Thursday, September 30, 2010

The big 3-7

(weeks, that is...)

I have officially made it "full term"--so Asher could come at any time now. I went to the doctor today and was quite surprised to find out that I am dilated to "almost a three." I have had a few contractions here and there, but nothing consistent at all, and I didn't get to a three with Reed until after my water had already broken and I was in the hospital! The doctor also said a few times that he would see me next week...but hopefully sooner in labor and delivery. I am kind of  hoping Asher will decide to come a little early. But we will leave that up to him :)

22 months

One day Reed bonked his head really hard. He was screaming and wouldn't really calm down. His blankie happened to be nearby, so I put it on his head and told him it would make him feel better. He calmed right down. Since then, every time he gets an owie, he runs for his blankie and we have to hold it on the owie until it feels better.
Grandma and Grandpa came to visit and this is the one picture I took. At least everyone is smiling!

Reed has rediscovered his love of spinning in circles. He wil spin and spin and spin until he bounces off the wall or is so dizzy he falls over.

When we read his favorite books together, I like to give Reed the opportunity to finish the sentence or phrase. For example, "In the great green room, there was a ______ and a red ______ and a picture of..." He fills in the blanks. He is amazing at Goodnight Moon, Little White Fish is Happy, Peek-a-boo I Love You, Jack It's a Rainy Day, all the Winnie-the-Pooh picture books, and a few others.

Reed loves to help with the laundry--he helps put the clothes in, dumps the detergent in, and helps switch the clothes from washer to dryer. One day, he also helped deliver the clothes to their spots...

As mentioned in a previous post, Reed is obsessed with tunnels. It all started with the three tunnels you have to drive through the get to Zuma Beach. Now, every time we go through a tunnel, his life gets a little better.

Buddy really likes to look out the window and watch for birds, dogs, and cats. Here he has spotted the cat who likes to hang out in our backyard (grrrrr....) and is watching it intently.

Reed's love scriptures. He goes through phases of which scripture story is his favorite. Right now, Alma is the winner. Every night at scripture time, he requests Alma--and if we try to tell him a story that doesn't involve Alma, he says, "Alma!! Alma!!" until we get it right.

Reed refers to his favorite songs by their "names"--"Temple" is "I Love to See the Temple," "Family" is "Families Can be Together Forever," "Happy...know it!" is "If You're Happy and You Know It," "Popcorn" is "Popcorn Popping," and "Star" is "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star."

Lately, Reed has started posing for the camera. I'm not sure what exactly he is doing here, but it is probably something along the lines of, "I'm so cute you're not going to make me go sit down to eat dinner, right?"

I recently got a new phone and gave Reed my old one. It still turns on, but it won't call anyone. Reed LOVES it. He carries it around all the time and calls it "Reed's phone." Today, he "called" Lynnie, Mandi, and Grandma.

Reed has started to refer to himself as "buddy." He will say, "Buddy get it" or "Buddy's shoes" or whatever to refer to himself.

Reed is so independent lately. He doesn't even like to hold hands anymore. He will yell, "Buddy DO IT!!" and wiggle his hand until it slips out of yours. He also likes to tell me "Buddy fix it" or "Buddy get it." Because he is so big and all, right?

A few times after Ryan got Reed dressed in the morning, Ryan sent Reed to me to tell me, "I CUTE!!" Now, every time he gets dressed, Reed yells, "I CUTE! I CUTE!!"
Reed loves to be our sous chef. One night, he was helping Ryan cook and took a break long enough to run to the office, yell, "I CUTE Mommy!!" and give me a gigantic cheese.

I'm not sure how much Reed really understands about Asher, but if you ask him where is baby brother is, he will say, "Mommy tummy. Down there" and point to Asher. If you ask him what his brother's name is, he says, "Asher!" (Aa-der!) Today, we went to the hospital to pre-register and Reed said, "Baby Asher. Born here" a few times (we'd explained that we would go to the hospital when baby Asher is born).

Monday, September 27, 2010

Grand Staircase? Check.

We didn't think we would actually complete the National Park trifecta this summer--in fact, it wasn't something we were even planning on at all. We had joked about it after we went to Bryce, but realized that by the time the National Park next free day rolled around I would be almost 37 weeks pregnant--and who would go hiking then? But when my parents invited us to go to Zion's on free day, we decided it would worth the trip... was. 
(Ryan, Reed, and I at the Lower Emerald Pools)

Buddy is a big fan of national parks. Zion's was no exception. He especially loved climbing giant rocks with Grandpa and Kay Kay.

He also enjoyed sitting on his "bum bum" with Grandma to look at the "an-mal" having a "night-night" we saw. (A deer with gigantic ears, just hanging out down by the Emerald Pools. Very cool.)

 Reed with the girls: Mandi, Grandma, and Kayla.

 Kayla looking all outdoorsy by a neat rock.

The obligatory family picture. Reed was mad because we weren't touching the waterfall that was a few feet away. As a result of his disdain for the picture, he pulled this face. Crazy baby.

I'm not going to lie, I was quite proud of myself at the end of the Emerald Pools hike. 36 1/2 weeks pregnant, 1.2 mile hike, and not even tired, really. I wasn't even sore the next day. Take that, pregnancy.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

winner, winner...

(no chicken dinner involved)

We are not very lucky in general. But in the past few weeks, our luck has finally taken a positive turn. Remember how I posted about the giveaway on my friend's frame blog? Yep, I won. And got a dang cute frame. Score! We got even luckier today, though. Ryan got a call from SUU telling him he had won a drawing he had entered. The prize? An iPod. Sweet! We were expecting it to be an old-school shuffle, but it was a real-deal 8 GB nano. They also happened to give him the he returned the shuffle and used the money to buy an 8 GB touch he found online that was the same price. Free iPod touch? Yes, please.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Just a post about our day

Today was a good day.

I went to my  36 week OB appointment this morning. My favorite part of OB appointments is hearing the baby's heartbeat--it never fails to make me smile. I measured 36 centimeters and Asher is head down, ready-ish to go. I scheduled the rest of my OB visits...hopefully. If Asher happens to come late, I will have to schedule another one--let's hope that doesn't happen! The countdown in the sidebar tells me there are only 26 days left until Asher is due, which is kind of crazy. I am so ready to be able to turn over easily and at will when I sleep at night, though. And to be able to carry Reed for more than a few minutes. And to cuddle our new little guy!
 I never realize how big I look until I see pictures. Nice.

It was a rainy day, and Reed wanted to go "running running" in the rain. So we did--and got a little soaked. It was fun, though, and we spent most of the morning watching the rain out of various windows/doors in our house. When that got boring, we built a tunnel. For whatever reason, Reed is currently obsessed with tunnels.

Our ghetto tunnel. But, as you can see, it kept him quite happy for quite a long time.

When we were at the grocery store today, Reed said "Hambly" for the first time. Then Ryan taught him to say "Reed Hambly" (which sounds more like "Ree Hamby!") when you ask Reed what his name is. It's basically the cutest thing I've ever heard. Reed also copied Ryan saying "Meggie" today, and followed me around all day saying "Meggie, meggie!"

He crawled up here to see out the window. And his rolled-up pants made me laugh, so I took a picture. In case you are wondering, his pants aren't rolled up to protect them from the wet ground outside. They are rolled up because he is short and they drag. Poor child got cursed with the short-let genes.

We got a surprise call from the library today telling us that Mockingjay was waiting for us to pick up! We had started at number nineteen on the list and finally made it to the top. I was especially pumped because I started reading it last weekend, but couldn't finish because the copy I was reading belongs to my little sister and she was reading it, too. I polished off the last one hundred-ish pages tonight. I liked it, but not as much as the other books.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Two fests, one day. Go ahead and be jealous.

Our morning started out like this:

Why? Because when we looked up, we saw these right above our heads:
The balloons were low enough that we could see the people inside. A few of them even waved to us.

We quickly threw on our clothes and went across the street to the park. We got there just in time to see the last balloon launch:

And from the park, we could see all of these:
Perhaps you are wondering why there happened to be so many hot air balloons out on the same day. Perhaps not. You're going to find out anyway. Today was SkyFest in Cedar City. Reed loved it--he kept saying, "Balloon! Balloon! Sky!" He was quite pumped.

After we watched the balloons for awhile, we walked home, stopping at a few yard sales on the way (we found a sweet basketball hoop and big wheel for Reed for $4 total--score!). We then ate breakfast, got dressed/ready for real, and drove to Brian Head for our second "fest": Oktoberfest! The drive to Brian Head was beautiful--the leaves are already starting to turn, so we took our time driving around. We made a stop at Brian Head Peak, an impressive 11,300 ft. in elevation:

At Brian Head Peak was this cool little sitting area that was built by the CCC in 1935.

Reed told us the "little house" was "cute," which I thought was pretty cute.
Ryan made an old lady really nervous by walking out close to the edge.
And, in case you are interested, this sign explains the little house's existence:

We didn't take any pictures at the actual Oktoberfest--just know that we ate excellent bratwurst and killer apple strudel. After we got home, we did what any sensible person does on Saturday:
Chilled on the couch, grabbed a snack and a drink, and watched College Football.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A quick trip

Lynnie, Nick, and Cole went to St. George for a visit last weekend--so we decided to go, too. I kind of forgot to pack Thursday night, so we ended up packing Friday morning about five minutes before we left. Reed helped:

Luckily, Reed remembered Cole and still liked him.

And, really, how could you not like a baby who looks like he could be a pirate? Or part of the mafia?

Reed showed Cole new tricks, like how to look for "monsters" in Grandma's air vents. (After Kayla's friend Bri jokingly told Reed there were monsters in the vent, Reed spent at least half an hour yelling, "Monsters! Come out! Where are you? Come out monsters!" He did the same thing each day we were there.)

And we let Reed have a little pseudo big brother practice:

He was pretty good with Cole, until Cole started crying...then he got out of there, quick, leaving Cole behind to fend for himself:

Reed didn't have much problem with jealousy until I held Cole. Cole started fussing, so I cuddled him, and Reed immediately said, "Mama! Cuddle," ran over to me, and lay his head down on me. Then, Cole was standing up on my legs--and Reed said, "Mama! Stand up!" and tried to stand up on my legs, too. Yeah right, buddy! You're a little too big :) Things could get a little interesting when Asher comes around and tries to steal my attention from Reed...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

We love the beach

We got to spend Labor Day in California with Ryan's family because Ryan conveniently had a tax software conference in California that very weekend. While we were there, we went to Reed's second favorite place in California (his first favorite being Grandma's house): the beach.

Can you tell how much he is loving life?

We got to go with Janelle, Steve, their girls, and Grandma & Grandpa. Reed LOVED having the girls there to play with.

...Possibly because he made them his own personal slaves. They pushed him around on that boogie board for a good twenty minutes.

The water was freezing but we still had a ton of fun playing in it.

While the girls ran away from the waves, Reed ran right into the surf yelling, "More! More!"

We also had fun playing in the sand, burying the girls.

 I got to see my first sand crab, Kamdyn did more pulling of the boogie board while Reed relaxed, and the girls and Steve constructed a girl out of seaweed.

Cute girls.

And, though this picture is not related to the beach at all, it's going with this post because it's basically the only other pictures I took during the weekend...

The morning after our sleepover party, Reed saw Peyton laying on the couch and had to go cuddle her. He loves his cousins!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Park FAIL.

Reed and I like to go on walks in the morning. Our walks are usually ended by a trip to the park. Today's excursion didn't exactly work out.

Fail 1: Ryan drove to Las Vegas this morning for a Tax Conference. The car he took happened to have our umbrella stroller in the trunk. Approximately two hours after he left, as Reed and I were preparing to go on our walk, I found out that the car he took also happened to have the front wheel to the jogging stroller in it. So no stroller for us. No stroller=no walk. Fail 1: Stroller Fail.

Fail 2: I decided that Reed and I could skip the exercise portion of the walk and just walk to the park, sans stroller. The park is across the street, after all. When I opened the door, though, I was a little surprised to find that it was ridiculously windy and about 65ish degrees outside. Fail 2: Wind Fail.

Fail 3: Usually, the wind dies down quickly, so I figured we would be fine continuing to the park. When we arrived at the park, we sat down on the benches to eat our snack. I spilled my snack everywhere. Fail 3: Snack Fail.

Fail 4: After Reed ate his snack (and I stole some of it), we walked over to the playground to discover that the sand had been turned to mud by the sprinklers. Gross, sticky mud. Mud=no playground. Fail 4: Mud Fail.

Fail 5: We decided to steer clear of the mud by going to look at the birds. I was wrong about the wind. It didn't die down--it got stronger. Freezing and defeated, I told Reed it was time to go home. Total time at park: 7 minutes. Fail 5: Another Wind Fail.

Our park trip was kind of tragically hilarious. But we did see three dogs and two birds on the way to the park--and Reed found a "tree" (a big stick with leaves on it) to carry the whole way there, then found another "tree" to carry the whole way home--so at least not all of our outing was doomed to failure. Maybe tomorrow will work out a little better for us.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

He's a keeper

One of the perks of going to my new doctor's office in Cedar City is that they like to do a third trimester ultrasound. Sweet! So, without further ado, take a gander at Mr. Asher Ryan Hambly:

Yep, he's cute.

Asher kept covering his face with his hands...perhaps a little sick of being poked by the ultrasound wand??

The ultrasound tech measured Asher at about 5 pounds. I am 34 weeks, 0 days and he measured 34 weeks 3 days, so just a little ahead of schedule (which I am a fan of). Best news of the day: He's still a boy (which means no frantic buying of pink clothing).

And here he is from the outside:
Asher is riding much lower than Reed did, so I can actually breathe (hooray!)--but I do walk kind of awkwardly. Oh well; you can't win them all. He also makes me dizzy when I lay half-reclined. Today, for example, while I was laying on the ultrasound table, I got so sick and dizzy we had to pause for a little break so I didn't pass out. Nice. So far, though, my pregnancy has been relatively easy and free of complications, which we feel really blessed for*.

*I'm consciously ending my sentence with a preposition. Take that, grammar.