Monday, May 31, 2010

Another Happy Half-birthday to Reed!

You may remember that we like half-birthdays. So to celebrate Reed's half-birthday, we spent the day playing together as a family. First, we had a "special treat" for breakfast: donuts. Reed's donut had round sprinkles on it, which he immediately identified: "BALL!!" He was quite excited that his treat had balls that he could eat--and that were also delicious. Next, we packed up the jogging stroller and ventured to Snow Canyon State Park. Lucky duck Reed found a flower to pick (oops) and to hold and very much enjoyed the gigantic stick Ryan found for him. Luckily, it was the perfect day to visit SC; it wasn't ridiculously hot and there was even a slight cool breeze. Later, we went to Grandma's house--always a good place to be. Grandma even gave Reed a treat. Happy half, buddy!

This gigantic mound of rocks was right next to a sign that said "Please stay on the trail." The rocks weren't on the trail. Ryan claimed he didn't see the sign. Right.

Reed's flower.

Thank goodness for the bike path.

Snow Canyon. Beautiful.

Taking a break for a snack.

Reed with the stick Daddy found for him.

Boys love sticks--a lesson I have learned from being a mom.

I made him take a picture with me.

My helper taking a turn pushing (I wish I could have taken a turn sitting!).

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I'm a geek, and there is only ONE week until we find out the gender of Baby 2, so what did I do?

I made a poll. It's in the sidebar on the right, and you have one week to vote, folks. So get to it! To even the playing field a bit, I will let you know that I think we are having a boy and Ryan thinks we are having a girl. So you can base your vote on a few different factors: (1) a good old-fashioned guess, (2) who you like more (deciding between Ryan and I), and (3) whether you trust my opinion or Ryan's. The choice is yours.

And now a few reasons why I would be happy with either gender...

There are, of course, the obvious reasons: Reed will have a brother (and aren't brothers cute?) and I will be able to use all of Reed's clothes again (which happen to be the right size in the right season). Additionally, He will likely be as cute as this kid:
I know, right?

And do things like this:
I gave him a graham cracker to snack on. While I was filling his cup with milk, he trotted out of the room. I found him sitting in his blue plastic lawn chair munching on his cracker, waiting for more.

And perhaps make faces like this:
Shifty-eyed smile. The best kind.

Oh, the possibilities....dresses, tights, shoes, bows, flowers, nail polish, tiny bracelets...basically someone for me to play dress-up with. (I was going to post pictures of various cute items, but then I found about 500 things I I decided to hold off on that.) And a girl will make our family equal--I will no longer be outnumbered. I like that.

So there you have it. Check back Tuesday for the results :)
Poll Results:
Boy: 20

Monday, May 24, 2010

Love-hate relationship

Reed has a friend named Ashlyn. Sometimes they are BFFs:
(Don't mind the bedhead!)

Most of the time, Reed likes her and she is indifferent:
(Reed: giving Ash love. Ashlyn: What is he doing?)

Sometimes they wreak havoc together:
(They are about to pull everything out of this cupboard)

And sometimes it looks like they are playing together nicely when they are really fighting over something:
(Someone is about to lose this fight and start crying)

Friday, May 21, 2010

This boy...

...makes me laugh. The other day, we were playing in the living room. He ran off into his room and brought back a pair of Ryan's socks that he had retrieved from the dresser. When it became apparent that Reed wanted to wear these socks, I pulled them all the way up his chubby little legs (they made it up around his thighs). Then he wandered off, back into his room--and came back with one sock. Which he also wanted on. So I put it on his arm. Happy, he set off for his room again and came back with another pair of socks--one for me to wear, this time. Then he went into his room again and found one more sock to put on his other arm.
Sadly, the socks on his legs had slid down off his thighs at this point.

We continued playing as before. I'm not going to lie, it was pretty entertaining to watch sock boy try to pick objects up with his sock hands. After a while, he pulled the socks off his arms (also funny to watch) and one of the socks off his legs. But then he ran off into his room again and returned with my slip. Which he wanted to wear. Then he found a hat that was too small and wanted to wear that, too.

He must have really liked the smooth texture of the slip, because he wore it until I made him take it off so we could get real clothes on and leave the house.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Reed meets Cole

I was quite interested to see how Reed would react to my sister's new baby, Cole. After all, we will have our own new baby around here in just a few short months...

At first, Reed was a little confused.
Who is this guy? And why is he so little?

But we let him get a closer look...
Let's see: eyes--check. Nose--check. Mouth--check. Arms--possibly there. Legs--maybe?

And eventually he decided that Cole was a keeper. Reed even gave Cole a little (very supervised) love.
Since their first meeting, Reed has decided that he very much likes Cole. Any time he walks past Cole, Reed pauses to wave 'hi.' He likes to touch Cole's feet. And any time he hears Cole (from anywhere in the house) he says, "CCCCcccCCcCcc!" (approximation.

(A note on Reed's pronunciation of Cole's name...Reed used to whisper, "Co" when we asked him to say "Cole." Now, he no longer whispers, and in his excitement, we lose the "o" and just get "CccCCCcCCCccC!!")

Oddly enough.

We recently took Reed's plug (pacifier) away (mostly because of the stitches fiasco). The first week sans plug was basically a week of H. But we survived. And, luckily, Reed has transferred his love to a new object: His drinkie.


He cuddles with his drink cup during the day and wakes up asking for it. He hauls it around the house with him. I'm not exactly sure why it is so attractive to him, but I am glad that he seems to have moved past his plug.

Monday, May 17, 2010

A Special Day

Yesterday was a very special day in our lives.

Can you guess what happened?
 Yesterday was nursery day! That's right--Reed's first time in nursery. Now Ryan and I can finally pay
attention during church (or at least we no longer have a good excuse not to pay attention).
I was a little bit nervous, but Reed was a champ. Ryan went in with Reed and left after just a few minutes. Reed didn't even cry. Once, Ryan peeked in the window to check. Reed saw Ryan, pointed at him, then went back to playing. The only time Reed did cry was when the nursery leaders put hand sanitizer on his hands at snack time. Apparently he was not a big fan. 

Here's to many more Sundays of nursery attendance!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Snuggling. In the park.

Reed likes to dig in dirt. Or in rocks. Or in wood chips. Or in any diggable substance, really. So while playing at the park on Thursday, we were (of course) digging in the wood chips. Reed decided to take a break to run a short lap around the playground. When he came back to where I was sitting--still digging, per his request--he put his arms around me and laid his head on my shoulder. This hug lasted approximately two seconds. Then he was off running again, doing another lap, acting like nothing had happened.

And that's why I like boys.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Why we love Grace

Because she provided us with the awesomeness below (not to mention Reed's newborn pictures, Easter pictures of the cousins, Reed's nine-month session, and Rolfe family pictures numerous times). Thanks, Grace!
To check out her work or to find out how to have her take beautiful pictures of your family, go here.

17 months (and a few days) I've been meaning to post this for about two weeks now and haven't. Better late than never, right?

Reed is a big fan of buckets he can carry around. He likes to find a bucket, fill it with a few items, then carry it around the house.
 Playing with a cup in the bath tub--a very fun thing to do.

Reed likes what his daddy likes (as we've established). I have recently discovered yet another thing Reed and Daddy have in common: a love of cooking. If I have anything cooking on the stove top, Reed has to see what it is. And if I need to stir whatever is in the pan, you can bet I am going to need to pick Reed up so he can watch the process. Perhaps we have a chef on our hands.
Something so rare I had to document. He only falls asleep in the car if he is ridiculously tired. And willing to give up the fight.

I usually say "chilly" instead of "cold" when describing weather. Now, anytime we go outside and the wind is blowing, Reed says "chi-chi!!" (which means "chilly")--even if it is just windy and not really chilly.

Reed has started to say "more." I've been trying to teach him to say "please," as well. His please sounds like "psssss."  Now he will even say "please" sometimes before I have a chance to ask him to say "please."

Sometimes, Reed is tired but we don't have time for a nap before we have to leave home. So I make a special spot for him on the couch, and he relaxes with his bear.

One of Reed's very favorite words is "yeah!" He usually responds to every question with "yeah!" And if you are doing something he likes, such as getting him a snack, he starts saying "yeah" in approval. The volume and tone of the "yeah" are directly related to his level of excitement. So if he doesn't really care, you get a quiet, indifferent "yeah." And if he is really a fan, you get a super-pumped "YEAH!!!" It's great.

Reed loves to find things that are his size to sit on. He has made chairs out of me, pillows, the coffee table, and our old microwave that is currently sitting in the living room, waiting for Ryan to take it upstairs. 

The microwave chair.

Playing outside is basically Reed's favorite thing to do. He loves dirt and rocks and always gets distracted by them. Walking to the car takes a good five minutes because I have to remind Reed to focus every few steps--he  is bound to find a good rock or patch of dirt on the way to the car.

Reed LOVES to throw things in the garbage can. When he finds a piece of anything on the ground, he says, "ckkkckckc" (or something like that) and takes it to the garbage can.

When Reed wakes up, we usually bring him in to our bed for a few minutes. he loves to lay his head down on our soft pillows.

When you tell Reed it is time to go "bye-bye," leaving becomes  his single goal in life--even if he likes being wherever it is we are. Once he knows it is time to go, he will stand by the door, point, and say "bye-bye" until you let him out.

Reed has moved past board books that are colorful and have pictures in them on to novels--the kind with small type, paper pages, and no pictures. He LOVES to flip through any book that he can pull off the bookshelf and will opt for a novel over a board book any time he has the opportunity.
Reed reading one of mama's books.

Reed loves to tell things "bye-bye." He waves bye-bye to his leftover food after every meal. He says bye-bye to his binky, blanket, bear, and humidifier after waking up. He tells the house bye-bye when we leave.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Poor Reed

What started as a fun day at the splash pad ended at InstaCare with ten stitches in Reed's bottom lip.

The best picture I got of the carnage. If you look closely, you can see the thread of the stitches sticking up from his gigantic bottom lip. And notice the red mark under his lip? That's where his tooth went ALL the way through.

By the way, don't let the picture fool you. During his bath was probably the only time post-traumatic accident that Reed wasn't crying.

If you care to read the long version of the story, continue on...

We went to play in the waterfall section, which is one of Reed's favorite areas of the splash pad. Then Reed took a step...onto nothing. On his way to the ground, he drilled his chin on a rock, sending his top teeth through his bottom lip.

There was a lot of blood. I yelled to Ryan (who happened to be across the park) and he hurried over with the towel. A nice man nearby gave us advice and even went to get us ice from his cooler for our poor screaming baby. Once we finally stopped the bleeding--lip wounds bleed a lot, apparently--we hurried our baby to the car and drove to InstaCare. Reed and I were both soaking wet and covered in a good amount of blood.

I think Reed knew that the situation wasn't going to be good. When they called his name, he said, "Uh-oh," as if he sensed the impending doom. We got back to the room, waited for the doctor to get prepped, and turned Reed over to the nurses. They swaddled him tightly and positioned on nurse to hold his body and one to hold his head. Reed was pretty much flipping out by this point, poor guy. I was also crying--mommy guilt, you know. After a shot of novacaine, Reed calmed down a little, and was really good during the stitching. He would stop crying for a minute, trying to be strong, and then it would become too much and he would start again. When they were finished, he rolled over, saw me, and said, "Momma" with his arms outstretched. I picked up my poor baby and cuddled him.

In the car, he kept asking for his drinkie. I gave it to him and he chugged. Then he fell asleep cuddling with his cup. At home, he slept for a little while and woke up inconsolable. He wanted a drinkie so bad, but every time something touched his lip he cried. And he really wanted his plug, but the doctor said no binkies (I guess now is as good a time as ever to finally wean Reed from his). We got him to settle down for a little while by taking a walk, and he is now asleep.

I learned a few things today:
1. Not all doctors are good with kids. Ours was super awkward and abrupt, and when we asked him what kind of food Reed could have, he said, "Don't babies his age usually just eat pureed foods and juices?" Ummm, no.
2. Reed CAN fall asleep without a plug.
3. Lips bleed a lot.
4. There are two different types of stitches--we got the kind that dissolve.
5. When I say I'm going to give the long version of a story, I'm serious--it's going to be long.

Friday, May 7, 2010

a few good things

On Tuesday, Reed started giving us kisses on our lips. Usually, when we ask him for a kiss, he leans his cheek over to us and lets us kiss him. But now (sometimes), if you ask him for a kiss, he will come at you with his mouth! It's very cute.

Earlier on Tuesday, I think I felt baby 2 move for the first time! I happened to be wearing pants with a stretchy waistband, and the stretchy waistband happened to be settled right on top of baby 2. I also happened to be rocking Reed before his nap, and he happened to be laying right on top of baby 2. Apparently, baby 2 does not like to share space, because baby 2 started bumping against all the outside pressure and kept bumping until I moved Reed. I have felt a few more movements since then, so I think this movement was real and not made up.

I had a hard day on Thursday which culminated in a gigantic headache. Then Reed and I bonked heads ridiculously hard (long story). He was fine, I was done. And then he lifted his arms up so I would pick him up and cuddled with me until I felt better! Seriously? I'm a lot in love with this boy.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Just Call Him Master

This weekend, we celebrated Ryan's graduation. He doesn't technically finish his classes until December, but decided to walk in the ceremony this April rather than next April. Reed would have preferred that Ryan not participate in graduation, I think--he was very bored and unimpressed by the situation and spent the majority of the University's commencement walking the halls outside the arena.
Being "hooded." I'm not sure why they chose the two shortest professors to do the hooding--but it was quite entertaining to watch them hood they guy who was 6'5."

What a happy graduate! You would think he didn't have two classes left to take.
BTW, the color signifying the School of Business on Ryan's master hood is called "drab." What a horrible name for a color.

Our family. Reed is even wearing SUU colors. And Ryan's lei matches my shirt. We are so darling.

Ryan with his mom and dad, who came all the way from California to be at graduation.

The whole gang!
(My mom would have been there, but my new nephew Cole decided his momma had been pregnant long enough and was born 7 weeks early!)

Mr. Master of Accounting posing with the story of SUU statue.

We are so proud of you, Ryan!