Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Monthly Reed: 25

This post is obviously quite late. But better late than never!

 Reed and mommy.

Reed is becoming more of a big boy every day. He's been using sentences for a while now, but they were mixed in with phrases and clauses. Now he consistently uses compound/complex sentences. You can have a real conversation with him.

Reed is obsessed with Crunch Berries. Anytime I ask him what he wants to eat, he says, "Want some crunch berries, mommy."

Reed playing with ice cream at Grandma's house.

Reed LOVES nursery. I was worried he would have a rough transition when we moved because he wouldn't know the new teachers. But he went in and played with the kids and didn't even cry when we left. He loves to tell us what they did in nursery and usually spends the most time detailing the snack they had.

Cuddling with baby brother.

Lately Reed is Mr. Independent. When we go out to the car, before Ryan or I even attempt to get him into his car seat, he says, "No, my do it. No, my do it." And if you do something for him he was planning on  doing himself, plan on him either being super upset or having to let him re-do what you already did.

Running running! At Grandma's house

Reed never really cared about TV or movies before, but since Asher was born he has fallen in love with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and with Handy Manny. He loves to say, "Meeska, Mooska, Mickey Mouse!" and "Oh, Toodles!" and can sing along with the theme song. Whenever Mickey asks if the audience will help, Reed says, "I will!!"

Reading in a really cool spot complete with bookshelf foot rest.

Reed has started saying, "Mommy, watch this, it be really funny" or "it be really cool" and then doing some kind of a trick about ten times a day. Sometimes the "really funny" thing is lifting his foot up or touching his nose. Which, in context, is pretty funny.

 Holding brother and giving his super cheesy face.

Reed likes to ask me to sing "Happy Birthday to You." After I sing, he says, "Woooo!" and blows out pretend candles.

Smiling his regular cheesy smile.

 After hearing his cousins sing "Baby in a Manger" in church, Reed asked for me to sing the song at least once a day. Now he goes around singing it all day. Sometimes, he adds his own variations, like "Baby Asher in a manger" or "Peace on Asher" instead of "Peace on Earth."


Kim said...

I love all the updates! Asher is super adorable. I think Reed and Hallie are meant for each other- their little personalities seem so similar! Hallie also says, 'no, my do it!" every time we get into the car and try to get her into the careseat and then proceeds to take 20 minutes to get into the seat. So awesome!

Mandi said...

I love him! He is so stinkin cute! He looks huge in the picture with Asher. Man, I love both of them.