Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dancing is not really my thing.

Sometimes, a song will randomly pop into Ryan's head. (This might happen a lot. I don't know for sure. He's mysterious.) If the song is particularly awesome or if I don't know it, he finds the song so we can listen to it. And if the song has a good beat, we drop everything and have a dance party. I think Reed might be the best dancer. He's at least the most excited and energetic dancer. But the bigger Asher gets, the better his moves become--so Reed may have some competition in the years to come. Ryan knows how to bust a move. I, on the other hand, have always been too self-conscious to even pretend to be an okay dancer. But I do run around with Reed and try to copy his sweet moves, haha.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Monthly Reed: 28

Checking out the sprouts in our basil plant. (I'm really surprised it's growing--it was a kit from the dollar store!)

Reed is so interested in everything around him. His favorite question is "How it works?" He asks how everything works--from screws to towels to oranges.

 Big helper in the kitchen.

No matter what I'm doing in the kitchen--even if it's a simple task like pouring a bowl of cereal--Reed says, "Mommy, I need a chair!" and likes to come supervise.

 Do you like his sweet sweatband? He does.

Reed loves to be in charge of playtime. In particular he likes to decide where we play: in the "haka ma paka" (his room), in the "hiki ma beaky" (Asher's room), in "Mommy's boy bed," or downstairs. He came up with those names--not sure how. And I don't know why downstairs doesn't have a cool name.

 Oh, Reed.

Reed has been doing so well on the potty. He occasionally has an accident, but those accidents only usually happen if he's really wrapped up in what he's doing and I forget to ask him about the potty. Other than that, he's really good about telling me when he has to go. One weird thing (and a little TMI): if he has to poop and pee, he likes to dump the pee out of his potty before he poops. He really doesn't like pooping on top of his pee. Odd.

 Showing off his crafts. He has mad painting skills.

Reed loves "projects." Painting is one of his favorites. He also likes to sit on my lap when I sew and pull out pins and push the backstitch lever.
 He loves to do this balancing act on the bumbo. It's kind of impressive to me.

 Reed loves to sing. As a result, he really loves nursery and story time at the library. He finally (sometimes) will even sit on the floor by the kids at story time rather than on my lap. The other day he sang all the words to "Rock-a-bye Baby" and I have no idea where he learned it!

Our big jumper.

Since learning how to jump, Reed has been jumping non-stop. (By the way, sorry that most of these pictures are underwear only. He tells me all day, "I just want to be bare naked, Mommy." We compromise by putting underwear on. And I do make him wear clothing if we go out :)

 Chillin in his quilt frame fort.

Reed also loves to jump on the bed. His favorite thing to do is a seat-drop (where you land on your bum, you know?).

 A super cheese to show off his new apron.

 Reed really likes to accessorize. His favorites are his Mickey watch, an old necklace of mine, his sunglasses, and a few livestrong-esque bands we have.

 Looking dapper in his spring suit!

 Reed is Asher's little second daddy. He often comforts Asher in the car or at home, saying things like, "It's okay sweetheart. Mommy's getting your bottle" or "It's okay Asher sweetie. We'll be at Grandma's soon." If Asher is crying, Reed will either tell me what he thinks Asher needs (i.e. a bottle or a diaper change) or say, "Oh Mommy, he wants to cuggle (cuddle) with me."

 Just doing a little downward dog.

 Reed LOVES the movies Monsters, Inc.; all the Toy Story movies; and the TV show Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
 Starting Sun Salutation A.

Reed is obsessed with Ryan's drums. Every time I open the door to the garage, he runs into it and says, "Oh, I'll play the drums!"

 Hanging out with Asher.

 Reed loves you. (Lucky day: Grandma H. gave Reed the shirt Asher is wearing when Reed was a few months old. We recently got the shirt Reed is wearing as a hand-me-down from cousins. The shirts are totally from the same line at Children's Place. Score!)


We love our big boy!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Special Saturdays: The Return!

In an effort to be more spontaneous last summer, we came up with "Special Saturdays." It's been a while since our Saturdays have been anything to write home about (not that they're bad, just not too exciting!), but this last Saturday we did something "special." First, Ryan and Reed built a "clubhouse" by putting all the couch pillows and cushions on the bed. It was awesome. They then commenced throwing Reed into the clubhouse:

Yeah, it makes me a little nervous.

But just look how much fun he's having!

Reed also launched himself into the pile of pillows.

Then he got the ball and played catch. Reed also requested that Ryan throw the ball at him--yeah like at Reed's body while he jumped--awesome.

Then they went for a rousing round of American Gladiator. Can you guess who came out on top?

Oh, Cheeseball Reed:

Here is a movie of the fun:

(Reed gets a little grumpy halfway through the movie--I think Ryan wore him out!)

Asher napped through the clubhouse fun, but woke up and showed off his new skill of holding his own bottle:

After the Smash ate, we packed our car up and headed to Children's Place and Gymboree (Reed LOVES to shop), then went to Wendy's (a double stack is only 7 WW points!). We smuggled our Wendy's food into the $2 theater, and devoured it while we saw Tangled. Tangled was Reed's very first movie at a movie theater. He did pretty well--he only got antsy during the last 20 minutes or so. Asher was an angel and slept through the majority of the movie. Even when he was awake, he was happy. And Tangled was such a cute movie--I loved it!

After naps for the boys, Reed helped me sew (we made an apron for him--pictures to come!). We wrapped up the day with dinner and a bath.

It was a fabulous return of Special Saturdays!

Monday, March 28, 2011

All the Rolfe cousins, in one place at the same time!

My mom and dad have five grandkids: two in Montana, one in Colorado, and two (us!) in Utah. The last time we were all together was last May (before Asher was even born and when Cole was only a few weeks old), so it was kind of a big deal when Grace decided to come to Utah with her kids and Lynnie and Nick decided to come, too! The only person missing was my brother, Kenny--but we're sure glad his family got to come :) Reed had so much fun playing with all of his cousins...

 The two biggest boys got to take a bath together.

 We had a lot of trampoline time.

 And I mean a lot of trampoline time.

 We got to see Great-grandpa and -grandma Steel.

 Got to spend some quality cuggling time with Aunt Mando.

 Got to chill with our cousins

 Partied at the Splash Pad (thanks for the picture, Grace!)

 Who doesn't love the Splash Pad? (Thanks for the picture, Lou!)

 Checked out the new children's discovery museum. (More picture thievery from Lynnie...all the collages below are hers, too :)

 It was really fun, even for the littlest one!

 More discovery museum action.

Still more discovery museum action

And the sisters got to get pampered with pedicures!

 Thanks for visiting, family! We love you :)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

I never would have guessed that prunes & apples could be so exciting...

On Wednesday (3/23/11), Asher got his first taste of more flavorful foods (as in more flavorful than oatmeal or formula). We decided to try prunes and apples mixed with oatmeal. Prunes might seem an odd choice, but poor Asher has kind of a sensitive tummy and needed a little help, if you know what I mean.

 Asher was super pumped on the prunes. Sadly, we didn't catch his giant smile on camera. But know he loved it.
 That's good stuff right there.

He loved it so much that he had to help out with the spoon--I just couldn't shovel it in fast enough. He ate all the oatmeal with prunes, and looked like he'd been bathed in it by the time he finished. (I don't remember Reed being so messy?)

See Reed? With the spoon in his mouth? He is also eating prunes. He asked me all day long if he could try the prunes, so I decided to let him--I figured he wouldn't like them and we would be done with it. But Reed also LOVED the prunes. Asher ate half the container and Reed finished the rest for him. Our baby food bill could get quite expensive if Reed thinks he needs to eat baby food, too!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Why not drag it out?

I posted my St. Patrick's Day post before Ryan got home--so of course I need a post of what happened after he got home, right?

First, Ryan and Asher cuddled on the couch in Asher's second green outfit of the day.

Then, Reed devoured a green dinner--green milk and green baby pancakes--that Ryan and I didn't share because it didn't exactly fit into our Weight Watchers points.

Reed LOVES baby pancakes. He ate nine. At least they were small.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Look at this big boy...

In his big boy underwear!
(Or "big boys," as he likes to call them)

This is the face Reed makes when you tell him to smile and he doesn't want to. Nice, right?

I tried to potty train a few months ago with no success--Reed just flipped a lid every time I tried to put him on the potty and he had about 10 accidents the first day. I decided to give it another go because Reed has been super interested in big boy underwear lately, and, luckily, this time we had success! I read The Ultimate Guide to Potty Training for Boys and Girls (click here to see it on Amazon)--mainly because I could get it for $3 on my Kindle--and found it quite helpful.

(I realize you probably don't care to have so many details about our potty training. But I care, and I want to remember, so here you go.) Here is how our week went:
Day One: March 16, 2011
Pee Accidents: 3. One was during his nap and one was just a little bit of pee--and he told me he had to go potty right after it happened.
Poop Accidents: 1. Gross.
Successes: 7! 4 were successes before the potty timer was up when he told me he had to go potty. 1 of those 4 was when he was in bed in a diaper for the night! 1 (the sixth) came during dinner time...he let out one little drop of pee at the table, realized he had to go, told me he had to go, and held his pee until we got to the potty!

Day 2:March 17, 2011
Pee Accidents: 2.5...the first 2 pees of the day. He started freaking out about the potty again and wouldn't pee.
Successes:12.5 (one time we were playing upstairs and he started peeing on the way down...then he held it until we got to the potty) One tiny poop in the potty today! Reed wanted to cuddle his big boy underwear at naptime because I put him in a diaper. He started calling his underwear his "Big Boys." We even made it to grandma's and the store and came home dry!

Day 3: March 18, 2011
Pee Accidents: 1 (the first one of the day)
Successes: Lost track! One giant poop in the potty today--he did it himself while I was feeding Asher! Woke up dry after his nap.
A few favorite Reed quotes from the day: "It's not coming out. It's being goofy."
"My pee is at his house."
"I don't have any pee-pee mommy."
"Can I go potty mommy?" (Do you need to ask??)

Day 4: March 19, 2011

Since then, we've had an accident or two, but overall he's doing great. He is really good about telling me when he has to go. We are so proud of our big boy! (And I am so glad to only have one in diapers!)