Monday, November 1, 2010


Our Halloween festivities started Friday afternoon when Ryan decided it would be a good idea to have Reed practice trick-or-treating. We got Reed in his costume (he about had a meltdown getting into it) and Ryan took him outside. They knocked, I answered, Reed mumbled "Gritter Great" (trick or treat), and I gave him candy. Once he saw the candy go into his bucket, he was pumped. We practiced a few more times and he was ready to go.

On Friday night we went to our ward Halloween party. There are only about four kids Reed's age and a handful of babies in our student ward, so both our boys were a big hit. (They are also dang cute--which is probably the real reason they were so popular!) The party featured minute to win it for the adults, a ton of treats, and a bean bag toss and cookie decorating for the kids.

Reed was a ninja...

 And Asher was a pumpkin...

 Daddy was a "Budget Ninja," mainly to match Reed.

On Saturday morning, we went to the livestock festival parade. Reed watched mostly from Daddy's shoulders.

 And Asher slept in his carseat

Reed loved the tractors.

And we all loved watching 1,000 sheep run down Main Street. (I know, right?)

That night, we went trick or treating. Reed was so pumped to trick or treat. He would go up to the doors with Mommy or Daddy, knock, say "gritter great!" with a little prodding, then thank the person as he ran away. He won the hearts of several older ladies who live in the neighborhoods near us.  

After a little while, Asher was ready to go home, but Buddy was still going strong. Daddy stayed out with Buddy and Asher and Mommy went home, changed into Halloween jammies, and cuddled.


Jackie said...

the ninja? so cute
the Asher? so darling
the sheep? hilarious (really?! in the STREET?!)

Mandi said...

Sounds like a really fun Halloween weekend! 100 sheep is crazy...I would love to have been there to see that. Reed makes a super cute Ninja!