Sunday, December 19, 2010

He must love me.

Marybeth's cake. It's a classic in Ryan's family. What is it? It's this dense, moist, ridiculously awesome chocolate bundt cake. You don't mess with Marybeth's.

I currently have one problem with Marybeth's: I can't eat chocolate because it bothers Smash. As in he screams and refuses to eat or to sleep in his bed for approximately 12 hours--so it's definitely not worth it to eat anything chocolate, no matter how good it is.

Ryan, being the great husbnad he is, decided he was going to make me a lemon Marybeth's cake. And guess what? It was delicious.
Thanks, sweetheart.


redstarmama said...

Nice...I might have to get that recipe. I have never been prouder of my baking skills than I was the first time I made a perfect Marybeth's!

Mmmmm, Marybeth's...

Heather and Spencer said...

That looks fabulous! I am thinking you may have to post this recipe!

Mandi said...

What a nice husband! And that sounds yummy. I love lemon stuff.