Wednesday, October 13, 2010

39 weeks

I had another doctor's appointment today. The verdict? 3+. And my cervix is "very favorable." Sorry, that's probably super awkward to read--record keeping, you know? Other good news: if I don't go into labor by Monday at 1 a.m., I am getting induced! Wohoo!! (Is it just me, or is it weird that we are going in at 1 a.m.? Don't people usually go at 6ish?? Oh's more like I am getting induced Sunday, right?) We are quite pumped that we get to meet Asher in less than a week.

Usually Reed is asleep when we take these pictures, but he happened to be awake today and had to be in it, too. Don't mind the diaper by his foot--it's waiting to go to the big garbage can--or his random left side hair "wing."

About my pregnancy right now: I've been having Braxton-Hicks contractions for the last 3 weeks, which keep faking us out (I didn't have any with Reed!). I can't walk, stand up, or bend over without contracting. I haven't gained any weight for the last two weeks, which is pretty normal for this stage of pregnancy (and something I am pretty happy about). I have to take potty breaks about every 10 minutes and have trouble standing up when Reed and I are playing on the floor. In all, not much to complain about--but I'm ready to meet this little guy!

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Nick, Lynnie, & Cole said...

Woohoo! So exciting that you get to meet him in less than a week (1am is a little odd...), and I'm sure almost just as exciting that you'll be able to stand up and last a little longer between potty breaks:)