Monday, November 22, 2010

Doing our part to deplete the Dixie National Forest

This year, we decided it was about time we cut down our own Christmas tree. Our trees in years past have been a little pathetic: our first Christmas, we bought a tree in the Smith's parking lot; our second Christmas, we didn't even have a tree; and our third Christmas, our tree was so small it practically didn't count.

Anyway, we bought our permit ($10 at Ace Hardware, in case you are interested), borrowed a saw and a truck from some friends (Thanks, Ted and Megan!), and headed up the mountain. 
Apparently, the snow plows stop exactly at the boundary line marking the entrance to Dixie National Forest, which is where you can cut down trees. So the roads were a little scary--but we made it. Once we got to a decent spot to stop (a wide shoulder on the road), we realized that Asher, Reed, and I weren't going to be able to climb up the mountain through the snow; so Ryan made the trek alone while the boys and I walked around in the snow.

If you are sensitive about tree carnage, you may want to skip the first picture below.

That tree used to be standing, before Ryan took a saw to it.

The inaugural use of the baby carrier was successful. 
In case you are wondering why Reed looks distraught: we had been looking at a creek across the road. When Ryan came down the mountain with the tree, I tore Reed away from the "ri-ber" (river) to help Ryan. Reed was less than impressed with my decision.

Ryan in the ditch at the bottom of the mountain with our tree. Good job, honey!

Reed, still super upset about the river. He really needs to learn some patience--I promised him we would go show Daddy in just a minute!
Our tree! (Yes, Reed is STILL crying.)

 Then we finally made it to the river...

 And look who decided that life wasn't so bad, after all:


Mandi said...

What a funny little boy. Good thing you went back to the river or he may have been sad the whole rest of the day...LOL Anyways, looks like fun!

Jackie said...


Awesome tree. Just maybe find one a little closer to the river next year... that would seem to be Reed's dream come true.