Friday, December 10, 2010

A name and a blessing

Last Sunday (12/5/10), our family had a special day. Asher received a name and a blessing. In our church, infants are given a name and a blessing by someone holding the proper priesthood. Since Ryan holds the Melchizedek priesthood, he was able to bless Asher. This blessing is a special experience. I am grateful Ryan was able to bless Asher and felt the spirit strongly during the blessing.

It is customary for infants to wear all white during this blessing. My mom made Asher's outfit:

I particularly enjoy the tux tails:

And I really just enjoy this baby's face:
 (Notice that his hair is red in the sunlight!)

My family traveled to California to be at the blessing:

Ryan's family was also there, but of course I didn't get a picture. I did get a picture of our little family, though:

And pictures of Asher with his proud dad and mom:
He looks quite thrilled to be having his picture taken, doesn't he?

And, of course, Buddy wanted in on the action:


Rachel B. said...

Asher looks so cute in those pictures! What a handsome little guy. I love his red hair :-)

Nate and Erin Russell said...

oh that first picture is so sweet! definitely one for the wall!

Mandi said...

Meg, I'm so glad that I got to come! It was so nice. And your little family is so dang cute!

Nick, Lynnie, & Cole said...

You got some great shots of Asher in his tux Meg. What a sweetheart he is.