Friday, February 18, 2011

The Monthly Asher: 4

 This babe is getting bigger! 
(Four month stats to come after our doctor's visit next week.)

Asher can roll from his tummy to his back. He does this trick basically every time we try to do tummy time.

Tasting his dino.

Our Smash loves to "eat" everything. When in doubt, put it in your mouth.His favorite things to chew on are his hands and his blankets. When I get him out of his crib after naps, the corners of his blanket are wet from being sucked on. 

Asher loves to look at himself in the mirror. It's cute to watch him smile and coo at himself.

With big brother post-bath, pre-bed, rocking his robe.

Asher has started grabbing everything. He is getting quite coordinated at reaching for something, grabbing on to it, then bringing it to his mouth. And he usually gets it into his mouth on the first try.

Asher likes to "talk." He makes really sweet baby coos and "gees." Sometimes, when he does his giant smile, there is this funny little sound he makes. I can't really describe it, but ifyou hear the sound from across the room, you know he is smiling.

There's something about babies in footie jammies that makes me swoon.

We started "sleep training" a few weeks ago. And, I'm happy to report that it has worked miracles in our home. Asher used to need to be held for every nap, woke up three times during the night, and screamed for about an hour and a half each night. Now he is actually on a schedule. He goes to bed without a battle at about 7:30 p.m., wakes up at about 4:00 a.m. to eat, and wakes up for the day at 7:30 a.m. He naps from 9:00-10:30ish, 12:00-1:00ish, and 3:30-4:30ish. (The last nap is a little sketchy, but still usually happens.) And all those naps are in his bed, without a battle to get down. Dr. Ferber, I love you.

Loving the saucer.

Smash is working on cutting two bottom middle teeth. He has been more fussy than usual and super drooly, but overall not a terrible teether.

Asher definitely recognizes his bottle and generally stops fussing and gets super pumped when he sees it.

His feet almost touch the bottom. :)

Asher started wearing 3-6 month tops basically at the 3 month mark. He just started wearing 3-6 pants about a week ago. His torso seems a lot longer than his legs are--his onesies get short before his pants do.

Asher loves to watch Reed's trains.

Smash eats about every 4 hours, taking 6 ounces each time. We made the switch to sensitive (aka expensive) formula a few weeks ago, and since then Smash has been much happier, much more willing to eat, and emitting much less spit up.

Cute brothers, and the onesie I made that I am way to proud about.

Asher thinks Reed is funny (usually) and is pretty easy to get a smile out of. He is a little bit ticklish if he is in a happy mood.

Just a cute boy.

Asher loves the bathtub. Seriously. He is usually fussy for the last half hour before we start the bedtime routine. Once I start the bathwater though, or take off his clothes, or even just lay him down on the rug in the bathroom he stops crying and starts smiling because he knows what is coming. He is super happy for the duration of the bath and generally happy as we lotion him up, too.

We love this babe!


Rachel B. said...

I have a major crush on Dr. Ferber. He made our lives about 100 billion% better. I'm glad Asher's sleeping so well now! He is a super cute boy.

Mandi said...

I love this post. The 4 month comparison is cute. :)

Grace said...

I can kinda tell he's growing, but he still looks maybe a little short? Does he have the same thing going as reed?

I too love the comaprison though. You are such a good mommy for documenting both of your kiddos lives so well:)