Thursday, October 28, 2010

Last of the hospital pictures...

I just got some of our hospital pictures off my mom's camera. I found a few I really liked that we didn't have, so I decided to post them (because you can never have too many pictures of a cute baby...)
 Right after Asher was born.

 My first cuddles with the littlest one.

 Asher's first mug shot.

 Grandpa meets Asher.

 Mando mando meets Asher.

He's just cute.


The Standrings said...

aw i like that last one with his sweet little folded hands. so cute!

Jimmy & Chelo said...

Congrats!! He looks so cute! Cant wait to see the lil guy. PS this is Chelo from the ward, I saw your blog on the Gutierrez. Ours is private so e-mail me if you want an invite. Its
Hope your doing good!

Mandi said...

Cute is all that can be said. But I do have to say I am NOT Photogenic at all! BUt I absolutely love this pic of me and Asher.