Thursday, February 3, 2011

For our Montanans

Dear Grace, Hailey, Kody, and Kenny,

Remember that hat you gave Asher before he was even born? It's quite cute and we thought you might like to see it:

Matching socks? Also cute:

Oh, and while we were taking these pictures today, Asher decided to roll over--three times! He's never rolled before, and I think he was trying to show off for you. I wad quite surprised, but luckily I caught him. I even happened to snap a picture of his first roll:

And then I made Reed put a hat on and lay on the changing table because I thought it would be funny. Reed didn't think it was funny.

But I still do.

 The legwarmers are still a little big...
But we'll take another picture when Asher gets a little chubbier. 

Love you guys!


Grace said...

I love the pictures! Thank you. Asher looks so cute in his hat. And so does Reed. LOL. I love that you put him up on the changing table and made hime pose :)

Your little boys are so adorable! I'm so impressed Asher rolled over, glad you could catch it on film.

Thanks for sending pix of the leg warmers. Hope he gets chub soon...

Miss ya guys

Our Family Est. 2005 said...

Very Cute!!! Grace has good taste :) and Megan, I am very empressed how you took a picture and caught Asher at the same time. Good reflexes.

Mandi said...

These pictures are so dang cute of Asher ! :)

Jackie said...

How cool that you caught his first roll! And the Asher and Reed dueling pictures are hilarious. Reed is a good sport!

kayla said...

These pictures are adorable! I LOVE the hat, props to my girl Grace.