Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fall-ish Fun

We've had our pumpkins sitting on Reed's table for a few weeks, and  yesterday, we decided it was about time we carved them. Reed was a little squeamish about touching the "guts"--he wouldn't even reach his hand inside the pumpkin, but instead daintily poked the stuff in the bowl:

He did think it was really funny to look at the stuff inside the pumpkins:

He also really enjoyed coloring on his pumpkin. After Reed finished coloring, Daddy cut out Reed's pumpkin face. 

Reed's colored pumpkin:

And he was really pumped to put our pumpkin family outside. His favorite pumpkin is Asher's, mainly because it has a pluggie. We've since been outside several times to visit our pumpkins.

Reed is very proud of his pumpkin, too. He even gave it a kiss.

So this next part of the post should probably go first, because it definitely happened first chronologically. But this is how the pictures uploaded, so I'm going to go with it...

A few weeks ago, Ryan and I decided we really wanted to get our pumpkins from a pumpkin patch. So we went to Staheli Family Farms, home of the Corn Maze! Kayla came with us. 

Staheli Farms is in St. George, so Reed and I came down to stg with Ryan one day when he worked there. We knew we needed to go early-ish because we wanted to get home to Cedar before it was way too far past Reed's bedtime. The consequence? It was ridiculously hot outside. Let me illustrate:
 Kayla and I normally don't look so sweaty. Or red-skinned. (I think.)

At the farm, we went to a petting zoo, played in a sandbox full of dried corn, rode a tire swing shaped like a horse, and went to the corn maze.
We might look like we are having fun, but I'm not going to lie--it was not really fun past the first five minutes. It was SO hot and humid, and Buddy was mad that we wouldn't let him walk (after Reed fell on the uneven ground about five times in one minute, Ryan decided to carry him). 

After the corn maze, we headed to the pumpkin patch. Thankfully, it had cooled down by then and didn't feel that bad outside anymore. We all picked our pumpkins and were on our way.

And though Asher didn't participate in either of these activities, I decided his pumpkin outfit deserved some blog time:
There are a few stories about this outfit. First, I realize you can't really see it well--that's because Reed really, really wanted to take a picture of his brother, so Ryan let Reed aim the camera. This is what we got. Second, the day I found out I was pregnant, we went shopping for baby's first outfit. No, we didn't know the gender :) We found this pumpkin outfit and decided it would be perfect for a Halloween baby!


Mandi said...

How fun Megs! I love that Reed is squirmish about the insides of the pumpkin. I don't even like carving pumpkins. I only like digging the goo out. Funny I know. But there's something really therapeutic about it. I sure hope you baked the seeds! I really love those.

Reed looks really cute in pretty much all your pumpkin pictures. But I especially love the one of him sitting in a row with the pumpkins. And pumpkin baby sure is cute!

Trent and Natalie Greenhalgh said...

HI! Courtney and Brandi told us to come look at your cute new baby on your blog. I hope you don't mind us stopping in to take a look . . . I realize we have only met once but I am glad little Asher is here. He sure is handsome. =D I love your pumpkins. So much fun. If you don't mind we will keep stopping in to see what your little family is up to.