Wednesday, October 20, 2010


After kind of a long night--during which I remembered how often newborns wake up to eat and how long it takes them to finish eating because they keep falling asleep--I woke up to this cuteness:

Apparently, when Reed woke up he asked Grandma, "See Baby Asher minute?" Of course Grandma agreed. Reed had a list of items he needed to bring (Grandma assumed he was taking them out to play with): his pillow, his two favorite blankies, baa, bunny, and domo. When Reed and Grandma got to Baby Asher's bed, Reed started throwing all of his stuff in for Asher. Keep in mind that his blankies and his pillow are basically his most prized possessions and that baa and bunny are ranked second and third on the favorite stuffed animal list--they rank only after Elmo. They then left to play, but came back in a few minutes when Reed decided that Asher needed a few pieces of the puzzle Reed was playing with, too.

I love my boys.
Reed rubbing Asher's head in the hospital.


Nick, Lynnie, & Cole said...

how precious! reed's going to be a super awesome big brother

Kim said...

what cute cute boys! And reed, so generous! can he teach hallie? i am afraid for what she will be like when we have our second...very very afraid!

Traci M said...

Too cute!

Mandi said...

Meg thats super cute. Reed really loves that little brother of his. :)