Tuesday, June 29, 2010

19 months

For whatever reason, Reed is obsessed with ham. Every time I ask him if he is ready for a meal or snack, he says, "Yeah! HAM! HAM!" He often follows up his request for ham with a request for noodles. And every time I cook anything on the stove, he thinks I am cooking noodles.

Reed loves to talk to Daddy on the phone. He has started calling every phone "Dada!!" and always fights for his opportunity to chat.
Taking an important call during his commute to the living room.

Reed can identify eyes, nose, mouth, ears, cheeks, belly, feet (piggies), legs, arms, and back. He can tell you the sounds that pigs, cows, monkeys, horses (sometimes), cars, and lambs make.

Reed loves our car. Every time he sees it--outside our house, in a parking lot, etc.--he says "our car! our car!" Sadly, he does not love riding in our car.

Being silly at snack time. He loves to have his snacks in cups that he can dump out.

Reed loves his reflection. When he sees himself in the mirror, he says, "baby, baby" and usually gives himself kisses.

When Reed sees a puddle of water or a plastic meter cover thing on the ground, he has to do "happy feet" on it. He runs over to it and takes really quick steps in place. He also does this any time he changes surfaces he is walking across (i.e. going from carpet to tile) and when he is super pumped.

We went outside to play and when we came inside and took off his hat, I found this surprise underneath.

Reed loves to pray. At every meal he folds his arms and says "Pray!! Pray!!" as soon as we sit down. He also requests prayers at bedtime, at naptime, at church, throughout every meal, and at various other times in the day.

Reed has been learning to string simple phrases together (i.e. want mama, get me, etc.) My two favorites are "Oh no!" and "Oh yeah!" My favorite word he says is "alright!" because he generally employs it when he is super pumped to do something and uses great vocal inflection.

When Reed finds a blankie or pillow, he says "night night!" and lays down.

You know that Usher song "Yeah!"? If you don't, google "Yeah song" and you can play a clip. Anyway, Uncle Nick taught Reed to say "yea-ah" (like the song)...so I started singing the opening music followed by "yeah"--and now Reed does the same thing.

Reed has 12 teeth and is working on at least 2 more. Joy.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

BFFs, carved in at least two trees

Reed has recently made a new friend whom he has quickly developed quite a crush on: Elmo. Tonight, when Ryan and I performed our nightly check-on-our-cute-sleeping-boy ritual, we discovered the two having a cuddle fest.

Recent Projects

I like having projects to do. I am not great at finishing projects. But I actually finished a few and thought they deserved a little blog post:
Lakers! cookies
Okay, so this first project isn't really a "project"...but it mostly fits into the category and deserved to be on the blog because the Lakers are better than whatever NBA team you like (unless you like the Mavericks, because they are the best, even if they didn't do so hot in the playoffs). And I do know that the Lakers aren't lavender--but the frosting would have been disgusting if I had added enough food coloring to make the purple dark.

Strawberry Freezer Jam in ghetto, mismatched gladware
You know how everyone always says that freezer jam is really easy to make? They aren't lying. It's ridiculously easy (even when you are distracted by an eighteen month old tugging on your pants while you are chopping strawberries). When I saw strawberries on sale for $1 (seriously), I decided it was time to try my hand at freezer jam. And YUM! I am so glad I did.
Stenciled onesies/shirts
Freezer paper stencils are another project I have been wanting to try for eons, so I finally did it. I can't take credit for all of these cuties--I only made the A, the plane, and the truck. But I did organize the girls and found this excellent tutorial. And I already have plans to make more! The A is my pride and joy--possibly because it took about an hour to cut out the stencil. And it's dang cute:
The picture will remain sideways because I don't feel like re-uploading it. Sorry :)

So there you have it. If I happen to finish any more projects, I'll let you know.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Cherry Pickers

Ryan and I try to make Saturdays "special" because it is the only day Reed and I get to spend the entire day with Ryan. The day started early--lately Reed feels the day is wasted if he wakes up later than seven. Since we were up so early anyway, we decided to go garage-saleing. And it was our lucky day! We found a sweet antique trunk for only $10. Very cool. We then got a "special treat" for breakfast (donuts) and drove to Cedar. In Cedar, we spent a while stretching our legs at a sweet discovery park, then started apartment hunting. I am happy to report that we found somewhere to live! And this somewhere has three bedrooms (luxury), a washer and dryer (heaven), and a dishwasher (no words to describe). I have not had a dishwasher for four years--and they have been a long four years. A very long four years. I am so pumped to move!

Later that day, my family went to pick cherries at a rose farm/cherry orchard (weird combo, I know). It took a while to get there, and Reed was SO ready to get out of the car when we arrived. The first thing he did was investigate the ground to find the largest stick he could carry--but that wasn't really a surprise.
Here is his stick, in all its stick glory.

Grandpa was the first up a ladder.
He's wearing his Nephi sandals, in case you couldn't tell.

And Ryan coaxed the stick out of Reed's hand by letting him climb up a ladder
Reed had no apparent fear of heights.

Reed loved picking the cherries off the tree and throwing them into the bucket. He was quite impressed with himself. I don't think he realized that cherries are food, because he didn't try to taste any.
"Look mom, a cherry!"

After learning how to pick cherries, Reed gave me a lesson in cherry picking and bucketing 101.
I think passed.

Reed then persuaded Grandma to take a walk with him.
(Again, no surprise there)

Then he got Mandi to hold him.

Which he followed up by coaxing Kayla to sit in a tree with him. Yes, everyone is wrapped around his chubby little finger.
(Look, more cherries!)

But then I made him pose in the tree himself.

And then made him take a family picture.
But don't worry, he wouldn't smile--can't let mom have her way all the time, right?
(Though not pictured, Lynnie and Nick were there..they just had to spend most of the time in the car with Cole.)

After the cherry orchard, we went swimming at Mandi's, had a BBQ at my parents' house, then tried to follow my little sister around on her date (she lost us...shoot). Special Saturday: accomplished.


I'm so grateful for the fathers in my life: my dad, Ryan's dad, and Ryan himself. They are all quite amazing and I feel blessed to have them. I am grateful for their example and for their strength and hope that one day Reed and Asher can grow up to be like them!
Daddy teaching Reed how to pick cherries.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Jonah, a whale, and the plank

Thanks for your help in making fun of our baby. I'm glad to know that our friends and family are fully prepared to tease him unmercifully when he is born.

And now, a random story.

The other night, Ryan and I were lying in bed and I realized that we hadn't done our daily scripture study (oops) and that I was too tired to either turn on the light or grab our scriptures. So I told him it was his turn to come up with a thought. He decided to tell the story of Jonah and the whale. He had just arrived at the part of the story where the ship is being thrashed about by the waves and Jonah is going to be thrown overboard when he says, "And then he walked the plank." I wasn't really aware that fishing ships in that time period had "planks," so I'm thinking he's just going with a more unconventional, pirate-themed Jonah story--but then he follows up with, "I guess he thought his faith would make him whole or something." Followed by silence. Then a snore. This may not seem funny to you, but I started laughing so hard that I woke Ryan back up. And he had no recollection of anything he had said in the past five minutes. Classic.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Make fun of our baby!

So some might remember that last time Megan was with child we asked for your help in discovering what cruel school children will call our future child. See here for Reed's post. Well as you know we are having another boy and we would like to ask you again. Please make fun of our child's name.

A few clarifying notes: Do not make fun of our choice of name (i.e. That is a stupid name who would name their kid _____). Do not make fun of our child (i.e. Your Dad is Ryan, You are a parasite). Do not make fun of Celtic's fans, they have enough issues (yes I know the Lakers are coming off a loss, battle not war, let's move on).

We are simply asking you to come up with as many ways as possible to construe our baby's name in some manner as to make him feel bad. Simple enough I think.

Without further ado, the name of unborn baby Hambly will be Asher Ryan Hambly, that is unless you come up with some really good reasons to not name him that.

Thanks in advance for making fun of our poor defenseless baby.

Sous Chef

We've decided that it is about time Reed learn a marketable skill (other than being able to make various animal noises on command). Head Chef Ryan has been training Reed in culinary arts. Here is a sampling of what Reed has learned so far:

Add the salt carefully--too much is not pleasing to the palate

Mix well.

Celebrate the finished project by throwing your arms in the air and shouting, "All done!"

Watch out, Chef Ramsey.

Monday, June 7, 2010

I've kind of been dreading this.

But it had to happen sooner or later. And it really wasn't that bad.

Reed took his first trip to the dentist.

I have been wanting to make this first visit for a while, and after Reed completely healed from the lip stitches incident, I decided it was time to get it over with. I must say that the office we went to was wonderful--all the dental assistants were so cute and friendly and the dentist was very kind and great with kids. Reed was not really a fan of the dentist's office--he cried basically the entire time--but he sat very still and was super pumped when they gave him a yellow toothbrush. He said "Teeth! Yellow! Yellow! Yellow! Teeth!" (yellow teeth...haha) for the duration of the ride home and clutched the little bag they gave him with pride. And I am happy to report that little man has no cavities and no tooth trauma from the splash pad incident.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

We went somewhere Grand

Here is a clue:
I'm going to say it's a pretty good clue.

If you didn't guess "The Grand Canyon," well, that's really kind of embarrassing.

We woke up Saturday morning and were trying to decide what to do with our day. Ryan said, "Let's go to Arizona." I said, "The Grand Canyon?" Apparently he really meant the two-mile strip of Arizona that is about 10 minutes from our house. But we both thought the Grand Canyon might be a little more fun.
In an attempt to get Reed excited, I told him the Grand Canyon had sticks and he said, "Stick! Stick!" for the last forty-five minutes of the drive. We got to the Grand Canyon and were quite excited to find out it just so happened to be free entrance day. Wohoo! Reed was quite excited to finally be done with our three-hour drive.
At the end of one of the trails, there was a large pile of rocks (without a sign that said "stay on the trail" next to it) that Ryan climbed to get a better view.

Reed was so mad that I didn't let him climb it with Ryan (yeah right, buddy). He kept saying, "Climb! Climb!" and trying to get out of his stroller. So I let him climb the pile of rocks at the base that was only about two feet high.

I went halfway up the pile of rocks because I am a wimp and am super afraid of heights. There was a girl who climbed up there after me who did yoga poses. On one foot. About a million miles above the bottom of the canyon. Smart girl.

Reed tried to climb up to me. He didn't make it very far.

But he was still quite impressed with himself.

Then we found some nice guys from Florida to take our picture for us. After the photo shoot, we paid ridiculous prices for small sandwiches and drinks. But our cup was made out of corn (that looked like plastic), so who am I to complain?

Reed was a tad grumpy on the way home (no nap--yikes), but it was a great day--definitely worth the drive.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

In Reed's Opinion

I am the best mom ever. Why??
I gave him fruity dino-bites for breakfast today (aka fake fruity pebbles).
Oh, the sugar. Oh, the happiness.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Oh, the cuteness. I'm so excited to add another boy to our family!

Weight: 24 lbs. 4 oz. (25th percentile)
Height: 31.25 in. (20th percentile)
Head: 49 cm. (85th percentile)
What? Basically proportionate height-to-weight ratio? Shocking.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

We're having a...

We had our gender ultrasound today, which we were very excited to go to. I was obviously not thinking when I scheduled the appointment for 4:00 p.m.; waiting all day was not that fun. But we finally made it to the doctor's office--only to wait for 30 minutes to see the nurse and then another 30 minutes to see the doctor! I was really nervous when the nurse told me that for some reason, I hadn't been put onto the ultrasound schedule--I would have gone crazy if we had to wait even longer to find out about the baby's gender--but luckily, they fit us in. And now, without further ado (or rambling), let me present our baby:
The baby's spine. Very spine-like.
Cute little face.

And another shot of the cute face. Notice the open mouth? Apparently that is one of this baby's preferences.

And now, the moment you've been waiting for (and probably scrolled down to, skipping the other pictures, to see): we're having a...
BOY!!! Hooray for brothers :)
Little Hambly number two was very cute during the ultrasound--he had his little ankles crossed, which was way cuter than it probably sounds, and we got to see his little face (pictured above). He was kind of at a weird angle, so we didn't get the traditional profile shot (thanks a lot, buddy), but it was so fun to see him :) Now we just have to think of a name!

And here are my 18 and 20 week shots...

18 months!!

If Reed finishes something on his plate and wants more but doesn't have a word for the item of food he finished, he will point at the spot it previously occupied and say "more please!"

Reed's newest way of going down the stairs--on his bum.

Reed loves to "dip dip." Basically, he likes to have some kid of sauce (yogurt, ketchup, salsa, etc.) to dip everything else on his plate into.

Reed does this silly little dance we call his "happy feet." Whenever he is particularly happy (or sometimes really mad), he take a million fast steps in place.

The three of us hold hands when we have family prayer. Reed is always so reverent during the prayer--it's basically the only time he sits still--and now he likes to initiate the hand holding.

When Reed finds a pen, pencil, crayon, or any other writing tool, he says "Color!" and takes off to find paper.

When Reed is messy he says "poop" and points to his bum(or thigh, depending on how far he feels like moving his arm). Sometimes he says poop before he is actually stinky...but then poops within the next few minutes. Perhaps a good sign for potty training?

Reed likes to give his cousins real hugs--but he will only give adults half-hearted, five second, kind-of cuddles.

Reed is in love with flowers. He likes to pick them, to smell them, and to point them out to me. He really likes to pick a flower when we go on walks to the park--and he holds it the entire way there. Once at the park, he puts the flower in his stroller for safekeeping. And when it is time to go, he gets his flower and holds it the whole way home.
The best picture I could get before he ripped them off his face.

Reed LOVES his new cousin, Cole. Any time Reed walks past Cole, Reed stops to wave or blow kisses. Whenever he hears Cole, he points and says, "Cole" (always in a whisper). Reed also feels the need to check in on Cole and make sure he is okay--and then likes to tell me what Cole is doing ("night-night" if he is sleeping, "rock" when Cole is in his swing, and a look of concern when Reed is crying).

When someone farts, Reed points and says "toot!!"

Reed has become shy around other people. If he doesn't know someone, he is very timid. He is also timid around other kids. But at home he is an energetic chatterbox.
Momma and Reed looking worked on Mother's Day...the day after the stitches incident and the morning after no one got any sleep because of the stitches incident. Reed and Ryan did get me some awesome gifts, though :)

Going on a walk to the park is Reed's favorite thing to do--so now it is a daily routine. While we walk, he identifies everything we pass (Water! Birdie! Tree! Flower! Flower! Rock! Dirt!). And when we can see the park, he starts pointing and laughing.