Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rice Cereal

Saturday seemed like a good day to have a momentous occasion; so that's just what we did. Our tiny Smash? He had his first taste of rice cereal. Ryan thought it might be a good idea to take a before picture--when Asher was still clean:

He has no idea what's coming...

(Side note: When Reed saw Asher's bib, he had to wear one too, of course. Nevermind that he's refused to wear a bib for about a year.)

What is this stuff?

Wait a minute...Reed's over there. I need a break to smile at him.

Mom's not fast enough--I'll take the bib instead.
(Side note: He might have consumed more rice cereal off his hands and the bib than he did the spoon.)

Here I am, trying to hold both his hands so he doesn't eat the bib instead of the cereal. I was not too successful.

Getting a little grumpy...

And deciding that rice cereal is awesome!!! (With three exclamation points.)


Mandi said...

How fun! And I guess the before picture was a good idea. He sure looks messy in the end. But he looks like one happy baby!

Kathleen said...


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Nick, Lynnie, & Cole said...

Fun stuff! I love the 'deer in the headlights' picture. Oh, and the pictures of him in his church outfit are adorable. Cutest pouty face ever.

Grace said...

He is so cute! But this makes me so sad, that he's growing up so much. I can't believe he's eating food, and I still haven't been introduced to him :(

Cramerifico said...

Your boys are darling!