Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dancing is not really my thing.

Sometimes, a song will randomly pop into Ryan's head. (This might happen a lot. I don't know for sure. He's mysterious.) If the song is particularly awesome or if I don't know it, he finds the song so we can listen to it. And if the song has a good beat, we drop everything and have a dance party. I think Reed might be the best dancer. He's at least the most excited and energetic dancer. But the bigger Asher gets, the better his moves become--so Reed may have some competition in the years to come. Ryan knows how to bust a move. I, on the other hand, have always been too self-conscious to even pretend to be an okay dancer. But I do run around with Reed and try to copy his sweet moves, haha.


Mandi said...

Sweet Meg! That Reed can definitely bust out the moves! I on the other hand...fall in your category!

Laura Darling said...

Too adorable!