Monday, November 1, 2010

23 months.

Can you believe he's almost 2?? Me neither.

Cuddling with his BFF, Elmo.

Reed has learned a lot about babies recently. He has also started copying what he sees us doing. For example, the other day Ryan went to get Reed in the morning and as Reed left the bed, he grabbed his giraffe and his blankie. He then proceeded to swaddle his giraffe and carried it in the crook of his arm like a baby. Whenever  we burp Asher, Reed yells, "Rub! Buddy's turn!" and has to take a turn burping Asher (he is getting pretty good at it, too). If Asher cries, Reed yells, "Asher woke up!" or "Asher lost it plug!" Sometimes he tries to give Asher his plug back, but he has not yet been successful.

Buddy decided he needed to be swaddled like Asher. We found our biggest receiving blanket and gave it a try. The result was pretty funny. 

Reed loves to go on walks. Currently, his favorite places to go are to the mailbox and to an apartment nearby that has a lot of Halloween decorations.

Reed loves to play play-dough. He is showing off one of his creations.

Buddy LOVES his big boy bed. Randomly, though, he won't get out of it unless we tell him he can. In the mornings, he sits right on the edge of the bed and yells for us. When one of us comes in, he says, "Down?" When we say yes, he hops right down.

Being a stud on his bike. He loves to go for rides. I love that the bike has a handle so I don't have to crawl to push him.

I like to give Reed "schedule updates"--basically give him little warnings to get him ready to go to bed or nap or whatever. Lots of times, I tell him we are going to do something for "two more minutes" then it's time for a nap. Lately, when the two minutes runs out and I tell him it's time for his nap, he says, "Two minutes! More!" He's already learning to stall.

Laying on the bed watching "Handy Mandi" (Handy Manny...) while Mommy does her hair.

Reed knows the letters E, M, K, R, P...and sometimes a few others. He can also count to three. He knows the colors yellow, pink, purple, green...and sometimes a few others :)

More play-dough...intent at work.

Reed has never really been much of a climber (I think because his legs are so dang short), but lately he has been climbing a ton. He climbs in and out of his car seat, in and out of his buzz woody booster chair, on and off his bed, and all over everything in the house.

 Whenever I have the camera out, Reed says, "Take picture!" and then poses. Here is one of the cute ones we've captured.

Reed is so thoughtful. He loves to bring toys to Asher and get things for Asher. Last night, when we were trick-or-treating, he even got a treat for Asher :)

Another bike picture. He's too cute! Buddy also likes to push his bike while we walk. He's not so good at steering, but he has fun.

Reed really likes to balance--like on a balance beam. He always walks on the curb when we are out and gets mad if I make him get down.

Playing on the door handle--begging to go outside.

Buddy loves nursery even more lately. He really really loves that they color every week. When we pick him up from nursery, he holds whatever it is he has colored up really high for us to admire. He then insists on holding it the entire way home (mommy and daddy might lose it) and generally says, "I made that!" for most of the drive. When we get home, he hangs it on the fridge. Then, throughout the week, he point to the fridge and tells us, "I made that! Color!"


Cortney said...

HOly COw! he is a genius!!!! he is so cute and such a stud! and i am So impressed with how smart he is!! how are you teaching him everything lol i need your tricks

Mandi said...

That kid is so dang cute. Thanks for the fun update. He is looking so old with the cute spiky hair. 2!'s coming soon!