Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Monthly Asher: 3

Time is passing ridiculously fast, and our Smashie is three months old today!

 Chillin' with Lambie for his three-month picture.

Smash is finally over his second illness (still not quite sure what it was), which we are extremely grateful for.

Rockin' the socks off tummy time.

Littlest one is great at tummy time and actually enjoys it if someone hangs out with him.

Sleeping on mommy and looking quite concerned.

Asher is great at making eye contact and tracing objects with his eyes. He will make eye contact with someone across the room and smile at them, just to hear praises of his cuteness.

Frowny face.

Asher is not exactly what you would call a good sleeper, which I think stems from his second illness. He got used to sleeping in people's arms because he couldn't breathe when he slept in his bed (even elevated on his sleep positioner). Now he thinks sleeping in someone's arms is the only way to do it. We're trying to break the habit, and he now (usually) sleeps in his bed at night. Daytime is another story.

A warning. Accompanied by his smiley face.

Smasher's second illness also wreaked havoc on breastfeeding. He now is a formula babe and eats 6ish ounces ever 3-4 hours. At night, he usually eats around 10, then not again until 4 (wohoo!), then again at about 7.

Inaugural use of the Bumbo.

We broke out the Bumbo the other day to see if Smash was big enough yet to use it. He LOVES the Bumbo. He does really well in it for about 15-20 minutes, then starts to get a little floppy. Despite said floppiness, he gets really sad when you take him out of his Bumbo.

 Post-bath. What a cute babe!

Two illnesses also wreaked havoc on his weight gain. But now that he is finally getting well, he is starting to add a little chub. His 0-3s are starting to get a little small.

Melting my heart.

Asher is super chill when he is awake. He smiles at everything and everyone.

Helping with the laundry.

Asher is starting to grab anything that comes near him. If anything so much as touches his hand, he grabs on to it and holds tight. He is also becoming quite proficient at getting his hands to his mouth.

Story time with brother. 

Asher bats at and grabs for the toys on his monkey mat (they hang above him).


kayla said...

oh my goodness Asher is the cutest thing ever! That last picture of him and Reed reading is especially adorable.

m.dahl said...

Such a cutie! It is amazing how much they grow in just 3 months!

Mandi said...

Cutest kid! Oh my gosh, I love that kid so much! I love like every picture so so much!

Brooke & Skyler said...

Asher is getting so big and is adorable as always. You sure have some super cute little boys! I also thought it was super funny that Reed likes big baby!haha