remind myself that you can always start over the next day.

Megan said...

Thanks for all the advice girls! I'm glad to know there are other people like me out there :)

Mandi said...

I really like this idea! I think I shall steal your idea...if thats okay. And if I learn anything interesting I will share my advice and tips with you. Luv ya and good luck!!! You can do it girl!