Tuesday, November 9, 2010

On a Sunday

A week ago, Asher made his debut at church (but only for sacrament). He looked quite cute and did quite well--he slept in his car seat the entire time.
Shout out to Lynnie for the cute tie onesie :)

 Buddy also looked quite cute.
Ryan and I eyed this jacket at Children's Place forever before it finally went on super clearance this summer($5 woot woot!).  We found the hat in a clearance bin ($1!!) at a Children's Place in California a few months later, which just sweetened the outfit. And, random side note, Reed's clothes are sized as follows: pants--12 months, shirt and jacket--24 months, hat 4T. He has such tiny legs and such a giant noggin--luckily he doesn't look as out of proportion as he is!

 Later, we decided to go on a Sunday drive. We ended up going through Paragonah on a dirt road and found a beautiful reservoir. There happened to be a group of about seven or eight deer hanging out there (look closely):

Buddy was distraught that we wouldn't let him play in the freezing cold water:

But at least he calmed down when Ryan took him on a walk to be closer to the deer.

Ryan climbed a little hill and got a better view than Reed and I did (you can see Reed and I by the reservoir if you look closely):

He also got to see this:

As we drove away, the sun started setting, so we pulled over to take this:

About fifteen minutes later, the sunset got really pretty, so we stopped again:
On the way home, Reed got a little grumpy--and the only thing that keeps him happy when he is grumpy in the car is having Ryan and I sing songs. Then Reed started requesting songs we didn't know; but luckily Ryan is great at improv lyrics. One of my favorites was his jellyfish song: I am a jellyfish, I'm so gelatinous, I sting you and it hurts until you pee on me! He sang the jellyfish song in a very interesting accent--he sounded like Louis Armstrong trying to do a Lumiere (from Beauty and the Beast) voice. Classy, I know.


miriam said...

Ham IS great at improv lyrics. There are quite a few songs of his that I still sing to this day because of how hilarious they are.

What a beautiful family you guys are! I'm so glad you are all well and happy!

Nick, Lynnie, & Cole said...

Beautiful pics! And your boys are such studs. So cute.

Mandi said...

Oh my gosh! Reed in his lil outfit...so cute! Sounds like a nice Sunday drive. And you got some beautiful pics. Luv the jellyfish song...too funny!

Jimmy & Chelo said...

Your boys are so cute. I miss little Reed in nursery I wish we could be there every week. I was gonna tell you at church that I thought Reed's outfit and hat were adorable. Jimmy calls those hats "Smart hats!" ha ha. Looks like you guys are doing good!