Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Reed has something to say...

(When Ryan asks what else Santa is going to bring, Reed says, "put on shelf" not "stuff" like I thought...because Santa will put his books on the shelf, apparently)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

He must love me.

Marybeth's cake. It's a classic in Ryan's family. What is it? It's this dense, moist, ridiculously awesome chocolate bundt cake. You don't mess with Marybeth's.

I currently have one problem with Marybeth's: I can't eat chocolate because it bothers Smash. As in he screams and refuses to eat or to sleep in his bed for approximately 12 hours--so it's definitely not worth it to eat anything chocolate, no matter how good it is.

Ryan, being the great husbnad he is, decided he was going to make me a lemon Marybeth's cake. And guess what? It was delicious.
Thanks, sweetheart.

I should have been patient.

Everyone smiling who can smile on command? Check 
No one crying? Check
No one wearing all white? Check

Merry Christmas Sunday.

Friday, December 17, 2010

This will have to do

I had every intention of sending out Christmas cards this year. I thought of it at Thanksgiving. Then Reed's birthday happened. Then we went to California for Asher's blessing. But it was still early in December, so I was going to do it. I read about Shutterfly's sweet blog-about-Shutterfly-and-get-50-free-Christmas-cards deal, and was going to jump on the Shutterfly bandwagon. But their email happened to go to spam and I forgot all about it. And Ryan thought it was weird that in our only family picture, Asher is wearing all white. So I found myself on December 15, packing the house up (we're moving on the 29th), getting ready to leave town the next day (we're going to California until the 26th), and realized it just wasn't going to happen.

So here you have it. A hastily made Christmas card (thanks Scrapblog!), with Asher wearing all white (sorry Ryan), posted only on our blog.

Merry Christmas!

The Monthly Asher: 2

First, a few stats:
Weight: 10 lbs. 13 oz. (31st percentile)
Length: 22 in. (19th percentile) Did anyone ever expect him to be tall anyway?
Head: 16 in. (69th percentile)

At Reed's two month appointment, the news wasn't so good, so I was a little nervous for this doctor's appointment. But Dr. Nielson said Asher's growth looks great--right on track. I'm not going to lie, it was a relief to hear that. Way to go, Smash.

Spending some quality time with Daddy.

Asher is a happy baby, generally. Most times after he eats, he spends about half an hour smiling at anyone or anything that happens to be in his line of sight. Then he fusses a little and likes to be rocked to sleep.

Reading with big brother.

He's not always good, though. He has a grumpy time each night starting at about 9 p.m. And sometimes during the day he fights sleep so hard and just cries instead. Crazy boy.

He has already had two colds. Nice parenting, right? When he has a cold, he doesn't sleep unless you hold him. Understandable, I think.

Just pumped.

Asher, for whatever reason, seems to like tummy time. He even smiles. When he's done being on his stomach, he fusses for a few minutes until you roll him over.

Asher can track objects with his eyes (yep, we are very impressed with him :), smiles in response to most things (but especially at Daddy making kissing noises), and can hold on to toys if we put them in his hand (hehe).

More Daddy time.

We love our Smash!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

In case you didn't know...

I created "pages" for each of the boys a few months ago, and have been informed (by Ryan, who only looks at our blog through Google Reader) that I should let people know. Asher's has firsts. Reed's has cute stories of the cute and funny things he says and does. I update them every week-ish. They are worth checking out, I think.

A funny thing that happened today:

Today, I was feeding Asher on the couch. Reed came into the room, sat on the floor, laid Elmo across his lap, said, "Feed Elmo!" and proceeded to lift up his shirt. I just hope he never does that at nursery :)

(This is the kind of story you can expect to find in Reed's Corner.)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Rub a dub dub, two boys in a tub...

Reed has always loved the bath.

And perhaps we have a bath-loving gene we're passing along, because Asher loves it, too.

Last night, in fact, he was screaming...then I put him the bath and he was instantly chill.

And what's better than one happy boy in the bathtub?

Two happy boys in the bathtub.

Friday, December 10, 2010

A name and a blessing

Last Sunday (12/5/10), our family had a special day. Asher received a name and a blessing. In our church, infants are given a name and a blessing by someone holding the proper priesthood. Since Ryan holds the Melchizedek priesthood, he was able to bless Asher. This blessing is a special experience. I am grateful Ryan was able to bless Asher and felt the spirit strongly during the blessing.

It is customary for infants to wear all white during this blessing. My mom made Asher's outfit:

I particularly enjoy the tux tails:

And I really just enjoy this baby's face:
 (Notice that his hair is red in the sunlight!)

My family traveled to California to be at the blessing:

Ryan's family was also there, but of course I didn't get a picture. I did get a picture of our little family, though:

And pictures of Asher with his proud dad and mom:
He looks quite thrilled to be having his picture taken, doesn't he?

And, of course, Buddy wanted in on the action:

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Trimming the Tree

Reed loved decorating the Christmas tree. He thought the ornaments were the bomb.com and especially loved my collection of Crayola ornaments.  Right after we had put a few ornaments on, I had to feed Asher--and Reed brought me a pile of ornaments from off the tree. I think, though, he finally understands that the ornaments are supposed to stay on the tree. He is a little disappointed--I'm pretty sure he would rather play with them.

The master decorator at work:
Ryan helped Reed put the star on top of the tree. Sadly, the star was way too heavy--so our tree is topper-less.
Reed and Elmo posing with the tree:

 After posing for a nice shot, Reed decided it would be appropriate to tackle Elmo, then use Elmo as a pillow:

 After coaxing Reed off the ground, we took a picture with weird lighting so the lights on the tree showed up better:

Then Reed started doing funny poses (not sure why...)

After we put the tree up, we had to put Santa in the window. You can't tell here, but Santa lights up--which Reed loves. He reminds us every night, without fail, to turn Santa on.
In case you are curious (you probably aren't, but I'm going to tell you anyway), Santa is Ryan's favorite Christmas decoration. He even took it with him on his mission. Sadly, it broke on the return trip--but luckily his grandma had a duplicate that she let us have. Santa is the one Christmas decoration we brought with us to Cedar (the rest are still in St. George at my parents' house).

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Birthday Part Three

Last week, Reed had his first ever "friend" birthday party. It was complete with cupcakes,

party favors,

 balloons (including this ridiculously awesome conjoined-twin balloon),

and, of course, friends.
We colored, played with balloons, had snacks, and created all kinds of general mayhem.
The guests were Reed's nursery friends--all girls :) Morgan, Rachael, and Brooklyn. We've never had more than one friend over at once, so I was kind of impressed by the mess that many kids can make. But they had a great time making it!

Reed successfully blew out his candles, then licked all the frosting off the cake.

Thanks for coming and celebrating Reed's birthday with us, girls!

Monday, December 6, 2010


Sometimes, you get lucky.

Like when you get a family picture in which no one is crying and everyone who is capable of smiling on command is doing so.

(I'll post about Asher's blessing soon.)

Friday, December 3, 2010

A little break

We drove to California today. Between some construction traffic we hit at state line and stopping twice to feed Asher, it was kind of a long trip. When we'd been traveling for about seven hours, Reed told us, "I like it little break now." Me too, Buddy.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Two Years in Review

 Brand New:

 Six Months:

One Year:

 Eighteen Months:

 Two Years:

 Two-year stats:
Weight: 26 lbs. (25th percentile)
Height: 34 in. (40th percentile)
Head circumference: 19.5 in. (73rd percentile)
*Random fact: the last time Reed was in a higher percentile for height than for weight was when he was two months old, when he was "failing to thrive." Mr. Chub is not so chub anymore, turns out.

At two years...

Reed can speak in pretty well-formed sentences, with only a few extra words or missing words. Yesterday, he said, "Mama get it money, put it on it blankie"--all as one continuous thought. 

Reed can get his shoes off and (mostly) undress himself. Luckily, he only does this when we tell him to. He is fascinated by zippers.

Reed can count 1,2,3 and 8,9,10. I'm not sure why he skips 4,5,6,7. He can say his ABCs up to G and recognizes E,M,L,S,R,H, and sometimes a few others.

Reed has fourteen teeth and is working on his top two-year molars.

Reed loves all the bedtime-related activities (except for going to bed itself). We start with a bath. His favorite bath toy is an empty container that once held bubble bath, go figure. He loves to fill it and a few other containers up, then dump them out on his other toys to "wash" them. Next we do lotion, which he has to help rub in, of course. His favorite jammies are the jammies with Thomas the Train on them. After we are all ready, he runs out to Daddy and says, "Ready, Daddy!" Then we have scriptures. His favorite scripture stories are Goliath, Nephi (he always raises his hand when he says Nephi...who knows why), and Alma. Then we pray. Then he shuts his door, stands by it, and tackles Daddy, who throws him into bed. Then he holds his arm out and says, "Baby Asher by you." He holds Asher while we sing. His favorites are Child of God (sounds like "Tiny God" when he says it), Bird (Heavenly Father Loves Me), Boat (Row, Row, Row Your Boat), and Turtle (Miss Susie Had a Turtle). Then it is time for bed.

My favorite words that he says are turtle, earlier, and oh toodles. Why? Because it's like he gets set on auto-play or something. He says, "Tur-de-er-de-er-de-ull" and "Ear-de-er-de-er-de-er" and "Oh to-we-ooh-we-ooh-we-ooh!" It's really cute to hear him say.

He has a ton of words he uses consistently--a few hundred, I think. He is also starting to speak more clearly. For example, Grandma and Grandpa were "Ba-ma" and "Ba-pa" and are now "Gramma" and "Grampa." Asher was "A-de" and is now "A-jer" or A-cher." For whatever reason, though he can say "garbage" and "can" clearly, he still calls the garbage can the "gan-ya."

Reed loves being outside. He likes to take walks by the ri-ber (river) and to "ride" his bike or take a ride in his wagon. He loves to walk to the mailbox to get the mail. He loves the park. He loves the snow.

Reed is so pumped on Christmas lights. Every time we drive by a house or stores with lights up, he yells, "Mommy! Daddy! Lights!" And as soon as we pass the house, he wants more.

Ever since we drove through a few tunnels on the way to Zuma Beach in September, Reed has been obsessed with tunnels. We say, "Wait for it...wait for it..." then "Tunnel!" when we get to the actual tunnel. We are always on the lookout for tunnels to go through.

Reed has been playing pretend a lot more lately. Just the other day, he took pretend Easter eggs out of a book for us and we alternated between eating them and throwing them.

Yesterday, Reed has his first successful attempt at putting Asher's plug in Asher's mouth and getting it to stay there.

Lately, Reed loves wearing our shoes and walking around the house again. Consequentially, I often can't find my shoes.

Reed loves to say "1,2,3" or "ready catch!" and then throw things.

Reed loves to show off for me lately. He says, "Hey mom, watch this!" and then does some random little thing. He also likes to ask me, "Hey mom, what doin'?" all day long.
Reed is very loving and sweet. He gives Baby Asher loves constantly and will usually give us hugs and kisses.

He is also a tease, though. Sometimes he refuses to give hugs or kisses, then cracks up. If we ask again, he will pretend he is going to give us a hug or kiss then run away laughing.

Reed is pretty shy, but warms up to others without too much trouble. Now that he knows his nursery leaders, he loves going to nursery--he doesn't even give Daddy a backward glance anymore.

We love our sweet Reed!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Birthday Part Two

Yesterday, we celebrated Reed's second birthday. It was a pretty normal day, until post-nap. Why? Because post-nap we went to the store to let Reed help pick out his birthday present...

Meet Reed's birthday presents: Nernie, Marmew, and Orange Head. Nernie is how Reed says "Ernie" (like Ernie from Sesame Street)--but he also randomly says it all the time. Marmew is a word Reed says a lot--but we have no idea what it means. I think it is an adjective (He says, "Baby Asher is Marmew), but I'm not sure if it's nice or not--it could mean anything from stinky to cute to loud to fun. And Orange Head--well, he has an orange head.

 Reed was super pumped. He loves fishies. Every time we go to Wal-Mart, he just has to see them. 

Happy Birthday, Reed! I can't believe you are two.

Monday, November 29, 2010


This year, my mom's family had a Thanksgiving reunion of sorts. My mom has seven siblings and they each have at least a few kids; and most of those kids have their own kids. My grandpa told me that our family is now up to 175 people--with three more babies on the way. Pretty impressive, I think. Anyway, Ryan and I left two days after Utah's supposed "blizzard." There wasn't much snow, but the temperatures were ridiculous:

 Yes, it was three degrees in Cedar City at 9 a.m. Not awesome. 
My mom and dad had taken Reed to Provo with them the day before Ryan and I left, so we only had Asher in the car. And Asher was amazing and slept the entire way.

Because I'm awesome, I took zero pictures of Thanksgiving dinner. Just know that there was a lot of food, a lot of family, and a pretty sweet talent show in which everyone looked pretty ridiculous.

I also took zero pictures of Black Friday madness. I went to Wal-Mart, modbod, and the mall with my mom and sisters at midnight. Then I slept and fed Asher while they went to about five other stores. Later that day, we went to IKEA and Ten Thousand Villages, to the Planetarium at the Gateway Mall, and to Tucano's for dinner. 

I finally took pictures on Saturday. We went to Park City and visited the Olympic Training Site and museum. Mando Mando and Reed tried out the Luge:

The girls and Reed bobsledded:

Then the boys took a turn bobsledding. Ryan was the team's Yul Brenner

Cole went downhill skiing. He's pretty impressive.

Reed also went downhill skiing. He was kind of bored, apparently.

 And we got to see professional skiers practice jumping.

Later, we did some damage at the outlet mall, then drove home. 
Happy Thanksgiving!