Friday, February 18, 2011

What happens in the bath

I give the boys a bath basically every night because they are both in love with the bathtub. Reed asks for a bath at least three times a day. Anyway, every night--almost without fail--Asher pees in the bathtub. Reed thinks Asher peeing in the bathtub is basically the most hilarious thing that could ever possibly happen. Asher peeing is still funny, every night, even though it's not really a surprise anymore. And if the pee happens to hit Reed, Reed finds the act even funnier.

Last night, I noticed Reed was walking kind of oddly as we went into the bathroom and got him into the tub--his legs were pushed together tightly and he was kind of waddling. I put Reed into the tub without thinking much about it. As I was getting Asher into the bathtub, Reed yelled, "Momma! I'm peein'!!!" Then he started singing: "I've got a Reed peein' in the bathtub, got a Asher peein' in the bathtub..."

I'm glad to know that Reed can hold his pee long enough that he can pee in the bathtub like Asher.