Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Monthly Reed: 26

Buddy loves to wear our shoes. Here he is with an armful.

Reed likes to say, "1, 2, 3, THROW!!!" then toss whatever he is holding. He counts to three really fast, so you generally don't have a lot of warning before something is zooming at your head.

Reed is still in love with the phone. He likes to pick it up and say, "Heyyo? (Hello) Oh hi Mando. How are you?" Mando is his favorite person to pretend call.

Reed's latest question is "How it works?" He asks how everything works--he is a very inquisitive boy.

 Story time with Mommy and brother. Reed loves to read.

Reed likes to follow my around and ask, "What doin' Mommy?" No matter what I respond (i.e. "Combing my hair" or "Changing Asher's diaper"), he says, "Oh, that cute, Mommy."

 Reed's favorite snack is crunch berries. His second favorite snack is a graham cracker. While he was eating, he asked me to take a picture of him so he could show me his cracker.

When Reed doesn't want to do something I ask him--like putting his shoes away or throwing something away--he tells me one of three things: "Mommy, can't do it, I not tall enough;" or "Mommy, I not strong enough;" or, my personal favorite, "Mommy, can't do it right now. Maybe later I do it."

 The other day, Reed said, "Mommy, my lambie crying. He need a wrap." Then he wrapped his lamb up in a swaddle. I asked Reed if his lamb needed a bottle, too--and of course Lambie did.

 After feeding Lambie, Reed was sure to burp him.

Reed likes to color. When he's coloring, he either asks me to write his name on the paper, or draws a scribble and tells me he wrote his name. Lately, he's started writing "Reed and Asher" on all of his pictures. (I think he picked this up from nursery)
Mr. Independent has to climb up into his buzz-woody chair all by himself. He loves to stand on top of it, too.

Reed prefers coloring on the back side of paper. After nursery, he always shows me that he colored on the "uh-ger (other) side."
Just being silly with Mommy.

Buddy loves to be a helper. His favorite way to help with Asher is to shake up Asher's bottles. Sometimes he likes to hold Asher's bottles while Asher eats, too.

 Walking is so much more fun when you have two of Mommy's shoes on.

Reed is obsessed with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He would watch it all day if I let him. We usually watch one Mickey each day while I give Asher his morning bottle. Reed loves to say, "Oh Toodles!" with Mickey. And whenever Mickey asks who will help, Reed yells, "I will!"

 Having a "Chop Chop" fight with Daddy.

Reed can almost count to ten. He says, "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10!"

Reed is pretty short, so can't reach the light switches. But he loves to turn lights on and off. So he figured out how to use the back scratcher, Daddy's long shoe horn, his sword, or even the stiff wire on his gallimoto to turn the lights on and off.

 Reed found this blanket at Grandma's house (I think it was Kody's?) and is now in love with it. He calls it "Soft Blankie" and carries it all around the house with him. He likes to wrap it around himself and tell me he is wearing "churchie clothes" or "my outfit" or "my jacket."

For whatever reason, Reed always wants Asher to do tummy time. He constantly asks, "Asher ready do tummy time Mommy? Asher want to do tummy time?"

Being goofy in his block bucket.


Nick, Lynnie, & Cole said...

He looks so grown up! I think he's looking more like you as he gets older too. Meg, I love reading about all of the funny things he says. He such a funny kid...but also such a thinker.

Mandi said...

Oh man. I love reading about all of his funny things. It makes me feel special that I'm his favorite person to pretend call. He's such a cutie pie! Luv that kid. He is really growing up!