Monday, November 29, 2010


This year, my mom's family had a Thanksgiving reunion of sorts. My mom has seven siblings and they each have at least a few kids; and most of those kids have their own kids. My grandpa told me that our family is now up to 175 people--with three more babies on the way. Pretty impressive, I think. Anyway, Ryan and I left two days after Utah's supposed "blizzard." There wasn't much snow, but the temperatures were ridiculous:

 Yes, it was three degrees in Cedar City at 9 a.m. Not awesome. 
My mom and dad had taken Reed to Provo with them the day before Ryan and I left, so we only had Asher in the car. And Asher was amazing and slept the entire way.

Because I'm awesome, I took zero pictures of Thanksgiving dinner. Just know that there was a lot of food, a lot of family, and a pretty sweet talent show in which everyone looked pretty ridiculous.

I also took zero pictures of Black Friday madness. I went to Wal-Mart, modbod, and the mall with my mom and sisters at midnight. Then I slept and fed Asher while they went to about five other stores. Later that day, we went to IKEA and Ten Thousand Villages, to the Planetarium at the Gateway Mall, and to Tucano's for dinner. 

I finally took pictures on Saturday. We went to Park City and visited the Olympic Training Site and museum. Mando Mando and Reed tried out the Luge:

The girls and Reed bobsledded:

Then the boys took a turn bobsledding. Ryan was the team's Yul Brenner

Cole went downhill skiing. He's pretty impressive.

Reed also went downhill skiing. He was kind of bored, apparently.

 And we got to see professional skiers practice jumping.

Later, we did some damage at the outlet mall, then drove home. 
Happy Thanksgiving!

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