Saturday, February 19, 2011

Play Area

Being the youngest of five siblings, with three older brothers and one older sister, I had the opportunity to gain a lot of experience without having to make some of the same mistakes. I think I was by nature a pretty good kid. My siblings gave me the nickname "PC" which stood for "Perfect Child." Of course, when my siblings said it it was more of a pejorative (I just asked Megan if it was pretentious to use the word pejorative in a blog post, she said no), then it was a compliment. I did make mistakes and got in trouble once or twice (who knew you weren't supposed to throw rocks on the freeway that was right behind your friend's house) but for the most part I learned if I did what my parents asked then things would run smoothly and we would all be happier.

I have learned in my few years of marriage that a very similar principle applies. If I help Meg with the kids and clean up around the house she is much more likely to let me buy big boy toys and let me dedicate parts of our house, however small, to my feeble attempt at making music. Our new house has a garage and has allowed me more room to spread out. I am glad Meg let me use this space. Now if I can just get her to call me "PH."

This is the guitar section of the Music quarter of our garage. There is even a mini fridge. You can put a six pack of BeSoda in there. Also featured is an eighties drum machine and new obnoxiously colored headphones that were 40 bucks cheaper than the exact same model in black and white.

The drum portion of the room. Complete with drum silencers homemade from yoga mats. Cost me 16 bucks while they are closer to 100 to buy. They look weird but now I can play without disturbing the kids and the neighbors.

The full effect. Awesome. I am glad I was a good boy.

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Megan said...

I'm glad you're good, too, PH :)

(We're so cute, it's kind of ridiculous)