Tuesday, October 26, 2010

One week old...

Last Monday at 8:05 a.m.:

This Monday at 8:05 a.m.:
Asher and I were both sleeping soundly. Hooray.

At 11:30ish a.m., when I remembered Asher was one week old and that I wanted to take a picture, here is what he was doing:

And here is what big brother was doing:
Caught red-handed trying to mess with the swing. He thinks it's his job to turn it on and off fifty times a day.

And then big brother decided he needed to be "by" Asher, and tried to sit on top of him in the swing.
Luckily, the swing was moving and he was not successful. 

Here's to one week!


miriam said...

Reed's looking more and more like Hambly as he gets older. And oh boy, do I remember the days of protecting poor little seth from his sister's affection! She was dangerous!

It looks like you all are settled in. And I am still jealous of you're new mother status and am SO EAGER for my days as a pregnant woman to be a memory i can't really remember.

Chris and Mary said...

Lizzie does the same thing! Whenever Cate is in the swing, Lizzie insists on standing right beside her while pushing all the buttons. Poor Cate and Asher! haha
Happy First Week, Asher!

The Anderson's said...

Congratulations! Hope Reed is doing well with the adjustment of a another addition in your family! Asher is so handsome!