Thursday, January 28, 2010

We've definitely had better nights

Yep, he definitely wore his "Hecho en los EEUU" shirt to the ER. In case you are curious, the translation of his shirt from Spanish to English is "Made in the US." Awesome, I know.

We survived our first middle-of-the-night trip to the ER. I was hoping to never experience that one, but I guess there is a first time for everything, right?

Anyway, on to the story. Reed woke himself up by coughing at about midnight last night. He wouldn't calm down, his body was really warm, and he was breathing rapidly. So out came the thermometer (yes, it did feel a little like déjà vu.) Only this time his temperature was 103.4. Wow. Ryan and I conferred for a few minutes, then decided to take Reed to InstaCare. We packed him into the car and headed to the nearest clinic. Apparently, though, I had made up seeing that clinic before and it didn't really exist. Luckily, the non-existant clinic was on the way to another clinic. It was closed. But, luckily again, the second clinic was in the parking lot for the hospital. We decided to go to the Emergency Room.

Immediately after getting Reed out of his seat and into my arms, he threw up everywhere. All over him, all over me, and all over the ground. I'm not really sure how he had anything in his tummy to throw up--he hadn't really eaten all day. The last thing he had eaten was applesauce; but that was eight hours prior to the throwing up. I felt really bad for him--throwing up is never fun. But I digress. We were in such a hurry to leave the house that we don't even have baby wipes. Luckily, we randomly had a pair of Reed's jammies in the car, so we used them to mop the worst of the throw up off our clothes, then headed into the hospital looking and smelling disgusting.

After triage, registration, and waiting, we were finally taken back to a room. Where we waited some more. Then Reed got a little check-up and some Motrin, followed by a breathing treatment (oh joy) and chest x-rays (yep, he loved those...especially when Ryan had to hold him into the right positions). Little man was pretty ticked and very tired at this point, so we let him play with my phone on the bed. Sorry if he called you.

We waited for quite a long time for a shot (an antibiotic), then had to wait twenty more minutes to make sure he didn't have a reaction to said shot. I climbed into the bed with Reed and rocked him to sleep while Ryan tried to sleep in a chair. Finally, the nurse came in, gave us prescriptions for abuterol (the liquid kind that makes you wired) and an antibiotic, and gave us a diagnosis: bronchitis and an ear infection. A good combo for poor Reed, obviously.

We headed to Walgreen's to fill the prescriptions and found out that Medicaid's computers were down until 6:00 a.m., so we couldn't fill the prescriptions until then. But the pharmacist was very nice and said he would have them ready for us as soon as Medicaid's computers were back in action. We were starving by this point and tried to go to the only place open at 3:30 a.m. in stg: McDonald's. But a sign taped to their drive-thru said "cash only." Super lame. We headed home instead.

We were hoping to fall into bed, but an alarm was going off. Apparently, a pump in our toilet wasn't working correctly and our landlord had unplugged it. But when you unplug it for too long, you get an alarm. It was kind of funny at this point. Ryan called our landlord and he got the alarm turned off (hallelujah). We put Reed to bed, had a feast of mac & cheese and spaghetti, and fell asleep to the The Devil Wears Prada. (Starring Anne "Hot"away...Ryan's celebrity crush, haha.)

And Ryan had to wake up at 6:45 to go fix a printer before work. Poor guy.

Poor Reed.

And thank goodness that night is over.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

WLW Week 11

How I did this week:
1. Run 3 times/week (TBD...again) Little One had a hard I slept in and plan on going running later. And last week I did go running (I know you were all worried all week about that, so I thought I would soothe your minds).
2. WiiFit 3 times/week (3/3--check)
3. Drink 64 oz. of water a day (7/7 days--check)
4. Cut down on sweets (check) It's so much easier not to eat sweets when you don't have a bake sale to bake for.
5. Smaller portions (check)
6. Don't be snacky (half-check) I did about 500,000 times better than last week--but I still think there is room for improvement--which shows you how bad I did last week! Ryan has been a big help on this one. He has been asking me, "Are you sure?" or "Is that the best choice?" when I want a snack. Thanks, Ryan!

Good news! I met my goal and lost 1.5 pounds for a total of 15 pounds lost overall! If you'd like to, you can picture my victory dance. I'm not exactly a good or confident dancer, so keep that in mind while you conjure up whatever image you may.

*In other news...Remember how I mentioned that Reed is currently sick? Well, he decided to freak his mom out last night by waking himself up at 1:00 a.m. by coughing ridiculously hard. When I went in to help him settle down, he felt so hot that I had Ryan come in and get the thermometer. The reading? 102.6. Highest fever Reed has ever had. His breathing was also very rapid, which did nothing to calm my fears. But after a dose of Tylenol and a blessing from Ryan, his body started cooling down, his breathing became more regular, and the poor little guy fell back to sleep. He is currently still sleeping. At 9:00 a.m. Unheard of for him. Usually, he wakes up at 7:00 and is back down for a nap by 9:30 or 10:00. But I'm glad his body is finally letting him relax!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sick Day

This boy isn't feeling very well today. Nor has he really felt well the past few days. The problem? He's not very good at breathing. And his stuffy nose and bad cough aren't making the process any easier. Luckily, he's recently discovered his love for his stuffed bear, who has been quite a comfort to him when he wakes up coughing. He had never really cared about this bear at all before (which was kind of disappointment, since we brought it all the way back from Michigan), but now it's his BFF (carved in one--possibly two--trees).

One good thing about Reed being sick is that he is learning useful skills such as wiping his own nose--or at least holding still while I wipe his nose. We have been through several kleenexes in the past few days. And apparently Reed was feeling badly about that waste, because today I caught him wiping his nose on his blanket. Yum.

This is his sick smile. Not quite as large or enthusiastic as his normal smile. And can you guess why he is smiling? Because he thinks I am going to give him the camera. Good try, Reed. I'm not sure why he holds this illusion--I've never given him the camera before. Yet he still hopes and reaches for the camera each time I pull it out.

Hopefully this child will get well soon and finally stay well! We are getting a little stir-crazy around here.

Friday, January 22, 2010


The other day, Reed crawled into the MPR and was extremely quiet. (And we know quiet is a bad sign. Evidence here.) I knew he must be up to something--likely "no good"--so I went to check on him. I arrived at the scene to discover an orange missing one bite of peel, a chunk of spit-out peel on the ground, and a baby pulling an extremely sour face. He had found the bag of oranges, pulled it onto the ground, grabbed one that looked particularly delicious, and taken a bite. Of peel. Yum.

He did the same thing later that day. And still tries to bite the peel off every time I pull an orange out of the bag. I'm thinking we need to have a lesson on patience. Or possibly to do a few short-term memory exercises.

Then again, maybe he just likes the taste of orange peel.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

WLW Week 10

How I did this week:
1. Run 3 times/week (TBD) I was going to go running this morning. Really, I was. But I have this really annoying cold that resulted in a poor night of sleep, so there was no way I was going to wake up early so I could run before Ryan went to work. I am planning on going when he gets home (which will put me at 3/3 on running), but you never know what will happen.
2. WiiFit 3 times/week (2/3--fail!) Ryan gave me a pass, that counts for something, right?
3. Drink 64 oz. of water a day (7/7 days--check)
4. Cut down on sweets (check) Luckily, the cookies are gone (no, we didn't eat them all, we gave some away). But our ward was supposed to have a bake sale yesterday, so I made rice krispies topped with chocolate--and then the bake sale got postponed until Saturday. Now someone has to eat those rice krispies or they will get all dry and gross. Any takers?
5. Smaller portions (check)
6. Don't be snacky (fail!) See explanation below.

maintained my weight this week.  Bah humbug. (I've wanted to use the phrase "bah humbug" for a while now. I'm glad I've finally found an appropriate application.) I'm not really that surprised, because I have been so extremely snacky lately. I keep getting bad cases of the munchies at night, after dinner and before bed. At the beginning of the WLW saga, I was more committed and limited myself. Now I just let myself snack. Now, don't get me wrong, I don't think there is any problem with having a snack if you are hungry or lacking energy. And snacks that do something for you (i.e. provide iron or calcium or other good nutrients) are great. But I am neither hungry nor lacking energy--nor am I choosing snacks that are actually good for me. (My favorite snack, currently, is dry Cap'n Crunch Berries. YUM.) There must be a change. Sigh. Another re-commitment. And a goal to lose 1.5 pounds by next Wednesday--because that will put me at 15 pound lost overall. And 15 pounds is kind of a big deal!

In my excitment over using "bah humbug" and discussing snackiness, I forgot to mention the good news. Guess what I wore on Monday? A pair of prepregnancy jeans that I haven't worn in almost 2 years, since the beginning of my pregnancy with Reed. Woot woot! They were a little tight, but it was a just-came-out-of-the-dryer tight (that loosened as I wore them), not a what-is-that-girl-wearing tight.

Monday, January 18, 2010

I'm a geek...

...because I defintely just made fun of the ice cream cone box for using "insure" instead of "ensure." Seriously, hasn't anyone at that company taken ELang 350? Obviously they should have.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

WLW Week 9

How I did this week:
1. Run 3 times/week (3/3--check)
2. WiiFit 3 times/week (2/3--check) I took a sick day.
3. Drink 64 oz. of water a day (6/7 days--fail!)I seem to have a hard time drinking enough water on the days I nanny...but I'm not really sure why.
4. Cut down on sweets (check-ish)I might have made two different types of cookies in the last 5 days--we got a Kitchen Aid for Christmas, and how can you not make cookies when you have a Kitchen Aid??--but I didn't eat very many of them :)
5. Smaller portions (check)

I lost another 2 pounds for a total of 13.5 pounds lost overall. I have 8.5 pounds to go be back at prepregnancy weight and 16.5 pounds to go to meet my final goal. Can I tell you how great it feels to have the amount of weight I have to lose until I reach prepregnancy weight below 10? I might have done a fist pump after I weighed in today.

Monday, January 11, 2010

A story about shoes

Reed has fat feet.

You can actually pinch a roll of fat on the top of each foot. While very cute, his fat feet have a difficult time fitting into shoes. Shoes that are big enough to fit over the fat rolls are generally too big, and fall off at a mere touch from Reed (and he loves to touch shoes). He also has the unfortunate circumstance of having a right foot that is much fatter than his fat left foot. So we were very excited when we went shoe shopping with Grandma H. and found not one, but two pairs of shoes that fit these Fred Flintstone feet (thank goodness for wide-sized shoes). Victory!

Reed is so pumped to have shoes. I have caught him giving his shoes "loves." If he finds them on the floor or in his room, he will try to put them on by himself. After a few failed attempts, he finds someone to put the shoe on for him and holds extremely still while his shoes are being put on. Once, when he had one shoe on and one shoe off, I held his hands to help him walk across the room. For some reason, he wouldn't bend the leg with the shoe on. So he walked with one leg straight and the other doing all the bending--which didn't turn out to be the most effective way to walk.

What I've learned about Reed from his shoes: he is definitely Ryan's son and will probably grow up to own more shoes than I do and possibly even more shoes than Ryan does.


Friday, January 8, 2010

Trying to be Crafty...

I'm not exactly one you might describe as great at sewing. But I do a passable job and it's something I enjoy doing. And I am lucky to have a mom who is amazing at sewing and has basically an endless supply of fabric in her craft room. She also has a really nice sewing machine. Since I don't have a craft room, a sewing machine, or spare fabric, I often raid her craft room for supplies...and here is what I have made recently:

First, my t-shirt quilt. Can I tell you what a beast this project has been? I started it a long time ago--technically, before we moved from Provo when Ryan and I chose all the shirts to use. (I was serious when I said it was a long time ago.) And I finally finished it last week. Hallelujah.

I know it looks dorky with our pillows. It's not really the quilt that goes on our bed, this is just the only way I could get a decent picture of it. Anyway, as you can see, there are a lot of t-shirts in this quilt. One of my favorites? See below:

Yes, Ryan does have a shirt that says "Proud to be Awesome." And he wore it. Crazy. The shirt above the Awesome shirt (the bright orange one) is a shirt of mine from fourth grade. Can you believe I still have a shirt from fourth grade? And that it still fit before I cut it up? (I was a chubby fourth grader and liked big shirts.) The Minus the Bear shirt underneath (black with a unicorn) glows in the dark. Sweet!

Project number two is something I have wanted to do for awhile and finally decided to do when I got an invitation to a friend's baby shower. This is part of her gift:

Can you tell what they are? This picture might give you a better idea:

Cloth diaper burp cloths. Extremely easy, and much cuter than plain cloth diaper burp cloths. Something interesting I discovered while sewing these beauties is that cloth diapers are not perfectly square (or rectangular). And the extra-absorbent part down the middle? Crooked. Weird, I know.

If you have any inclination to try your hand at these projects, there are links to tutorials in the far right column of my blog. Scroll past all fourteen pictures of Reed and you will find a link list of projects.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

WLW Week the Eighth

How I did this week:
1. Run 3 times/week (3/3--check)
2. WiiFit 3 times/week (3/3--check)
3. Drink 64 oz. of water a day (6/7 days--fail)
4. Cut down on sweets (fail!) Again. I need to get my head back in the game (cue HSM song...)
5. Smaller portions (check)

I maintained my weight this week--which is a little frustrating, but at least I didn't gain. And I definitely didn't deserve to lose anything this week! I've been so snacky (as in a major eater of snacks) lately...not hungry, just snacky. That definitely needs to change. And the candy from out stockings needs to just leave our house--because a piece here, a piece there, is starting to add up! I'm recommitting and will do better next week!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Breathing, Round Two

Last time we had to do breathing treatments, Reed had bronchilioitis. This time, he just had a terrible cough and was breathing like a chain smoker. I'm not sure which is better. Anyway, you know what breathing problems mean: breathing treatments.

Reed is not a fan of breathing treatments. Sometimes he screams the entire time. Sometimes he plays with toys. Sometimes he throws said toys at me. Sometimes he fights me the entire time, trying to pull the mask off. But sometimes, he is incredibly cute:


...and wants to cuddle and watch a movie.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas and New Year's Eve...finally

I'm a little late on posting about Christmas, but it's better late than never, right? (Maybe not. But we'll go with it.)

Reed woke up later than all of his cousins (he slept in until late for Christmas morning), so he got to look at his stocking last. He was pretty pumped to see everything inside.

Since he got to practice just one month ago, he was basically a professional unwrapper.

Between our two Christmases, we got very spoiled. Reed got a ton of new toys and cute clothes. We got a Kitchenaid (woot!!), Wii Fit Plus (woot again!), Wii Madden 2007 (another woot!), a panini maker (keep going with the woots!), and Taylor Swift CDs (more woots!), and a few other awesome gifts (thanks!).

It was so much fun to be with Reed's cousins on Christmas morning--they were much more excited about their presents than Reed was about his.

Apparently escaping up the stairs is becoming a tradition for Reed when unwrapping presents.

Peyton got "Ruthie" (an American Girl doll); I don't think I've ever seen a bigger smile!

And finally, Reed decided we should wrap him up in this big box...

We hope your Christmas was as merry as ours was :)

Friday, January 1, 2010

First Post of 2010...

and it's about Reed (surprisingly, haha).

Happy New Year! We had a quiet--but fun--time at my parents' house with my mom, my dad, and Kenny, Grace, and kids. I hope yours was wonderful :)

Reed got this new toy from Grandma and Grandpa Hambly for Christmas and LOVES it. I love that he will entertain himself and play with the same toy for more than a few seconds.

Later, as we were leaving, he decided the train needed to come with us. He lifted it up a stair, climbed a stair, pushed the train around for a minute, then repeated the process. When I realized we would be going up the stairs for about an hour, I made him leave the train at home. He cried for 10 minutes solid. Stubborn child.

P.S. We don't generally live in such a vacation/post Christmas trauma has been inflicted upon our poor living room.