Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Christmas Eve 2010

For Christmas Eve this year, we had our own Minute-to-win-it competition. It was highly entertaining and a lot of fun.

Smash, of course, decided to be crazy; so Grandma took one for the team and held him, opting out of the games so Ryan and I could play.

We had different games for the kids and adults and were broken into groups to compete with. Here are the littlest kids, playing Hanky Panky. Reed was the youngest competitor and was super grumpy because it was way past his bedtime. But he loved this game. It took him all three kid rounds and then some to finish his box, but he pulled every last tissue out.

Ryan playing Face the Gingerbread Man.

Grandpa showing us what he's got playing Junk in the Trunk. Reed insisted I hold him when it was my turn. As a result, I only got one ball out of my box. The shame!

The big kids playing On the Hook (Christmas Style).

Dizzy Mummy--this was one of my favorites to watch.

Reed refused to play Dizzy Mummy (he's so pleasant when he's tired), but spent a good half-hour taking the toilet paper off the roll, one square at a time.

 More kleenex mayhem. The bigger kids got quite competitive.

We didn't win any of the competitions, but had a lot of fun!

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