Monday, February 28, 2011

I hate ants...and I finally got rid of them (I think)!

A few weeks ago I posted about the ants that invaded our house. And, in hopes of saving someone else a lot of grief, I thought it might be nice to post the remedies I tried and how I finally got rid of the ants for good (hopefully):

1. Hot Shot Kitchen Bug Killer: The label reads: "For Crawling Insects: Roaches, Ants, Spiders, Waterbugs, Silverfish, Crickets, Centipedes and Sowbugs: Spray Into Hiding Places Such As Cracks and Crevices, Behind Sinks, Cabinets, Along Baseboards and Floors, Around Drains and Plumbing, Hitting Insects With Spray Whenever Possible. Repeat Treatment As Necessary."

I followed the directions exactly. Any ants that I actually hit with the spray died immediately. But the spray did not work on ants not hit by the spray. Overall, not effective.

2. Vinegar: Our property management company told us that the most effective measure they had found was vinegar. So I filled a spray bottle with vinegar, and sprayed to my heart's content. The vinegar initially worked. But within about four days, the ants were back (even though I sprayed their entrance and the shelves daily, even after the ants were gone). Overall, not effective.

3. Flour: The second time the ants invaded, I piled flour on top of their entrance and all over the empty shelf. The flour didn't bother them at all. Overall, not effective.

4. Black pepper: I used the black pepper in conjunction with the flour. The ants couldn't have cared less. Overall, not effective.

5. Grants Ant's Stakes and Traps: Everyone in Ryan's family recommended we use Grant's. Initially, there was an increase of ants because they were attracted to the stuff in the traps. Then, within about two days...the ants were gone! It has been about a week now, and the ants are still gone. I have seen one or two here and there but there haven't been any in the pantry or drawers and there has not been a major outbreak like there was before. Grant's is amazing and it WORKED!

If you ever have to deal with ants, skip all the other remedies and just go get Grant's. Seriously.


Mandi said...

Glad your ants are gone. Hope I don't have to ever deal with that. But if I do, Grant's it is.

The Anderson's said...

Thanks for that! Sorry the black pepper was a bust.