Wednesday, March 31, 2010


A few weeks ago, we went to California for a large gathering of Hamblys. A large gathering of Hamblys is always worth attending. Anyway, while we were there, we knew we had to go to the beach--we were in California, and how can you not go to the beach when you are in California? We didn't really know how Reed would react to the sand and water, but hoped it would be favorable...

And it was. Can you see the look of pure joy on his face as we make our first sojourn into the water?

His giant grin indicates that he likes the beach. My giant grin indicates that I am happy he likes the beach.

The water was freezing--but that did not deter him.

He was pretty sure he could figure out how to get past Daddy and into the water.

Once we finally coaxed Reed ashore, he discovered that beach sand is way cooler than other sand.

And he dug and played in it until he resembled a cinnamon covered doughnut.

We brought our giant bubble wand, but Reed was too entranced with everything else to care. I thought it was cool, though.

At every opportunity (any time we glanced away for half a second), Reed would try to sneak back to the water to play. Luckily, he is not great at walking down sandy slopes, so we were able to intercept him and at least hold his hand while he was in the water.

I love his feet. And the prints they leave in sand.

It was a beautiful day and we were sad to leave. Hopefully we will be able to go back soon!

16 months

I had kind of decided to stop doing these monthly posts, but then I found out the Ryan really likes them and was quite disappointed. So I've decided to continue indefinitely...we'll see how it goes.

One of my favorite things that Reed has started doing is blowing on his food to cool it down. Whenever I set something on his highchair tray--be it hot or cold--he starts blowing before he takes a bite. It's ridiculously cute.
Climbing at the park.

While we were in California, Reed's cousin Kamdyn taught him how to blow on those white puffy not-dandelion things that grow in the yard (do those have a name???). Now, he loves to pick those and blow on them. He also likes to pick yellow dandelions and blow on them. (Apparently he likes blowing on things.)

Perhaps one of the biggest changes in the past month has been Reed's desire to walk. Now he loves to walk and walks everywhere. He only crawls if he is trying to go under an obstacle (i.e. the coffee table.) Once he finally decided that walking was cool, he had no problem picking it up--no major falls or cuts or bruises, which I am grateful for.
With Declan and Zoe in California.

I keep a big bucket of toys in Reed's room, which he likes to empty. Once it is about halfway empty, he likes to climb into the bucket and play with the toys inside.

Reed loves being outside. His life is not complete if we don't go outside at least once during the day to play. If we are in the front yard, he makes a beeline for the street. I've been trying to teach him that the street is for cars, but so far have had no luck.

One day I had to wake him up to go to church. If you look closely, you can see he is cuddling with his bear.

Reed also loves water. We took him to the beach in California (pictures to come) and thought he would hate the water because it was so cold. But he thought it was the best thing ever. He also loves the splash pad downtown. He can play there--without getting bored or grumpy--for over an hour. It's amazing We are planning on visiting Mandi and her pool soon because I am pretty sure he will love that, as well.

Reed can identify several body parts: nose, eye, ear, mouth, head/hair, belly, and foot. He usually will only point to my facial parts (nose, eye, etc.) but will find his own belly and feet.

Playing in the sink and making faces at himself in the mirror.

Finding his belly button is one of Reed's favorite things to do. He loves playing with his button. Consequently, he scratched the inside of said button. The doctor told us to use a Qtip and apply neosporin a few times each day. Reed LOVES his "button medicine." The diaper changes when we apply his button medicine are the only diaper changes he lays still for. The first few times I put his medicine on, he giggled and I asked if it tickled. Now, every time he sees his button medicine he starts saying "tickle." I love it.

Reed loves to talk. He has several new words and tries to repeat everything I say.
Having fun with a few rocks he found at the park.

We have a walker toy that turns into a "bike" of sorts. Reed likes to climb up onto it (though sometimes he accidentally gets on backwards) and "ride" it. The best part about watching this process is that he only knows how to go backwards.
Reed loves to ride on his cousins' scooters. If he sees one, he goes over to it and tries to climb up until someone comes and helps him. Then he stands on it and holds on tight while you wheel him around the yard.

We loves our boy and can't believe he is getting so big!

Monday, March 15, 2010

You asked for it...

How far along are you? 9 weeks. Only 31 weeks left to go!

When are you due? October 19. 2 1/2 weeks after Ryan's birthday, 6 weeks before Reed's birthday, 8 weeks before mine. We like to keep things close in our family, apparently.

Have you been sick? Yes. Very. Much more so than with Reed. I cannot wait until the end of the first trimester and (hopefully) the end of the sickness.

Will you find out the gender of the baby? Yes! I don't think I could handle the suspense :)

Was this planned? Yes, even though everyone seems to think it was a surprise...

 Is Reed excited to be a big brother? I'll let you be the judge of that. He has been placing various items (a spoon, a book, a car, his bear, me) on the seat of the glider and rocking it back and forth. Preparing to help rock the baby to sleep? Perhaps.

And of interesting note...This baby will have five cousins born in the same year--one from Lynnie and Nick, one from Justin and Jenn, one from Scott and Casey, and two from Shannon and Jared. Sounds like a party to me...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

WLW Update, as promised

For old times' sake, here is my weekly rundown (even though I haven't posted in the last month...)

1. Run 3 times/week (1/3--fail!) That's embarrassing :) But I promise I haven't been a super slacker in my WLW absence--I've been sick.
2. WiiFit 3 times/week (5/3--check)...Too sick to run, but not sick enough to get out of exercising completely. I made up for running lack with WiiFit :)
3. Drink 64 oz. of water a day (7/7 days--check)
4. Cut down on sweets (check-ish)
5. Smaller portions (check)
6. Don't be snacky (check) 

I'm pretty proud of myself for staying on track with my weight loss efforts without having the accountability of a weekly blog post. I'm going to go ahead and pat myself on the back and pin a rose on my own nose (If you haven't heard that phrase before, your life has obviously been lacking. Etymology here.) I have not been extremely good as far as sweets go--Ryan bought popcorn and M&Ms and I LOVE popcorn and M&Ms (together...try it--the hot popcorn makes the M&Ms soft inside!!!) --but I haven't been extremely bad, either. It's becoming more natural for me just to eat well, which I think is kind of cool. And exciting. So anyway, now that I've rambled on and on for way too long, here are my results. I have lost a total of 20 pounds since starting WLW. I have 2 pounds to go to get to my prepregnancy weight. However, I don't plan on losing those lost two pounds for approximately 9 months...because I'm pregnant! That's right--we're going to be a family of four. Congratulations to those of you who read ALL the way through this post. Sorry for rambling on purpose as a distraction. Hopefully I won't have to resort to such measures again :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Reed just brought me a pile of ingredients he wants included in his dinner:

1 box of graham crackers
1 box of plain cheerios
1 half-full (and obviously optimistic) bottle of vegetable oil

I'm thinking I'll use the graham crackers (crushed) to coat chicken, and fry it in vegetable oil...but what to do with the cheerios?

(Can you tell I've been missing the show Chopped? Hulu needs to stream Food Network shows. Please.)


I realized that there has been a severe lack of pictures on this blog, for which I apologize. To make up for said lack, this will be a post dominated by pictures, not words--because we all know who the real star of the blog is (the cute one who measures almost 29 inches tall).

On Monday, Reed...
Used the TV remote (and every other remote) as a Wii remote. Regardless of the TV being on or off.

Took a ride in the laundry basket.

Sorted the laundry.

Folded the laundry

Tried to steal the camera and threw himself on the ground in protest when I refused to give it to him.

He had a snack and relaxed on the couch. (Note: I had a much cuter picture of him having his snack on the couch, but the belly and expression in this one were too awesome to leave unpublished.

Danced to Taylor Swift.

And he danced to Taylor Swift some more. He really likes her.

We finished the day with story time. (Yes, I just got finished working out; No, I'm not wearing makeup.)

Friday, March 5, 2010


I've noticed that Reed has been growling a lot lately. At first, I was a little concerned, but then I discovered a pattern: Reed growls when he pushes cars around. Reed growls when he pushes his train around. Reed growls when he pushes Kayla's old toy stroller around. Reed growls when he pushes this tiny Little People shopping cart around. Apparently, growling is Reed's equivalent of "vroom vroom" or a similar motor noise--though I wasn't aware that strollers and shopping carts are now powered by motors.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

15 months: A few things I love.

First, fifteen month stats...
Weight: 23 lb. 11 oz. (45th percentile)
Length: 29.5 in. (7th percentile)
Head: 48 cm. (75th percentile)
Apparently, Reed would be pretty average as far as his weight goes if he weren't so short. But, as he's only in the 7th percentile for height (hahaha--wonder where he got that from...), he's a little chubby. But a very cute chubby. His head is still large compared to his body. Maybe that's why he doesn't like walking as much as crawling--that head must throw off his balance :)

When he leaves the room I am in and I don't follow, he peeks his head around the door and says, "Mom?" Then he continues on his way into the other room. If it's been a minute and I still haven't followed, he'll peek his head out again and say (in a slightly exasperated tone), "Mom?" This continues until I follow him into the room.

Reed loves Grandma's doggie, Coco. When we are at Grandma's house, he takes a break from playing every few minutes, says, "Coco?," then looks around to find her. He has to make sure she is still in his line of sight.

Reed loves to close doors. But he hates when a door is closed. He is too short to reach the door handle, so when he shuts a door he bangs on it and yells, "Mama!" until I come to his rescue. It's pretty funny.

When I ask Reed to give me a high five, he shakes his head no and laughs. If I ask him again, he'll shake his head no and laugh harder. If anyone else then asks, he will give them a high five, look at me, and laugh. I think Ryan may have taught him this trick when they were "in Sunday School."

Reed loves to "help" me. Yesterday, after a particularly messy lunch, I put him in the sink to clean him up. He was in heaven. Every time I asked him if he was ready to get out, he shook his head no and kept playing with the water. I started to wash a pot in the other side of the sink and Reed decided that I needed a little help. He grabbed the scrubber, grabbed the pot, pulled them into the sink with him, and "washed" the pot for a good twenty minutes. Perhaps he has a future in dish washing.

As part of our bedtime routine, Ryan or I brush Reed's teeth, then give him the toothbrush. He rinses it off in the water, then drops it in the drawer. And thinks it is the coolest thing ever every time.

Reed eats sans clothing (I'm not a big fan of laundry), so we usually wash up in the bathroom after eating. He likes to be in charge of getting the washcloth wet and hand it to me.

Reed LOVES the park and giggles every time he sees one--even if we aren't going to it. He also cries every time we leave.

Ever since Ryan bought a Mylar balloon for Reed at Valentine's day, Reed has been infatuated with every type of balloon. We were in Wal-Mart the other day and Reed started saying "ba" (balloon) and pointing. I couldn't see a balloon anywhere. Finally, I realized that a balloon had flown way up in the rafters (and the rafters are VERY high) and Reed had spotted it. He watched it until his head couldn't bend far enough back to see it.

Coco (grandma and gradpa's dog) (sometimes referring to any dog)
Kay-Kay (Aunt Kayla)
Cra-ca (cracker)
Oh-oh (uh-oh)
Nana (banana)
Disssss (this)
Baaaaaa (ball...he loves to hold out the "a" for some reason)
Baba (baby)
Buh (book...he's not so good at the end sounds)
Sssss (the answer to "what does a snake say?")
Mmmmmm (moo)
Gu-key (duckie)