Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Recent Deliciousness

1. Brookies. What's a Brookie? This is a brookie:
No, it's not just a ridiculously large chocolate chip cookie. It's a chocolate chip cookie...
 ...with a brownie inside. 
I know, right? Recipe here.

2. Cupcake Cones.
Our taste-tester approved.
Recipe here. (We used strawberry cake and icing.)

3. Funfetti-filled cake balls.
What could be bad about funfetti cake and icing, formed into a ball, and dipped in chocolate?
Recipe here. (Funfetti cake mix and frosting substituted for red velvet.)

4. Scripture sugar cookies

Yes, that is a stripling warrior.

Helper boy cutting out shapes.

Frosting--soon to be followed by about a gallon of sprinkles.

Starting at top left and moving in a circle-like fashion: Tree of life, South America (westernmost dot is Zarahemla), golden plates, J for Jesus, Moses and the Children of Israel crossing through the Red Sea on dry ground, Stripling Warrior, SW's shield, 12 tribes of Israel, and a sunstone from the Nauvoo Temple.

Recipe here.

I love a giveaway.

My friend Lori is quite talented and makes ridiculously cute frames. I'm shamelessly trying to win her first frame giveaway, so here I am posting on my blog and telling you to go look at her cute frames and enter the giveaway! (Don't enter too many times, though...you'll decrease my chances of winning. Hehe.)

Her frame blog is here. If I don't win, I hope you do! And if you don't win, buy a frame anyway because they are dang cute!

Monday, August 30, 2010

21 months

Reed is becoming quite picky about what song we sing at bedtime. If I sing the "wrong" song, he says "SONG! SONG!" until I start singing a different song. Sometimes we go through a few songs until I find the right one.
Lately, when I tell Reed to smile, he pulls a cheese face and tilts his head to the side. Classic. Here, he is enjoying a chocolate treat--in case you can't tell.

Recently, Reed has been trying to jump off the ground. He squats down, then pushes up to his toes with a look of supreme concentration on his face. He usually picks up his feet one at a time in quick succession right after that. Reed will try this about five or six times in a row before running off to do something else. He has yet to make it off the ground, but watching him try is ridiculously cute.

Remember the table Ryan built? It hasn't moved from our kitchen because Reed insists on eating every meal there. He LOVES his table.

Just being silly with Daddy at lunch time--I'm pretty sure he was "raising the roof"

Reed really likes buckles. He likes to do the buckle on his booster chair at the table (not the he sits in it--he just runs up to it and does it up), the buckle on the changing pad while I change his diaper, the buckle in his car seat, and basically any other buckle he can find.

Pillows are on of Reed's obsessions. Just today, he borrowed a pillow from Grandma's house (he was almost in tears when I told him to put it away, so of course Grandma let him take it home) and is now sleeping with it. He really likes to pull all the pillows and cushions off the couch, make a huge pile of them, and lay on it.

Kayla and Tayler came to visit us and we had a sleepover party. Reed loved having the girls to play with.

Sometimes after Reed has made said pile of pillows he will say, "Cuggle...cuggle!"(cuddle) and show Ryan and I where our cuddling spots are on the pillows. The cuddle usually lasts about ten seconds, but it is really cute.

When Ryan and I go to the bathroom, Reed likes to come in with us. He usually points to the toilet paper and says, "Nose." When we get him a piece of toilet paper, he holds it up to his nose and does a tiny little blow, then likes to put it in the potty to flush it down.

Helping Daddy work on the table.

Reed loves to help cook. If someone is in the kitchen, he runs in and says, "Watch Daddy! Cook!" or "Watch Mama! Cook!" His favorite spot to be is on the kitchen counter, where he can see everything happen. He also likes to be delegated small tasks to help out in the cooking process.

If Reed wants you to pick him up, he runs over and says, "Get you! Get you!" and reaches up to you.

Reed posing with one of his towers (complete with cup holder)

Reed's favorite toy is his blocks. The first thing he says when he wakes up is "Play blocks!" He then likes to build blocks basically all day long.

Reed has a ton of words he uses, and he has been doing really well at stringing them together. He says things like "build blocks," "by the door," "Mama shoes," "Ready, Daddy," "Eat lunchie," "Two drinkies," etc.

We have been teaching Reed to identify Jesus in pictures. We can see a picture of Jesus from our table, so at every meal he pauses a few times to point to the picture and say, "Jesus! Jesus!" We also have an illustrated Book of Mormon, and he thinks every man with a beard and longish hair in it (so basically every man in it) is Jesus--at least he's getting part of the idea :)

Playing peek-a-boo.

Reed really gets annoyed by flies. The great thing, though, is that he will yell, "Shoo fly! Shoo fly!" over and over, but doesn't make any attempt to wave it away. He gets increasingly frustrated until someone waves it away. We've tried to teach him, but maybe he is just lazy. Or likes to see what he can make us do.

Reed is a gigantic fan of toots and burps. Whenever someone toots or burps, he cracks up, then says, "Scuse you Daddy!!" or "Scuse you mama!!" Then he asks everyone to toot and burp and laughs ridiculously hard if you comply with his request.

 Reed loves blanket capes. Probably because they are the coolest thing ever.

Reed loves to hear stories about Jesus. His favorite story is John baptizing Jesus. Today, he saw a picture of Jesus and said, "Jesus! John! Baptize!!!" Later we saw another picture of Jesus and he said the same thing. He's really starting to understand the things we are trying to teach him (I think...)

We've been teaching Reed to help clean up his toys--but he will only do it if we sing the "Clean up, clean up, everybody do your share" song over and over.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Kind of like a kiss...but not really.

For our bedtime routine, we do family scriptures and prayer, then Reed gives Ryan a hug and kiss. Then Ryan leaves the room and Reed and I rock and sing for a little while. The other night, Reed and I were on the rocking and singing portion of the bedtime routine when he started saying, "Daddy! Daddy!" and making frantic kissing noises. I asked him if he wanted to give Daddy another kiss and he said, "YEAH!" so we called Ryan back in. Ryan picked Reed up and Reed ripped a fart right on Ryan's arm! Then started cracking up--and wouldn't give Ryan a kiss. I'm pretty sure he didn't ever want another kiss--he just wanted to fart on Daddy (he thinks farting is the funniest thing ever and is great at doing it on command). He's definitely a Hambly boy.

On a completely unrelated but also funny note, Reed was eating dinner tonight and sampled a pineapple. He decided he didn't like it, so put it down on the table and said, "Night night apple!" Then he put another pineapple next to the first pineapple and said, "Cuggle!" ("Cuddle!") I guess he didn't want the pineapple to get lonely while it "slept."

Friday, August 27, 2010

Not your average lamp

Ryan and I saw a picture of a ridiculously awesome lamp on likeCOOL and decided that we, too, could make a ridiculously awesome lamp. We went to DI and bought a lamp for $5 (and it works!). Then we went to Dollar Tree and bought a few bags of cowboys and indians for $1 each. Then we got to work! Below is a step-by-step slideshow:

We chose cowboys and indians because Reed's new big boy bed is going to have a cowboy quilt. We still have to cover the lampshade in fabric to match :)

Here are a few close-ups of our favorite parts:


He's about to attack you...watch out.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Guessing Game.

For FHE, we decided to have a little fun with play dough. We each sculpted a scene from the scriptures, then took turns guessing what had been sculpted, then told the scripture story that related to the sculpture. We had so much fun with the first round of our game that we decided to do a second round. And we were so impressed with our artistic ability that we decided to share pictures of our sculptures and have you guess what they are. So here we go...

1: Reed's first sculpture

2: Ryan's first sculpture

...and a close-up of the same sculpture:

3: Megan's first sculpture

4: Reed's second sculpture

5: Ryan's second sculpture
(first, a disclaimer...enlarge to read...)

the sculpture...

and a close-up...

6: Megan's second sculpture

Good luck guessing!!

Friday, August 20, 2010


Reed was quite bald for quite a long time, but he has subsequently grown hair and had a few haircuts, administered by Grandma. Reed has needed another haircut for a while now, but Grandma is no longer five minutes away...so we went to Great Clips (of course...where else would you go?) for his first big boy haircut:

Reed was so good during the haircut--he sucked away on his sucker and admired the fish on his cape. He didn't even cry when hair got on his sucker and I had to take it away (luckily, I was ready for that disaster--I had another sucker I told him I would give him when he was done).

And now he finally looks big enough to be a big brother! It's amazing what a few snips will do...

(Ryan also got a haircut--but it was not nearly as well-documented. Sorry, honey.)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bryce Canyon

Last Saturday's adventure was conceived a few days earlier during a small foray up the canyon. We wanted to go "hiking" on a paved path by the river (which we did--and it was quite fun), which only required us to drive a few miles into the canyon. Upon entrance into the canyon, though, Ryan noticed a sign that read "Bryce Canyon--79 miles" and commented that it would be a shame to live that close to Bryce Canyon and not visit it. We went to our best friend, the internet, and found out that national park free day was that very Saturday! What luck! We recruited my mom, dad, and The Beak to join the party and set out Saturday morning.

Of course, we had to have breakfast first--"special treats" (donuts) from Lins--complete with a balloon from a friendly Lins worker.
Do you think he enjoyed it?

Once at Bryce Canyon, we enjoyed a picnic. Then we went on the first of a few shuttle rides. Buddy was a little nervous and ended up clinging to the pole for most of the ride--until he got brave enough to look out the window.

None of us had ever been to Bryce Canyon before, so we didn't realize how amazing it is:

More wow.

Still more wow.

Ryan happens to be a lot braver than basically everyone in my family. So he ventured out onto a few cliffs:
Reed thought Bryce Canyon was the bomb.com. He loved to "climb" on the rails (scary!), ride the wooden horsie, chew on pine needles (weirdo), and touch lizards with sticks. He also collected several "cone cones" (pine cones) and rocks.

Luckily, Ryan has strong shoulders--Reed spent a lot of the day riding on them. When he wasn't on Daddy's shoulders, he was being toted around by Grandpa or forced to hold mommy's hand/stay nearby while he walked.

The Beak and my mom got brave once with Ryan. My dad and I took the picture.

Asher at Bryce Canyon

Look how cute we are:
We had quite a lot of fun at Bryce Canyon--and now our canyon count for the summer is up to three! If we can make it to Zion's sometime soon, we will have visited all the nearby canyons in just one summer.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Dads, Picnic Tables, and Lessons Learned (with a side of coleslaw)

When I was just a lad my Dad had the idea to build an extra long picnic table that was to stay on our patio so we could enjoy many family meals together. There are seven of us so my Dad decided to build an extra big one. My dad had all of the plans drawn up and everything ready to go. He went to the local home improvement store and bought all of the supplies; every nut and bolt. He came home and the boys helped him unload all the wood and stack it on our side yard.

I was young so I might not remember perfectly but I am pretty sure the wood never moved from the spot we originally stacked it. Year after year it sat there waiting for someone to just assemble the pieces. Now as I mentioned there are seven of us. Four boys, one girl and Mom and Dad. Anyone of us could have asked Dad after he got home from a hard days work if we could help him build the picnic table and I am sure he would have agreed and it would have been built, and knowing my Dad it would have been near perfect and we would probably still be using it when we came to visit. None of us did decide to ask Dad if we could build the table and taking/watching all of us to soccer, basketball, football, and cheer leading, scouts, mutual etc just got the best of Dad's time. The table was never built and the wood eventually got wet, became bowed and unsuitable for construction. Eventually, years later the wood was thrown into a dumpster as we did some major yard cleanup.

If you know my family, or even me very well , you will know that my father is teased incessantly about the picnic table that never was. I think it gets brought up at every significant family gathering along with his other famous missteps (the smartbeat coleslaw amongst my favorites). My Dad has had very few missteps like the picnic table and the ill-fated coleslaw but we seem to harbor those missteps as a family. It is all in good fun and not taken seriously by any of us, but I think we as a family should celebrate some of the cool stuff that my Dad has finished.

He made Justin blue-anodized drumsticks when he was in the junior high school band, he made replacement hood brackets for my volkswagon bug that was a much sturdier design than Hitler and Dr. Porsche came up with. He could also swap VW engines by himself in like fifteen minutes. He has figured out how to lay tile, wallpaper, and fix just about anything that breaks around the house. He designed (and by designed, I mean computer mockups of spray patterns to ensure even coverage, to scale, in CAD) and installed a sprinkler system with a little manual labor help from us boys and the Carr boys paid for in Slurpees and Chocodiles (if you don't know what a chocodile is, look it up). My Dad can build a mean guitar and has for all of the musicians in the family. He can do just about anything and has tried hard to instill a can-do attitude in all of us kids. He always taught us to "look it up" when we didn't know something so that we would learn for ourselves and has always said "I have never done that before but I know I can figure it out.

Sometimes I feel like this teaching has failed on me, but I am working on it. The other day I saw Reed in his little blue chair and saw how excited he was to have something his size that was all his own. I knew we were moving to a place with a little patio and I thought how about an extra small picnic table, just for the boys. I, of course, looked it up (synonymous with googling it) and found plans online. I had never really done much like this but I figured I could figure it out. I went to the local home improvement store and bought all the supplies and built that sucker before I could let something get in the way. I think it came out well and as you can see from the picture below hat Reed has enjoyed it already. Every time he has sat on it he has, without coaxing, said "thank you daddy." This means a lot to me. I hope that Reed can write a post on his blog (or whatever cool thing the kids are doing then) someday and can list a few thing like I did here about his Dad and maybe feel a portion of the love and admiration I have for my Dad.

The boys picnic table in its new home, our little concrete pad.
The table is about twenty in inches tall. The table top is 35.5 X 20ish.

Reed loving his new picnic table before it was even done (each bench is missing a slat), he couldn't resist the urge to sit on it any longer so Meg let him eat lunch on it today.

I love my Dad even if he didn't finish the picnic table he had planned. He has more than made up for it with other things. Will we stop teasing him about the picnic table?(I know the coleslaw isn't going to be forgotten for a long time) If you know the Hamblys you know the answer to that question, but hey, I tried.

A post about pigs

One day Ryan came home from work with a piggy bank for Reed. We went around the house, finding money to put inside. Reed didn't really care about the money, but loved shaking the piggy to hear the money inside. He was also a fan of dumping the money out and putting it back in. Lately, though, Reed LOVES money. If he finds any on the ground, he yells, "MONEY!!" and picks it up, rushing to his piggy bank to drop it in. The other day, Reed found money on the ground. I told him to go put it in his piggy. Here is what I found him doing in the room:
 I think he may have been a little confused; after all, I do call his toes his piggies.
Oops. I might have to clear up the piggy/piggy confusion before he starts school.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Fun things to do when you move...

1. Build a fort! There are plenty of boxes lying around to use.
 And, of course, it is a great way to distract an attention-demanding twenty-month-old boy. 

2. Run around in your diaper (your mom will be too busy unpacking to worry about chasing you and wrestling you into clothes).

3. Build a tunnel out of all the empty boxes--with any luck, it will extend from your room to the kitchen for easy snack access.
As you can see, Reed was a big fan of moving!